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Economic Revitalization of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA (ERKF)

SMEs Inventory with GIS Mapping Survey (SIGMS) is initiated by the FATA Secretariat, Peshawar, as a one of the component of the project entitled "Economic Revitalization of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA (ERKF)".
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Soil Fertility and Soil Health of the southern Region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Project Director: Dr Tahir Shah
Executing Staff: Dr Samina Siddiqui, Wajid Ali
Fund/Cost: USDA-8 million rupees
Duration: 2years- 2014-2016
Demonstration sites: Paniyala and Tank Districts in DIKhan
Activities:Soil fertility and soil health, Dissemination and knowledge gaps

Investigating the stratigraphy, facies and 3D architecture of the Carboniferous-Permian successions of the Salt Range, Pakistan: An analogue for the oil-bearing reservoir-strata of the Arabian Peninsula

Principle investigator: Dr. Irfan U. Jan (NCEG)
Co-Principle investigators: Prof. Dr. Micheal Stephenson (BGS) and Dr. M. Hanif (NCEG)
Sponsor/Funds: Higher Education Commission of Pakistan/9 millions PKR

Project under the PAK-US Science & Technology Collaboration Program. Active Fault Map of Pakistan Integration of Geological and Remote Sensing Data for Finding Source Rocks for Gold in the Northern Areas of Pakistan Regional Geo-Chemical Exploration for Precious Metals in Southern Parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa DelPHE (British Council) International Project (2010-2013)

DelPHE (British Council) International Project (2010-2013) Institutional Support and Twinning in Geoscience between Kabul, Peshawar, Leicester, Prague and Keele Universities

Research work on geo-environmental study over Karak thrust and adjoining areas Seismic site characterization from space Rhizoremediation of Oily Waste Contaminated Soils

Project Director: Dr.Samina Siddiqui
Fund/Cost: HEC- 4 million rupees

USDA-ICARDA Watershed Rehabilitation and Management Project

Qayyum,F., Hanif, M. and Mujtaba, M.

Evaluation of Source Rocks Using One Dimensional Maturity Modeling in Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan. Arabian Journal of Geosciences (In press)

Khan, S., and Khan, M.A.

Mapping Sediment thickness of the Islamabad city using empirical relationships: Implications for seismic hazards assessment, Journal of Earth System Science (In press)

Khaista Rehman, Asghar Ali, Sajjad Ahmed, Wajid Ali, Aamir Ali, Muhammad Younis Khan

Ahmad, L., Shah, M.T., Khan, S.D

Khan, S. Latif, Z. Hanif, M. & Jan, I. U. (in press)

Velocity and structural modelling of Mesozoic Chiltan Limestone and Goru formations for hydrocarbon evaluation in Bitrisim area, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan, Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition)

Khaista Rehman, S. M. Talha Qadri, S. H. Sajjad, R. A. Sheikh, Zahid Rafi, Bushra Nawaz, Waseem Haider Özcan, E.,Hanif, M., Ali, N. and Yücel, A.O. 2015

Early Eocene Orthophragminids (Foraminifera) from the type-locality of Discocyclina ranikotensis Davies, 1927, Thal, NW Himalayas, Pakistan: insights into the orthophragminid paleobiogeography. Geodynamica Acta, DOI: 10.1080/09853111.2015.1026795.

Ali, M., Montzka, C., Stadler, A., Menz, G., Thonfeld, F., Vereecken, H., (2015) Rudolph, S., Van der Kruk, J., Von Hebel, C., Ali, M., Herbst, M., Montzka, C., Pätzold, S., Robinson, D.A., Vereecken, H., Weihermüller, L., (2015) Hasan, S., Montzka, C., Rudiger, C.,Ali, M., Bogena, H., and Vereecken, H., (2014) Shahid Iqbal, Dr. Irfan U. Jan, M. Gulraiz Akhter and Mehwish Bibi

Palaeoenvironmental and sequence stratigraphic analyses of the Jurassic Datta Formation, Salt Range, Pakistan" (in Press) Journal of Earth System and Science

Dr. Muhammad Shafique Khaista Rehman, Tajamal Jadoon, Matloob Hussain, Zulfiqar Ahmed, Aamir Ali, Asghar Ali, Sajjad Ahmed Sinan Akkar, Özkan Kale, Anooshirvan Ansari, Raffi Durgaryan, Aysegül Askan Gündogan, Hossein Hamzehloo, Ebru Harmandar, Nino Tsereteli, Muhammad Waseem, Tawfique Yazjeen, M. Tolga Yilmaz

Emme Strong-Motion Database Serving For Predictive Model Selection To Emme Ground-Motion Logic-Tree Applications.

The above conference paper is published in Second European conference on Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, Istanbul, 24-29 August, 2014, for addition to latest research section to NCEG, website.

Jehangiri, M. Hanif, M. Arif, M. Jan, I. U. and Ahmad, S. (In Press)

The Early Cambrian Khewra Sandstone, Salt Range, Pakistan: endorsing southern Indian provenance. Arabian Journal of Geosciences.

Shafique, M. and M. van der Meijde (2014) Fu J, Yang, J., Yan, L., Abbas, S.M., 2014 Ahmed S. Ali, F. Jalal, W. Hanif, M. Ullah, Z. Khan, S. Ali, A. Jan, I. U. Rehman, K. (Accepted)

Using larger foraninifera for paleogeographic reconstruction of Neo-Tethys during Paleogene. Arabian Journal of Geoscience.

Fu, J., Yang, J., Zhang, X., Klapperich, H., Abbas, S. M., 2014 N. U. Khattak, M. A. Khan, M. T. Shah & N. Ali (2014)


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