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GIS & Space Applications in Geosciences (G-SAG)

Principle investigator:
Dr. Muhammad Shafique
Sponsor/Funds:Higher Education Commission, Pakistan/ 96 Million PKR
Duration: 3 years


Climate change induced multi hazard risk mitigation for marginalized communities along the CPEC in northern Pakistan. (Project No. CPEC-130)

Principle investigator:
Dr Muhammad Shafique
Sponsor/Funds:: CPEC Collaborative Research Grant (CPEC-CRG) HEC/ Rs. 18,495,093/-
Duration: 3 years

Petrographic and Petrologic studies in Kohistan magmatic arc (northern Pakistan) and Nagar Parkar igneous complex (southeastern Pakistan)

Principle investigator:
Prof Dr M Qasim Jan
Sponsor/Funds:: Pakistan Academy of Science (PAS-HEC)/Rs. 3.00 million.
Duration: 3 years

Evaluation of Dynamic Soil Properties for the Seismic Ground Response Analysis of Islamabad and Peshawar

Principle investigator:
Dr Waqas Ahmad
Sponsor/Funds:: NRPU, HEC/6517500 PKR
Duration: 3 years

Mineral based composite accelarations for enhancing anaerobic digestion of organic waters for improving biogas yield and digestate nutrients quality as an organic fertilizer

Co Principle investigator: Dr Shah Rukh
Sponsor/Funds:: NRPU, HEC/5505500 PKR
Duration: 3 years

Arsenic and heavy metals in poultry feed, meet and manure P.I.

Principle investigator: Dr Said Muhammad (NCEG)
Sponsor/Funds:NRPU-HEC/ 4.3 Million PKR.
Duration: 3 years

Rashid, Mehboob U., Waqas Ahmed, Muhammad Waseem, Bakht Zamin, Mahmood Ahmad, and Mohanad M.S. Sabri. 2022.

Khan, Jehanzeb, Waqas Ahmed, Muhammad Yasir, Ihtisham Islam, Hammad T. Janjuhah, and George Kontakiotis. 2022.

Muhammad Younis Khan, Muhammad Awais, Farrukh Hussain, Matloob Hussain & Irfan U. Jan

Abdul Rahim Asif, Ihtisham Islam, Waqas Ahmed, Muhammad Sajid, Adnan Qadir, Allah Ditta

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Geo-electrical sounding for subsurface lithological investigation and modeling for groundwater exploration in Sheikhmanda Kili region, northern Quetta, Pakistan.

Himalayan Geology, Vol. 43 (1A), 2022, pp. 40-50 (Impact Factor= 0.53).

Khan, N. Swennen, R. Weltje, G. J. IRFAN U. JAN

Waqar Ali Zafar, Urooj Shakir, Rizwan Ahmed, Junaid Ahmed,Muhammad Younis Khan , Shamim Akhtar & Talat Iqbal

Nabeel Afzal Butt, Muhammad Younis Khan, Seema Anjum Khattak ,Yonggang Ge ,Muhammad Tahir Shah, Asam Farid

Atta Ur Rehman, Waqas Ahmed, Shahid Azam, Muhammad Sajid

Natasha Khan and Khaista Rehman

Sarfraz Khan, Umair Bin Nisar, Siddique Akhtar Ehsan, Asam Farid, Syed Muzayan Shahzad, Hummad Habib Qazi, Muhammad Jahangir Khan & Toqeer Ahmed

Shahid Iqbal, Michael Wagreich, Mehwish Bibi,Irfan Ullah Jan, Susanne Gier.

Muhammad Yaseen, Muhammad Shahab, Zeeshan Ahmad, Rehman Khan, Syed Farhan Ali Shah & Abbas Ali Naseem

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Evaluation of laterite as filter media to remove arsenic from groundwater. J. Serb. Chem. Soc. 86: 195-207. (IF 1.097).

Malik, K.M., K.S. Khan, S. Rukh*, A. Khan, S. Akbar, M. Billah, S. Bashir, S. Danish, M.S. Alwahibi, M.S. Elshikh, A.A. Al-Ghamdi, A.M.A. Mustafa. 2021

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Mustafa Yar, Muhammad Hanif & Muhammad Sajid

Sami Ullah, Tahir Saeed, Muhammad Shafique, Muhammad Saad, Adnan Khan

Mian Luqman Hussain, Muhammad Shafique, Alam Sher Bacha, Xiao-qing Chen & Hua-yong Chen

Masab Toosy, Sarfraz Khan, Urooj Shakir, Umair Bin Nisar, Kaleem Ullah, Anwar Qadir and Maas Siddique

Depositional Architecture of Eocene and Cretaceous Reservoirs (blending seismic and well data) in Mubarik area, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan


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