Ph. D. Graduates

Sr. No.

Thesis Details


Mr. Zahid Rahman 2024: Seismicity and Seismotectonics Analysis of Pamir, Hindu Kush, Karakorum, Kohistan and Himalaya Exposed in Pakistan and Adjacent Areas.
(Supervised by Dr. Khaista Rehman)


Mr. Muhammad Sajid 2024: Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Geophysical Investigation of Paleocene Coal Seams of Hangu Formation, Tirah, District Khyber, Pakistan.
(Supervised by Dr. Liaqat Ali and Dr. Muhammad Younis Khan)


Ms. Sidra Bibi 2024: Altitudinal and Temporal Dynamics of Glacier and Mass Balance Estimation Using Remote Sensing, in North Pakistan.
(Supervised by Dr. Muhammad Shafique)


Mr. Zahid Rauf 2023: Dendroclimatic Reconstruction from Tree-Rings Study of Abies Pindrow (Royle) and Soil Geochemistry in the Himalayan Mountain of Murree, Pakistan.
(Supervised by Dr. Samina Siddique and Dr. Adam Khan)


Mr. Ayaz Ul Haq 2023: Geospatial Analysis of the Heavy Metal Concentration and Risk Assessment in the Ghizer Valley, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.
(Supervised by Dr. Said Muhammad)


Mr. Imran Ud Din 2023: Geochemical Characterization and Risks Assessment of Coal Mining Areas in Hangu District, Northwest Pakistan.
(Supervised by Dr. Said Muhammad and Dr. Shah Faisal)


Mr. Shah Jehan 2023: Speciation and Remediation of Selected Toxic Trace Elements in Various Environmental Media Along Indus Suture Zone, District Shangla, North Pakistan.
(Supervised by Dr. Seema Anjum Khattak and Dr. Sardar Khan)


Mr. Shuja Ullah 2023: Stratigraphic and Petroleum System Analyses of the Sembar and Goru Formations, Sulaiman Range, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Irfan Ulah Jan and Dr. Muhammad Hanif)


Mr. Asad Kamran. 2023: Geochemical and Engineering Evaluation of Limestone of the Trans-Indus Ranges: Implications for Cement and Construction Industry, North-Western Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Liaqat Ali and Dr. Waqas Ahmed)


Mr. Sajjad Muhammad Khan. 2023: Landslide Susceptibility Assessment, Pattern and Trend Prediction: A Comparative Analysis of Alpuri and Neelum Valleys, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Atta Ur Rehman and Dr. Muhammad Ali)


Mr. Mian Luqman Hussain: Multiscale Geospatial and Geotechnical Assessment of Landslide Along China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (Thakot to Chilas), Northern Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Muhammad Shafique)


Mr. Mumtaz Ali Khan. 2022: Impact Of Geological Constrainsts On Radon Emanation In District Karak, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Nimat Ullah Khattak and Dr. Muhammad Hanif)


Mr. Qasim Ur Rehman. 2022: Integrated Geophysical and Geotechnical Investigations of Selected Landslide along China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). (Supervised by Dr. Waqas Ahmed and Dr. Muhammad Waseem)


Syed Irfanullah Hashmi. 2022: Tectonostratigraphic Reconstruction and Reservoir Assessment of Cretaceous Sediments, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Irfan Ullah Jan and Dr. Suleman Khan)


Mr. Nazir Ur Rehman. 2022: Structural Style of the Karak Trough and Adjoining Areas: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of the South-Eastern Kohat Basin, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Sajjad Ahmad (Sr) and Dr. Shah Faisal)


Mr. Mohib Ullah Khan. 2022: Geochemical and Geophysical Investigations of Coal Deposits of the Hangu Formation, Western Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Liaqat Ali and Dr. Sarfraz Khan)


Mr. Mustafa Yar. 2021: Petrographic Attributes and Physico-Mechanical Properties of Sandstone from Murree Formation, North Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Muhammad Hanif and Dr. Muhammad Sajid).


Mr. Aqeel Gohar. 2021: Assessment of Expanded Aggregates of Panoba Shale for Making Normal and High Strength Concrete from Kohat-Hangu Area, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Rubina Bilqees and Dr. M. Tahir Shah).


Mr. Asad Khan. 2021: Petrochronology, Geochemistry and Rare Earth Element Potential of Himalayan Carbonate Complex, Northwest Pakistan.(Supervised by Dr. Shah Faisal).


Ms. Natasha Khan. 2020: Stratigraphic Analysis of Cretaceous and Paleogene Successions in the Eastern Suliman Depositional Province,D.G. Khan, Pakistan: Implications for Hydrocarbon Potential.(Supervised by Dr. Muhammad Hanif).


Ms. Sumbal Bahar Saba. 2020: Landslide Detection and Monitoring by using Pixel, Sub-Pixel and Object Based Image Classification Approaches; A case study from Muzaffarabad.
(Supervised by: Dr. Nimat Ullah Khattak and Dr. Muhammad Ali ).


Ms. Shehla Sattar. 2019: Accelerated Microbial Rehabilitation of Petroleum Waste Contaminated Soils in Kohat Plateau, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Using Low Cost Techniques.(Supervised by: Dr. Samina and Dr. Irfan Ullah Jan ).


Mr. Alam sher Bacha. 2019: Semi-automated Landslide Detection Susceptibility Modelling Using Geospatial Tools in Northern Pakistan.(Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Shafique, Dr. Harald Van Der Warff ).


Mr. Muhammd Farooq. 2019: Flood Modeling and Hazard Mapping using HEC-RAS 2D Hydrodynamic Model and Geospatial Technologies-A Case Study of River SWAT, Pakistan.(Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Shafique ).


Mr. Sarfraz Khan. 2017: Seismic Hazard Assessment and Microzonation of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Area, Pakistan.(Supervised by: Prof. Dr. M. Asif Khan ).


Mr. Laeiq Ahmad. 2016: Geological, Geochemical and Remote Sensing Studies for Identification of Source Rocks for Gold in Selected areas of  Skardu and Astor, Northern, Pakistan.(Supervised by: Prof. Dr. M. Tahir Shah (T.I) & Prof. Dr. Shuhab Danishwar Khan ).


Mr. Anwar Saeed Khan. 2015: Geomorphology of Alluvial Fans from the Hindu Kush Range, Chitral Valley, North Pakistan, with Emphasis on Evaluation of Debris-Flow Hazards.(Supervised by Prof. Dr. M. Asif Khan & Prof. Muhammad Haneef ).


Mr. Fayaz Ali. 2014: Tectonic Evolution of the Margalla Hills and a Part of the South Eastern Hazara Ranges, Pakistan. (Supervised by Prof. Dr. Sajjad Ahmad & Prof. Dr. M. Asif Khan ).


Ms. Shazia Jabeen. 2013: Environmental Geochemistry of Attock and Haripur Basins, Pakistan.(Supervised by Prof. Dr. M. Tahir Shah).


Syed Zahid Shah2012: Porphyroblast Inclusion Trails: A New Reference Frame for Structural and Metamorphic Correlation in the Pakistan Himalaya (Supervised by Dr. Muhammad Sayab).


Said Muhammad2011: Environmental Geochemical studies along the indus suture zone and adjoining areas in JIJAL, Alpuri and Besham Areas, Northern Pakistan (Supervised by Dr.M. Tahir Shah, Dr, Sardar Khan).


Amjad Ali2010: Structure Analysis of the Trans-Indus Ranges: Implications For The Hydrocarbon Potential of the NW Himalayas, Pakistan (Supervised by Dr. Sajjad Ahmad, Dr. Sajjad Ahmad).


Kafayat Ullah2009: Lithofacies, Petrography and Geochemistry of Neogene molasse sequence of Himalayan Foreland Basin, Southwestern Kohat, Pakistan (Supervised by Dr. M. Tahir Shah, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Abbasi & Dr. M. Arif).


Iftikhar Alam2008: Structural and Stratigraphic Framework of the Marwat-Khisor Ranges, NWFP, Pakistan (Supervised by Dr. Sajjad Ahmad).


Muhammad Hassan. 2008: Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Gemstones and the Gemstone-bearing pegmatites in Shigar valley of Skardu northern areas of Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. M. Tahir Shah & Dr. Tahseenullah  Khan).


Imdadullah Siddiqui. 2007: Environmental Study of Coal Deposits of Sindh, with Special Reference to Heavy and Trace Metal Study in Thar, Sonda and Meting-Jhimpir Coal Field. (Supervised by Dr. M. Tahir Shah).


Shahida Nasreen Zakir. 2007: Monitoring of  Surface water, ground water, Air and soil of Peshawar basin against  time-the 3rd Dimension. (Supervised by Dr. M. Tahir Shah).


Namitullah Khattak. 2006: Geochronological Studies of the Carbonatite Complexes within the Peshawar Plain Alkaline Igneous province using Fission-Track Dating Technique. (Supervised by Dr. M. Asif Khan, 2006).


Rubina Bilquees. 2006: Geochemistry of principal silicate phases of the Chilas Mafic-ultramafic complex, Kohistan, N. Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. M. Qasim Jan and Dr. M. Asif Khan).


Noor Jehan. 2005: Sustainable management of mineral resources with special reference to asbestose and silica in northern Pakistan. (Supervised by S. Hamidullah and Irshad Ahmad).


Muhammad Rehan-Ul-Haq Siddiqui2004: Crustal Evolution of Chagai-Rasokh are terrane, Balochistan, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. M. Asif Khan)


Amnullah Leghari2004: Petrology of Nagarparkar granite and associated basic rocks, Thar District, Sindh, Pakistan. Supervised by M. Qasim Jan and Dr. M. Asif Khan).


Sajjad Ahmad2003: A comparative study of the structural styles in the Kohat plateau, NW Himalayas, N.W.F.P. Pakistan (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. S. Hamidullah & Dr. Irshad Ahmad)


Shahina Tariq. 2001: Environmental geochemistry of surface and subsurface water and soil in Peshawar basin, NWFP, Pakistan. Supervised by S. Hamidullah and M. Tahir Shah)


Mohammad Raza Shah. 2001: Paleoenvironment, Sedimentology and Economic aspects of the Hangu formation in Kohat-Potwar and Hazara area. (Supervisor: Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Abbasi)


Said Rahim Khan. 2000: Petrology and Geochemistry of Part of the Waziristan Ophiolite Complex, Pakistan. Supervisor Dr. M. Qasim Jan & Dr. M. Asif Khan)


Irshad Ahmad1999: Sturcture and Metamorphism South of the Malakand and adjoining areas, Northern Pakistan (supervisor: Dr. M. Qasim Jan)


Tazeem Perwaz Tahirkheli. 1998: Geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology of the sulfide mineralization and associated rocks in the area around Drosh, north Pakistan (Supervisors: Dr. M. Tahir Shah & Dr. M. Asif Khan)


Muhammad Ahmad Khan. 1998: Tectonic of southeast Kohistan north Himalaya, Pakistan (Supervisors: Dr. M. Asif Khan & Dr. M. Qasim Jan)


Tahseenullah Khan. 1994: Evolution of upper and middle crust in Kohistan island arc, northern Pakistan (Supervisors Dr. M. Qasim Jan & Dr. M. Asif Khan)


Muhammad Rafiq. 1988: Petrology and geochemistry of Ambela Granitic Complex, N.W.F.P., Pakistan (Supervisor Dr. M. Qasim Jan)