Ph. D. Graduates

Sr. No.

Thesis Details


Mr. Syed Irfanullah Hashmi. 2022: Tectonostratigraphic Reconstruction and Reservoir Assessment of Cretaceous Sediments, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Irfan Ullah Jan and Dr. Suleman Khan)


Mr. Nazir Ur Rehman. 2022: Structural Style of the Karak Trough and Adjoining Areas: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of the South-Eastern Kohat Basin, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Sajjad Ahmad (Sr) and Dr. Shah Faisal)


Mr. Mohib Ullah Khan. 2022: Geochemical and Geophysical Investigations of Coal Deposits of the Hangu Formation, Western Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Liaqat Ali and Dr. Sarfraz Khan)


Mr. Mustafa Yar. 2021: Petrographic Attributes and Physico-Mechanical Properties of Sandstone from Murree Formation, North Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Muhammad Hanif and Dr. Muhammad Sajid).


Mr. Aqeel Gohar. 2021: Assessment of Expanded Aggregates of Panoba Shale for Making Normal and High Strength Concrete from Kohat-Hangu Area, Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. Rubina Bilqees and Dr. M. Tahir Shah).


Mr. Asad Khan. 2021: Petrochronology, Geochemistry and Rare Earth Element Potential of Himalayan Carbonate Complex, Northwest Pakistan.(Supervised by Dr. Shah Faisal).


Ms. Natasha Khan. 2020: Stratigraphic Analysis of Cretaceous and Paleogene Successions in the Eastern Suliman Depositional Province,D.G. Khan, Pakistan: Implications for Hydrocarbon Potential.(Supervised by Dr. Muhammad Hanif).


Ms. Sumbal Bahar Saba. 2020: Landslide Detection and Monitoring by using Pixel, Sub-Pixel and Object Based Image Classification Approaches; A case study from Muzaffarabad.
(Supervised by: Dr. Nimat Ullah Khattak and Dr. Muhammad Ali ).


Ms. Shehla Sattar. 2019: Accelerated Microbial Rehabilitation of Petroleum Waste Contaminated Soils in Kohat Plateau, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Using Low Cost Techniques.(Supervised by: Dr. Samina and Dr. Irfan Ullah Jan ).


Mr. Alam sher Bacha. 2019: Semi-automated Landslide Detection Susceptibility Modelling Using Geospatial Tools in Northern Pakistan.(Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Shafique, Dr. Harald Van Der Warff ).


Mr. Muhammd Farooq. 2019: Flood Modeling and Hazard Mapping using HEC-RAS 2D Hydrodynamic Model and Geospatial Technologies-A Case Study of River SWAT, Pakistan.(Supervised by: Dr. Muhammad Shafique ).


Mr. Sarfraz Khan. 2017: Seismic Hazard Assessment and Microzonation of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Area, Pakistan.(Supervised by: Prof. Dr. M. Asif Khan ).


Mr. Laeiq Ahmad. 2016: Geological, Geochemical and Remote Sensing Studies for Identification of Source Rocks for Gold in Selected areas of  Skardu and Astor, Northern, Pakistan.(Supervised by: Prof. Dr. M. Tahir Shah (T.I) & Prof. Dr. Shuhab Danishwar Khan ).


Mr. Anwar Saeed Khan. 2015: Geomorphology of Alluvial Fans from the Hindu Kush Range, Chitral Valley, North Pakistan, with Emphasis on Evaluation of Debris-Flow Hazards.(Supervised by Prof. Dr. M. Asif Khan & Prof. Muhammad Haneef ).


Mr. Fayaz Ali. 2014: Tectonic Evolution of the Margalla Hills and a Part of the South Eastern Hazara Ranges, Pakistan. (Supervised by Prof. Dr. Sajjad Ahmad & Prof. Dr. M. Asif Khan ).


Ms. Shazia Jabeen. 2013: Environmental Geochemistry of Attock and Haripur Basins, Pakistan.(Supervised by Prof. Dr. M. Tahir Shah).


Syed Zahid Shah2012: Porphyroblast Inclusion Trails: A New Reference Frame for Structural and Metamorphic Correlation in the Pakistan Himalaya (Supervised by Dr. Muhammad Sayab).


Said Muhammad2011: Environmental Geochemical studies along the indus suture zone and adjoining areas in JIJAL, Alpuri and Besham Areas, Northern Pakistan (Supervised by Dr.M. Tahir Shah, Dr, Sardar Khan).


Amjad Ali2010: Structure Analysis of the Trans-Indus Ranges: Implications For The Hydrocarbon Potential of the NW Himalayas, Pakistan (Supervised by Dr. Sajjad Ahmad, Dr. Sajjad Ahmad).


Kafayat Ullah2009: Lithofacies, Petrography and Geochemistry of Neogene molasse sequence of Himalayan Foreland Basin, Southwestern Kohat, Pakistan (Supervised by Dr. M. Tahir Shah, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Abbasi & Dr. M. Arif).


Iftikhar Alam2008: Structural and Stratigraphic Framework of the Marwat-Khisor Ranges, NWFP, Pakistan (Supervised by Dr. Sajjad Ahmad).


Muhammad Hassan. 2008: Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Gemstones and the Gemstone-bearing pegmatites in Shigar valley of Skardu northern areas of Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. M. Tahir Shah & Dr. Tahseenullah  Khan).


Imdadullah Siddiqui. 2007: Environmental Study of Coal Deposits of Sindh, with Special Reference to Heavy and Trace Metal Study in Thar, Sonda and Meting-Jhimpir Coal Field. (Supervised by Dr. M. Tahir Shah).


Shahida Nasreen Zakir. 2007: Monitoring of  Surface water, ground water, Air and soil of Peshawar basin against  time-the 3rd Dimension. (Supervised by Dr. M. Tahir Shah).


Namitullah Khattak. 2006: Geochronological Studies of the Carbonatite Complexes within the Peshawar Plain Alkaline Igneous province using Fission-Track Dating Technique. (Supervised by Dr. M. Asif Khan, 2006).


Rubina Bilquees. 2006: Geochemistry of principal silicate phases of the Chilas Mafic-ultramafic complex, Kohistan, N. Pakistan. (Supervised by Dr. M. Qasim Jan and Dr. M. Asif Khan).


Noor Jehan. 2005: Sustainable management of mineral resources with special reference to asbestose and silica in northern Pakistan. (Supervised by S. Hamidullah and Irshad Ahmad).


Muhammad Rehan-Ul-Haq Siddiqui2004: Crustal Evolution of Chagai-Rasokh are terrane, Balochistan, Pakistan. (Supervised by: Dr. M. Asif Khan)


Amnullah Leghari2004: Petrology of Nagarparkar granite and associated basic rocks, Thar District, Sindh, Pakistan. Supervised by M. Qasim Jan and Dr. M. Asif Khan).


Sajjad Ahmad2003: A comparative study of the structural styles in the Kohat plateau, NW Himalayas, N.W.F.P. Pakistan (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. S. Hamidullah & Dr. Irshad Ahmad)


Shahina Tariq. 2001: Environmental geochemistry of surface and subsurface water and soil in Peshawar basin, NWFP, Pakistan. Supervised by S. Hamidullah and M. Tahir Shah)


Mohammad Raza Shah. 2001: Paleoenvironment, Sedimentology and Economic aspects of the Hangu formation in Kohat-Potwar and Hazara area. (Supervisor: Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Abbasi)


Said Rahim Khan. 2000: Petrology and Geochemistry of Part of the Waziristan Ophiolite Complex, Pakistan. Supervisor Dr. M. Qasim Jan & Dr. M. Asif Khan)


Irshad Ahmad1999: Sturcture and Metamorphism South of the Malakand and adjoining areas, Northern Pakistan (supervisor: Dr. M. Qasim Jan)


Tazeem Perwaz Tahirkheli. 1998: Geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology of the sulfide mineralization and associated rocks in the area around Drosh, north Pakistan (Supervisors: Dr. M. Tahir Shah & Dr. M. Asif Khan)


Muhammad Ahmad Khan. 1998: Tectonic of southeast Kohistan north Himalaya, Pakistan (Supervisors: Dr. M. Asif Khan & Dr. M. Qasim Jan)


Tahseenullah Khan. 1994: Evolution of upper and middle crust in Kohistan island arc, northern Pakistan (Supervisors Dr. M. Qasim Jan & Dr. M. Asif Khan)


Muhammad Rafiq. 1988: Petrology and geochemistry of Ambela Granitic Complex, N.W.F.P., Pakistan (Supervisor Dr. M. Qasim Jan)