JEOL JXA-733 Superprobe

The JEOL electron microprobe (733) in the National Centre of Excellence in Geology is equipped with energy dispersive spectrometer (Bruker-AXS XFlash® Detector) and automatic software (QUANTX) for efficient, fully automated analyses. The XFlash® detector is extremely fast, enables processing of up to 1.000.000 signals per second for classical point analysis and facilitates real time ColorScan, ultra fast mapping and Electron imaging. The spectrometer data transfers through high-speed data interface in real time to the QUANTAX software.

Standardless spectrum analysis: QUANTAX provides advanced true standardless spectrum analysis based on the P/B-ZAF formalism. The self-calibrating P/B-ZAF analysis provides absolute (none normalized) results without standardizing or reference measurement and is optimally suited for remote spectrum analysis. The P/B-ZAF formalism is extraordinarily tolerant of varying measuring conditions and sample states, yielding reasonable quantitative results even with completely unprocessed samples.

Standard related analysis: Standard related analysis is provided on the bases of the P/B-ZAF correction with reference to standard library.

Probe current:            10-12 to 10-5A usual useful current                                    is 10.00 nA.
Magnification:             40x to 360,000.

Electron Optical
Accelerating Voltage     1 ~ 50Kv
Probe diameter             10,20,30,40,50 µm
Objective apertures      70,130,170,240 µm

Specimen stage
X-axis                             0~32mm
Y-axis                             0 ~ 50 mm
Z-axis                             0 ~ 31 mm
Tilt                                  0 ~ 60°, encentric.
Working distance           11mm and 31mm.

Optical microscope
Resolving power           1µm.
Depth of focus               ± 1.0µm
Magnification                  x414
Field of view                  0.4mm dia
Reference scale           10µm graduations fixed.


X-ray spectrometers
Energy dispersive,         Bruker-AXS XFlashÒ Detector
Take off angle                40°

Vacuum system         Fully automatic vacuum system                                     1.33 x 10 -3 Pa
                                    (Oil rotary pump and Oil diffusion                                     pump)

JEOL JXA-733 Superprobe

Metpol Grinding/Polishing Machine

Coating Machine

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Lab Incharge: Dr. Mohammad Hanif

Lab Manager: Mr. Ozair Khan