Gemology Lab

NCEG has recently established a state of the art gemology laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with advance sophisticated gemstones testing instruments. It is having twenty (20) students capacity at a time for practical training/teaching in gemology. The lab is run by a foreign trained gemologist. It is offering services of gemstones testing/certification nationwide. Non-destructive analysis techniques are used to test jewelry mounted/un-mounted gemstones in the laboratory. The laboratory is playing great role in socioeconomic uplift of the people of the region.

The laboratory is already equipped with small handy gemstones testing instruments e.g.

  • Refractormeters
  • Spectroscopes
  • Dichroscopes
  • Polariscope
  • Fibre Optic lights
  • Stereomicroscopes
  • Specific gravity kits, etc


(The photograph including Stereomicroscope, Polariscope, Refractometer, Fibre optic light and few gemstones display)

Major instruments in the laboratory are including;

  • Latest QONTOR InVia Renishaw Raman Spectroscope, equipped with three (03) wide range lasers; including: 514nm, 633nm & 830/785nm and for inclusions analysis a state of the art Nikon-SMZ-25 stereomicroscope.

(Raman Spectroscope)

Services Offered:
The laboratory is providing services to nationwide students, researchers and gemstones industry.

  • Practical hand on gemology is done in the laboratory.
  • Certification of various natural, synthetic and treated gemstones is also done in the laboratory
  • M.S/M.Phil. programs with additionally One (01) year postgraduate level and five (05) months diploma in gemology programs are offered in the laboratory

Lab Incharge: Mr. Shakir Ullah