National Library of Earth Sciences

The Centre's joint library with Geology Department houses about 9192 books. The Centre was able to add 1992 books this year(2004-05). The library not only caters the need of the students and faculty of the two institutions but is also used frequently by geologists from other organizations. The library is well maintained by Mr. Hameedullah (Assistant Librarian).

The library houses a good number of research journals and reprints. In the recenet upgradation 120 titles of National and International Journals were subscribed. The National Library of Earth Sciences project is in its final year and is on track and up-to-date. The civil work is completed. The Subscription of journals continued. About 1192 more books were purchased. Two more computers purchased in addition to the four already installed. Networking line for these computers is ready and individual computers are being hooked. The large size (46" wide) scanner and printer, purchased already, are installed and fully operational under the supervision of Mr. Shahid Waheed (System/Web/Network Admin). More than 200 toposheets and maps have been scanned and digital data is stored for future use. This is not only been done for research purpose but also done on payment basis to the students and faculty of different departments of the University of Peshawar and organizations outside the university. Several maps, topographic maps and charts have been printed on the A0 printer for research work as well as on payment basis. Library Automation software has been purchased and installed and more than 3000 books have been entered in the database. More books are being entered daily. More over, digital cataloguing of the books, journals, thesis, reports etc. is in progress. National Library of Earth Sciences' own Website is being developed and will be launched soon.

Following is a list of of journals subscribed directly by the NCEG.


AAPG Bulletin Earth & Planetary Science Letters
Advances in Environmental Research Earth-Science Reviews
Agriculture & Env. Biotech Abstracts (web only+ 1 year BA F) Economic Geology
American Journal of Science Engineering Geology Environment
American Mineralogist Environment & Urbanization (P+Online)
American Scientist Environmental and Engineering Geoscience
Annual Review of Environment & Resources Environmental Engineering
Annual Review of Earth & Planetary Sciences Environmental Geochemistry and Health
Applied Geochemistry Environmental Impact Assessment Review
Archives of Environmental Health Environmental Research
ASCE: Environmental Engineering Environmental Science & Technology
ASCE: Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engg. Environmental Toxicology
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences European Jour. Of Soil Science old: Jour. Of Science
Basin Research European Journal of Mineral Processing & Environmental Protection
Biodegradation Gems & Gemology
Biogeochemistry Geocarto International (a/m)
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis
Bulleting of Engineering Geology & The Environment Geochimica Et Cosmochimica ACTA
Canadian Geotechnical Journal Geodynamica Acta
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences Geological Abstracts
Canadian Mineralogist Geological Magazine
Chemical Geology Geology
Chinese Journal of Geochemistry Geology Today
Clay Minerals Geomorphology
Computers & Geosciences Geophysical Journal Int'l
Cretaceous Research Geophysical Research Letters
Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation Micropaleontology
GSA Bulletin Mine Water & The Environment
GSA Today Mineralium Deposita
Hazardous Waste Consultant Mineralogical Abstracts (now MinAbs, online only)
Himalayan Geology Mineralogical Magazine
Hydrogeology Journal Mineralogical Record
Industrial Minerals National Geographic
Int'l J. of Coal Geology Old: Coal Geology Natural Hazards
Int'l J. of Earth Sciences Old:Geologis Rund Nature
Int'l J. of Sediment Research Oil and Gas Journal
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences Ore Geology Reviews
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology Palaeontology
Journal of Earthquake Engineering Petroleum Geoscience
Journal of Environmental Health Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote sensing
Journal of Environmental Science Physics & Chemistry of the Earth
Journal of Geochemical Exploration Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
Journal of Geodynamics Physics Today
Journal of Geology Quaternary Research
Journal of Geomology *Rocks and Minerals Science
Journal of Geophysical Research Sedimentary Research
Journal of Metamorphic Geology Sedimentology
Journal of Petroleum Geology Soil Biology & Biochemistry
Journal of Petrology Tectonics
Journal of plant nutrition & soil science Journal of Seismology
Journal of Structural Geology Journal of the Geological Society
Journal of Volcanology & Geothermal Research Lithos
Microbiology Environmental Geology