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The Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences

The "Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences" (JHES) is a biannual journal, managed by the National Centre of Excellence in Geology, University of Peshawar, Pakistan. JHES is recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan in "X" Category. The JHES entertains research articles relevant to the field of geosciences. Typical geoscience-related topics include sedimentary geology, igneous, and metamorphic geology and geochemistry, geographical information system/remote sensing related to natural hazards, and geo-environmental issues and earth quake seismology, and engineering and exploration geophysics. However, as the journal name implies, the articles addressing research relevant to the above disciplines in the Himalayan region will be given prime importance and relevance.

Manuscript submission to Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences

The three-step procedure is mandatory. The three files must be uploaded to JHES online amscentral system. JHES will not receive these files individually on different dates via different channels.

  1. Manuscript
  2. Suggested Reviewer list
  3. Receipt of processing fee

The details about each of the above steps are clearly described below.

Use to submit your paper through JHES online submission process.
The manuscript should strongly follow JHES authors’ guidelines, otherwise it will be sent back to the authors. The size of manuscript should not exceed from 9Mb.
If you come across difficulties in submitting your manuscripts through the online-submission system, kindly mail your queries to
Submission through email is strongly discouraged (The editorial board would not process any submission through email), we would only entertain queries via email.

Suggested Reviewers  

After submission of manuscript, it is mandatory for the authors to provide us four (4) suggested reviewers (PhDs) from technological advance countries (mentioned below) and also two local reviewers (PhDs) via email /, otherwise the manuscript will not be processed. The manuscript code must be mentioned in the email.

List of Industrially/Academically advance countries


Luxemburg Norway Singapore Switzerland
Ireland  Canada Denmark Germany Iceland
Austria Netherland Poland South Korea Turkey
Italy China Portugal Greece United Kingdom
Belgium New zealand Finland Spain United States
Japan Czech Republic Romania Hong Kong Hungry
Bulgaria   France Sweden  

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences Author Guidelines
Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences Editorial Board

Processing Fee  

  1. Subsequent to the Editorial Board meeting of The "Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences" held on 4th September, 2018 the NCE in Geology has introduced processing fee for new submissions after 4th September 2018.

  2. The authors are directed to deposit Rs. 5000 processing fee through Call deposit/Pay order using the following account information;
  3. Account Title: JHES
    Account Number: PK 49 HABB 000 4047901322801
    University Campus
    University of Peshawar

  4. The authors will be required to send the scan of the Call deposit/Pay order as proof at the
  5. A manuscript submitted before depositing the processing fee shall not be processed onwards.

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences History

The Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences was established in the year 1964. Previously, known as the “Geological Bulletin of the University of Peshawar” the journal was renamed as the “Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences” in the year 2007 to narrow down the focus of the journal to the geosciences-related research in the Himalayan region. The JHES is considered as one of the oldest journals for geoscience in Pakistan.

Principal Contact/ Editor

Dr. Irfan U. Jan Editor JHES

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences Policies
Volumes List
      Vol 52(1), 2019 ESP 2018 Abstract Volume
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Vol 49(2), 2016 Special Vol, 2016 ESP 2016 Abstract Volume Vol 49(1), 2016 Vol 48(2), 2015
Vol 48(1), 2015 Vol 47(2), 2014 ESP 2014 Abstract Volume 29th Himalaya Karakuram Tibet (HKT) Workshop Abstract Volume
Vol 47(1), 2014 Vol 46(2), 2013 Vol 46(1), 2013 Special Vol, 2013 Vol 45(2), 2012
Vol 45 (1), 2012 Vol 44 (2), 2011 Vol 44 (1), 2011 Vol 43, 2010 Vol 42, 2009
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Note: The papers of Volumes 1 to Volume 2 are scanned pdf documents. If the browser can't display the contents properly, please try to download and open files in acrobat reader or writer. All other volumes are text-based and searchable trough Adobe Acrobat Reader/Writer.