June 06 to 08 2022

Application of Geospatial Techniques in Hydrology

Mar 08 to 11 2022

International Training Workshop On Geohazards Risk Assessments using Geospatial Tools and Techniques along the CPEC

Nov 10 to 12 2021

GSAG TRAINING WORKSHOP ON GIS/Remote Sensing Techniques in Geology(10th to 12th Nov, 2021)

Sep 22 to 23 2021

PhD journey through Research and Publications

June 21 to 25 2021

One Week GSAG Training Workshop on Exploration of geosciences using advanced geo-information tools (21th to 25th, June 2021)

April 05 to 09 2021

Data Analysis Techniques for GIS & Remote Sensing and their Applications in Geosciences




Jan 26 2022

Indus River System Webinar Series

Sep 02 2021

Seminar/Webinar on Exploration and Assisment of Natural Resouces using GIS and Space Applications

Sep 01 2021

Seminar/Webinar on GIS and Remote Sensing in Geological Applications