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Hydrocarbon Potential of the northern Pakistan fold-thrust belt Submitted Under Pak-US Science & Technology Cooperation Program, Phase-VII

The structural style and deformation history needs to be determined to be able to assess the hydrocarbon potential of the Salt Range-Potwar Plateau, Kohat Plateau and Bannu Basin. To determine the deformation history, first the differences in the rocks types and deformation styles need to be evaluated. We propose to collect the field data needed to determine the deformation history, then model the deformation history. Once we have used two dimensional and three dimensional models, we will be able to assess the hydrocarbon migration into the reservoirs and the traps in the petroleum system.

Principle investigator: Dr. Shah Faisal (NCEG)
Sponsor/Funds:: Higher Education Commission of Pakistan/0.277 millions USD
Duration: 3 years

Identification and Risk Analysis of Potential Mega Geo-hazards along China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Principle investigator: Dr. Muhammad Shafique (NCEG)
Sponsor/Funds:Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and National Science Foundation of China (NSFC)/ 56 millions PKR.
Duration: September 2016-September 2019

Satellite remote sensing based lithological mapping and minerals exploration in Chitral District

Principle investigator:Dr. Muhammad Shafique (NCEG)
Sponsor/Funds:Planning and Development Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan/ 8.4 millions PKR.
Duration: August 2017-Septmber 2018

Near-Real time monitoring of landslide movement using then optical camera

Principle investigator: Dr. Muhammad Shafique (NCEG)
Sponsor/Funds:University of Twente the Netherlands and the NCEG / 2 millions PKR.
Duration: On Going since June 2015

Sajjad Ahmad, Faizan Ahmad, Abd Ullah, Muhammad Eisa, Farman Ullah, Khalid Latif, Suleman Khan

Rashid Ali, Marc-André Bünzli, Luca Colombo, Seema Anjum Khattak, Sebastián Pera, Mohammad Riaz, Claudio Valsangiacomo

Muhammad Waseem, Abdul Lateef, Irshad Ahmad, Sarfraz Khan, Waqas Ahmed

Shah Jehan, Seema Anjum Khattak, Said Muhammad, Rafiq Ahmad, Muhammad Farooq, Sardar Khan, Abdullah Khan, Liaqat Ali

Latif, K., Xiao, E., Riaz, M., Hussein, A.A.A. 2018

Natasha Khan and Khaista Rehman

Fahad Ali, Sajjad Ahmad, Suleman Khan,Muhammad Hanif, Jin Qiang

Adnan Barkat, Aamir Ali, Umar Hayat, Quentin G.Crowley, Khaista Rehman, Naila Siddique, Takreem Haidar, Talat Iqbal

Iqbal, S. Bibi, Mehwish. Wagreich, M. Jan, I. U. Kuerschner, W. M. Gier, S.

Hot-house climate during the Triassic/Jurassic transition: The evidence of climate change from the southern hemisphere (Salt Range, Pakistan). Global and Planetary Change (Impact Factor= 3.98/2017).
(2018/in press)

Fayyaz-Ur-Rehman Abbasi, Aamir Ali, Tiago M. Alves, Khaista Rehman

Adnan Barkat, Aamir Ali, Khaista Rehman, Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Arslan Tariq , Junaid Ahmed, Muhammad Ayaz Amin and Talat Iqbal

Adnan Barkat, Aamir Ali, Khaista Rehman, Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Shahid Riaz and Talat Iqbal

Riaz M, Xiao E, Latif K, Zafar T (2018

Bacha, A. S., M. Shafique and H. van der Werff (2018)

Farooq, M., M. Shafique and M. S. Khattak (2018)

Xiao E., Latif, K., Riaz, M., Qin Y., Wang, H., 2018

Abdur Rashid, Dong-Xing Guan, Abida Farooqi, Sardar Khan, Salman Zahir, Shah Jehan,Seema Anjum Khattak, Muhammad Sufaid Khan, Raees Khan

Ahmad. S. Jan. I. U. et al., (2018/in press).

Stratigraphic and paleoclimatic reconstruction of the Upper Carboniferous-Lower Permian strata from the Southern Gondwanaland remnants in Pakistan. Stratigraphy.

Khan, H., M. Shafique and M. A. Khan (in press).

"Landslide susceptibility assessment using Frequency Ratio, a case study of northern Pakistan." The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences.

Riaz, M. T., M. Basharat, N. Hameed, M. Shafique and J. Luo (In Press)

"A data-driven approach to landslide susceptibility mapping in mountainous terrain: a case study from the NW Himalayas, Pakistan." Natural Hazards Review.

Shafique, M., F. Babar, B. Alam Sher and U. Saleem (In press).

"Evaluating glacier dynamics using temporal remote sensing images; a case study of Hunza valley, northern Pakistan." Environmental Earth Sciences.

Karin Şeşetyan, Muhammad Asif Khan, Tahir Mammadli, Muhammad Waseem, Hilal Yalçın, Mustafa Tolga Yılmaz, ...........

Özcan, E., Saraswati, P. K., Yucel, A.O., Ali, N. Hanif, M. 2018.

Bartonian orthophragminids from the Fulra Limestone (Kutch, W India) and coeval units in Sulaiman Range, Pakistan: a synthesis of shallow benthic zone (SBZ) 17  for the Indian Subcontinent. Geodinamica Acta 30 (1).

Adnan Barkat, Aamir Ali, Khaista Rehman, Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Shahid Riaz and Talat Iqbal

Liaqat Ali, S.A. Khattak, H. Mouri, M. Tariq and M. Mehmood (2018)

Geological Control of High Fluoride Concentrations in Drinking Water and its Health Impacts: A Case Study From the District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. Accepted Medical Geology EGU General Assembly Vienna Austria.

Inayat Rehman, M. Ishaq, Liaqat Ali, Sardar Khan, Imtiaz Ahmad, Imran Din and Hameed Ullah (Accepted)

Enrichment, spatial distribution of potential ecological and human health risk assessment via toxic metals in soil and surface water ingestion in the vicinity of Sewakht mines, district Chitral, Northern Pakistan. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety.

Ishaq, M. Jan, I. U. Hanif, M & Awais, M. 2018

Microfacies and diagenetic studies of the Sakesar Limestone, Potwar Plateau, Pakistan: approach of reservoir evaluation using outcrop analogue" Carbonates and Evaporites (Journal).(In Press 2018)

Awasi, M., Hanif, M., Khan, M.Y. Jan, I.U. and Ishaq, M. 2018

Relating petrophysical parameters to petrographic interpretations in carbonates of the Chorgali Formation, Potwar Plateau, Pakistan. Carbonates and Evaporites, doi: 10.1007/s13146-017-0414-x.

Ali AAMIR, Ullah MATEE, Hussain MATLOOB, Asher Samuel BHATTI and Rehman KHAISTA

Iqbal, A., N. Khalid, S. Ullah, M. Shafique, G. C. Hulley, D. A. Roberts and A. K. Skidmore

Selection of HyspIRI optimal band positions for the earth compositional mapping using HyTES data." Remote Sensing of Environment. (In Press)

Yousafzai, S. K., M. v. d. Meijde, H. v. d. wreff and M. Shafique.

Impact of Mesh and DEM resolutions in simulating 3D Seismic Response." The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. (In Press)

Ali, N., Ozcan, E., Yucel, A.O., Hanif, M., Hashmi, S.I., Ullah, F., Rizwan, M. and Pignatti, J.

Bartonian orthophragminids with new endemic species from the Pirkoh and Drazinda formations in the Sulaiman Range, Indus Basin, Pakistan. Geodinamica Acta doi:10.1080/09853111.2017.1419676.

Khaista Rehman, Paul Burton, Graeme Weatherill

Muhammad Waseem, Enrico Spacone

Syed Ali Turab, Kurt Stüwe, Finlay M. Stuart, David M. Chew, Nathan Cogne

Muhammad Waseem, Carlo Giovanni Lai, Enrico Spacone

S.M.Talha Qadri, Md.Aminul Islam, M.R.Shalaby, Khaista Rehman Khattak, S.H.Sajjad

Muhammad Awais, Adnan Barkat, Aamir Ali, Khaista Rehman, WaqarAli Zafar, Talat Iqbal

Khan, S., and Khan, M.A

Khaista Rehmana,Wajid Ali, Asghar Ali, Aamir Ali, Adnan Barkat

Ullah, S., M. Shafique, M. Farooq, M. Dees and M. Z. Ali

Farid A., Khalid P., Jadoon K. Z., Iqbal M. A., and Shafique M

Iqbal, S.Wagreich, M., Irfan Ullah Jan, Kürschner, W. M.and Gier, S.

Geochemical evidences for palaeoclimatic fluctuations at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary: southwestern margin of the Neotethys in the Salt Range, Pakistan. Abstract Volume European Geophysical Union 2017.

Wolfram Michael Kuerschner, Shahid Iqbal, Michael Wagreich, Irfan Ullah Jan and Susanne Gier

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Orthophragminid species with new axial thickening structures from the Bartonian of the Indian Subcontinent. Geologica Acta Vol. 14 (3).

Natasha Khan, Khaista Rehman, Sajjad Ahmad, Jamil Khokher, M. Iqbal Hajana, M. Hanif

Sequence stratigraphic analysis of Eocene Rock Strata, Offshore Indus, southwest Pakistan.

Journal : Marine Geophysical Research, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp 207–228, 2016

Ozcan, E., Ali, N., Hanif, M., Hashmi, S.I., Khan, A., Yucel, A.O. and Abbasi, I.A

A new Priabonian Heterostegina from the eastern Tethys (Sulaiman Fold Belt, west Pakistan): Implications for the development of eastern Tethyan Heterostegines and their paleobiogeography. Journal of Foraminiferal Research, Vol. 46 (4), 393-408

Khaista Rehman , S. M. Talha Qadri, Aamir Ali, Asghar Ali, Sajjad Ahmed

Khan, S., and Khan, M.A.

Irfan U. Jan, Shahid Iqbal, Sarah J. Davies, Jan A. Zalasiewicz, Michael H. Stephenson, Michael Wagreich, Muhammad Haneefǀ, Muhammad Hanif, Sajjad Ahmad

A periglacial palaeoenvionment in the Upper Carboniferous-Lower Permian Tobra Formation of the low-latitude Tethyan Salt Range, Pakistan Journal: Acta Geologica Sinica (In press/2016)​

Rubina Bilqees, M. Qasim Jan, M. Asif Khan and Brian F. Windley



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