Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Online ISSN:2305-6959

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 49 (2), 2016

List of Papers

1 Geology and petrography of the Nagar Parkar Igneous Complex, southeastern Sindh: the Wadhrai body
Pages 1-13
M.Qasim Jan*, M. Hassan Agheem, Amanullah Laghari and Suhail Anjum

2 Dating and depositional environment of the Tredian Formation, western Salt Range, Pakistan
Pages 14-25
Suleman Khan*, Auroosa, Waqar Ahmad, Sajjad Ahmad and Jodat Kamran Khan

3 Depositional system and sequence stratigraphy of Permian Amb Formation, Salt Ranges, Northwest Pakistan
Pages 26-39
Izhar Sadiq, Sajjad Ahmad, Muhammad Hanif, Fahad Ali*, Irfan U. Jan, Fayaz Ali, Nasir Khan, Suleman Khan and Muhammad Farhan


Recognition and characterization of a tectonically active Karak Thrust using radon measurement technique in the Southern Kohat Plateau, Pakistan

Pages 40-49
Nimat Ullah Khattak*, Mumtaz Ali Khan, Nawab Ali, Faheem Ahmed and M. Tahir Shah

5 Prospectivity mapping of Iron oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG) deposits using support vector machine method in Feyzaabad area (east of Iran)
Pages 50-62

Farzaneh Zandiyyeh*, Mohammad Reza Shayestefar, Hojat Ranjbar and Saied Saadat

6 Structural analysis of the Kharthop and Kalabagh Hills area, Mianwali District, Punjab, Pakistan
Pages 63-74
Nazir-ur- Rehman, Irshad Ahmad, Sajjad Ahmad, Fayaz Ali and Waheedullah

7 Rock mass characterization along the tunnel axis for Golen Gol hydropower project Chitral, Pakistan
Pages 75-83

Sajjad Hussain*, Noor Mohammad, Mohammad Tahir, Zahid Ur Rehman and Nisar Mohammad

8 2D seismic reservoir characterization of the Lower Goru Formation, Miano gas field, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
Pages 84-93
Fahad Zareef *, Naima Khan, Shazia Asim and Muhammad Tayyab Naseer


Landslides induced vulnerability and risk assessment in Muzaffarabad and Balakot, Pakistan

Pages 94-108

Noor Basa, Muhammad Shafique*, Alam Sher Bacha, Safeer Ullah Shah, Muhammad Basharat, Muhammad Zeeshan Ali, Samiullah Khan and Salman Khan


Impact of DEM resolution and accuracy on remote sensing and topographic DEM derived topographic attributes and drainage pattern

Pages 109-117
Misbah Amjad, Muhammad Zeeshan Ali and Muhammad Shafique*

11 GIS-based assessment of surface deformation patterns using fractal analysis of topography: Kharmankuh anticline, Zagros Mountains, Iran
Pages 118-128
Mohammad Yusef Mahmoodi, Ahmad Nourbakhsh* and Timothy Kusky
12 Seismic Hazard Assessment by Preparing S1 and Ss maps for Baluchistan Province, Pakistan
Pages 129-136
Habil Ahmad , Shaukat Ali Khan and Attaullah Shah*
13 Petrography and Whole-Rock Geochemistry of the Oligocene-Miocene Khojak Formation Khojak-Pishin Belt, Pakistan: Implications on Provenance and Source Area Weathering
Pages 137-157
Din Muhammad Kakar, Aimal Khan Kasi*, Akhtar Muhammad Kassi, Henrik Friis, Mohibullah Mohibullah and Suleman Khan