Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Reviewers Policy

Before accepting the manuscript for review
  1. Make sure that the manuscript which is asked to review matches reviewer’s expertise or field of interest.
  2. Reviewer should only accept the manuscript if he is proficient to review it.
  3. Reviewer should make sure that he has enough time to review the manuscript.
  4. Reviewer should inform the Associate Editor if there is any conflict of interest  e.g. if;
    1. he shares same department with the authors
    2. he has worked with authors in his/her previous paper
    3. he did any sort of help in the current manuscript with the authors
    4. he has any financial and professional connection with the authors
  5. Reviewers’ communication regarding manuscript will only be limited to the Associate Editor.
  6. If reviewer declines the review he/she may suggest another name for review but the final decision will be of the Associate Editor.
  7. Upon accepting invitation for reviewing the manuscript, the reviewer will be provided 4 weeks to complete his review.

During review process

  1. If the reviewer suspect that the manuscript is plagiarised as a whole or partly (i.e., substantial copy of another published work), he should intimate the Associate Editor/Chief Editor prior to review it further, and also cite the previous work which matches the current work in as much detail as possible. However, no any available software should be used to check the plagiarism of the manuscript.
  2. If the reviewer suspect the result is untrue or the methodology used in the manuscript is not matching with result, it should be intimated to the Associate Editor.
  3. If the manuscript has any ethical issue and doesn’t match the ethical policy of JHES, it should be intimated to the Associate Editor.
  4. Manuscript should be treated as confidential document and should not be discussed nor should the information be shared or disclosed with others.
  5. Reviewer will not use any data of the manuscript for his personal use.
  6. If reviewer needs opinion of his colleague during review, which may be appropriate in some circumstances but reviewer should always let the Associate Editor know in advance, and whoever else is involved will also need to keep the review process confidential.
  7. The reviewer’s report must be confidential and reviewer will only share the report with the Associate Editor.
  8. The reviewer identity will be confidential and will not be shared with the authors or any 3rd party without the permission of Associate Editor and reviewer.
  9. Before sending the comments to Associate Editor, the reviewer must insure that the file doesn’t contain any such data which shows his/her identity.