Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Online ISSN:2305-6959

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 47 (2), 2014

List of Papers

1 Geology and petrography of the Nagar Parkar igneous complex, southeastern Sindh: the Dinsi body
Pages 1-14
M. Qasim Jan, Amanullah Laghari, M. Hassan Agheem and Suhail Anjum

2 Investigation for gold and base metals mineralization and petrochemical characteristics of the rocks of Golo Das and surrounding areas, District Ghizar, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Pages 15-27
Lawangin Sheikh, M. Tahir Shah, Shuhab D. Khan and Laeiq Ahmad

3 Investigation for gold and base metals mineralization and petrochemical characteristics of the rocks of upper parts of Bagrot valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Pages 29-48
Sadaf Miandad, M. Tahir Shah, Shuhab D. Khan and Laeiq Ahmad

4 Diagenetic analysis of the Early Eocene Margala Hill limestone, Pakistan: A synthesis for thin section porosity
Pages 49-61
Muhammad Azhar Farooq Swati, Muhammad Haneef, Sajjad Ahmad, Khalid Latif, Yasir Naveed, Waseem Zeb, Naveed Akhtar and Muhammad Owais

5 Clay minerals assemblage in the Neogene fluvial succession of the Pishin Belt, Pakistan: implications for provenance
Pages 63-73
Aimal Khan Kasi, Akhtar Muhammad Kassi, Henrik Friis, Muhammad Ishaq Kakar and Razzaq Abdul Manan

6 Implication of the diagenetic evolution for the diagnosis of reservoir potential of the Amb Formation, western Salt Range, Pakistan
Pages 75-98
Izhar Sadiq, Sajjad Ahmad, Muhammad Hanif, Fahad Ali, Khalid Latif, M. Azhar Farooq Swati, Abdus Saboor, Hafiz Shahid Hussain, Irfan U. Jan and Fayaz Ali

7 Microfacies analysis and diagenetic fabric of Lockhart Limestone exposed along Nathiagali-Murree Road, District Abbottabad, Pakistan
Pages 99-114
Taqweemul Haq Ali, Fahad Ali, Fayaz Ali, Muhammad Haneef, Muhammad Hanif, Sajjad Ahmad (jr.), Gohar Rehman and Sadaf Fida

8 Facies and distribution of metamorphic rocks beneath the Muslim Bagh ophiolite, (NW Pakistan): tectonic implications
Pages 115-124
M. Ishaq Kakar, Mehrab Khan, Khalid Mahmood and Andrew C. Kerr

9 Petrographic study of coarse aggregate to evaluate their susceptibility to Alkali Silica Reactivity in different rocks of District Shangla, Swat, Pakistan
Pages 125-139
Asghar Ali, Muhammad Sajid, Liaqat Ali and Mohammad Usman

10 Remote sensing based strategy of stream sediment sampling for mineral exploration in Peshawar Basin, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Pages 141-148
Muhammad Shafique, Sarmad Israr, M. Tahir Shah and M. Asif Khan

11 Landslide hazard zonation map of Kurram Valley: A case study of landslide at Gharbina village, Parachinar, Kurram Valley
Pages 149-162
Asghar Ali, Khaista Rehman, Naveed Anjum and Wajid Ali

12 An integrated approach for quality assessment of drinking water using GIS: A case study of Lower Dir
Pages 163-174
Sana Ullah, M. Waqas Javed, Muhammad Shafique and Shah Faisal Khan

13 Distribution and sources of arsenic contaminated groundwater in parts of Thatta district, Sindh
Pages 175-183
Ghazala Rubab, Sadaf Naseem, Adnan Khan, Viqar Husain and Ghulam Murtaza Arain

14 Causes and effects of temporal groundwater level change in the alluvial aquifer of Dera Ismail Khan area, Pakistan
Pages 185-191
Anwar Qadir, Zulfiqar Ahmad, Tahseenullah Khan and Muhammad Zafar

15 Range front structural style: An example from Surghar Range, North Pakistan
Pages 193-204
Fayaz Ali, Muhammad Irfan Khan, Sajjad Ahmad, Gohar Rehman, Ishrat Rehman and Taqweemul H. Ali