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Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 45 (2), 2012

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List of Papers

1 Landslide hazard assessment in Mansehra District using remote sensing and GIS
Pages 1
Ghulam Abbas, Ijaz Ahmad and Shahid Parvez

2 The emerging global navigation satellite systems: An application paradigm for disaster management scenarios
Pages 2
Naqvi Najam Abbas and Li YanJun

3 Petrography and geochemistry of basalts from Ranikot and Bara Nala sections, Laki Range, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan.
Pages 3-4
Muhammad Hassan Agheem, M. Qasim Jan, Sarfraz Hussain Solangi, Amanullah Laghari, Imdad Ali Brohi and Abdul Shakoor Mastoi

4 The use of porphyroblast inclusion trail asymmetries to reconstruct deformation history in metamorphic rocks: insights from the Barrovian sequence of the Kaghan-Naran valley, north Pakistan
Pages 5
Ijaz Ahmad and Mohammad Sayab

5 Facies analysis, depositional model and sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Permian Chiddru Formation, Salt Ranges, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan
Pages 6
Sajjad Ahmad (Jr), Asghar Ali, Muhammad Haneef, M. Waqas, Johar Ali, Shaheen Sher Khan, Akbar Sadiq, Muhammad Yaqoob and Ibad-ur-Rehman

6 Disaster mitigation through conservation of heritage buildings in Peshawar city
Pages 7
Hafiz Asfandyar Ahmed, Syed Mustafa Ali Shah, Khan Shahzada, Bashir Alam, Muhammad Javed and Suleman Daud

7 GIS based landfill site selection for Faisalabad city
Pages 8
Sajid Rashid Ahmad and Khalid Mehmood

8 Structural investigation and geological mapping of a part of eastern Salt Range around Basharat Village, Punjab, Pakistan, using GIS/RS
Pages 9-12
Taseer Ahmad, Wajahat Ali, Waqas Ahmad, Dildar Ali and Muhammad Taqi Khatana

9 Occurrence of man-made disasters during operation against Talibanization in FATA
Pages 13
Zeeshan Ahmad, Khan Shahzada and Azmatullah

10 Comparative analysis of the Joint system in the Permian rocks of western and central Khisor Range, Trans-Indus ranges, Pakistan
Pages 14
Iftikhar Alam and Abdul Majeed Azhar

11 Frontal structural style of the Khisor Range, northwest of Bilot: Implications for hydrocarbon potential of the northwestern Punjab Fore Deep, Pakistan
Pages 15
Iftikhar Alam and Abdul Majeed Azhar

12 Structural geometries of the frontal fracture zone of the northwest Himalayan orogenic belt of Pakistan
Pages 16
Iftikhar Alam and Abdul Majeed Azhar

13 Kinematic evolution of the Paleozoic rocks exposed in Nowshera region, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Pages 17
Asghar Ali, Ikram-ud-Din, Zohaib Hassan, Mohibullah Khan and Waqar Ahmad

14 Kinematic evolution of the Middle Jurassic Samana Suk Formation, Hazara Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Pages 18
Asghar Ali, Mushtaq Hussain, Sajid Ali, Shahid Hussain and Wajid Ali

15 Microfacies analysis and sequence stratigraphic modeling of the Samana Suk Formation, Chichali Nala, Trans Indus ranges, Punjab, Pakistan.
Pages 19
Fahad Ali, Muhammad Haneef, M. Naveed Anjum, Muhammad Hanif and Suleman Khan

16 Identification of target areas for base metal (Ni, Cr and Co) mineralization based on GIS and QEMSCAN analysis of stream sediments in the ultramafic-mafic terrains along the Shyok Suture Zone, North Pakistan
Pages 20
Liaqat Ali, Charles J. Moon, Ben J. Williamson and Mohammad Arif

17 An appraisal of uranium source potential of granites, associated felsic rocks, kaolin and calcretes of Nagar Parkar area, Tharparkar Pakistan
Pages 21
Munazzam Ali, Aqeel Ahmed Shariff, Nasser Ali Qamar and Amanullah Laghari

18 Comparison of granites from the Nagar Parkar (Pakistan) and Malani (India) with reference to uranium and thorium abundances
Pages 22
Munazzam Ali, Aqeel Ahmed Shariff, Nasser Ali Qamar and Amanullah Laghari

19 Landuse-land cover change assessment in Swat valley.
Pages 23
Sajid Ali, Wajid Ali, Salman Khan, Muhammad Fawad and M. Waqas Javed

20 Role of concrete industry as remedy for the plastic waste disaster
Pages 24
Tariq Ali, Khan Shahzada, Bora Gencturk, Amjad Naseer, Bashir Alam and Muhammad Javed

21 Integration of seismic and rock physics interpretation to confirm Hydrocarbon bearing zone of Meyal area.
Pages 25
Usman Ali, Mohsin Tariq, Bilal Aslam and Yasir Zaib

22 Mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis of Manganese ores of Pranghar area, Mohmand Agency, FATA, Pakistan
Pages 26
M. Naveed Anjum, M. Tahir Shah and M. Arif

23 Seismic risk reduction of Unreinforced Brick masonry buildings using Ferrocement overlay
Pages 27
Mohammad Ashraf, Amjad Naseer, Mohammad Javed and Akhtar Naeem Khan

24 Bara Thrust Zone, Southern Khyber Agency, Northern Pakistan: Insight for the tectonic boundary between the Attock-Cherat-Khyber and the Kalachitta-Samana Hill Ranges.
Pages 28-29
Muhammad Ashraf, Walliullah Khattak and M. Asif Khan

25 Characterizing hydrocarbon traps through surface geology and subsurface geophysics in the Talagang area, Potwar Plateau, north Pakistan
Pages 30
Omer Aziz and Mohammad Sayab

26 Utilization of seismic and petrophysical data for hydrocarbon potential evaluation of Bijnot-01 Well, Fort Abbas Area Central Indus Basin, Pakistan
Pages 31
Zaheer-ud-Din-Babar, Wajid Mehmood, Anwar Qadir and Umer Manzoor

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