Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Geological Bulletin
(University of Peshawar)
Volume 37, 2004

Table of Contents

1 Geochemical Aspects Of Uranium In Thre Sumayar Valley, Northern Areas Of Pakistan

Iftikhar A. Malik, David R. Cohen & Alistair C. Dunlop

2 Exploration And Extraction Of Placer Gold In The Terraces Of Bagrot Valley, Gilgit, Northern Pakistan

M. Tahir Shah & Hawas Khan

3 Geochemical Exploeration In The Dir And Swat Kohistan, Northern Pakistan

M. Tahir Shah & Paul J. Lechler

4 Destribution Of Premordial Radionuclides In Phosphate Fertilizer And Rocks Deposits Of Pakistan
Khalid Khan, Siraj Din Orfi & Hassan Mehmood Khan
5 Mineralogical Investigations Of The Phostphatic Nodules From Warchha Sandstone, Salt Range With Emphasis On Replacement Process
Syed Abbas Sultan
6 Geological Appraisal Of Radioactive  Minerals Occurrence At Ahl In Mansehra Granite, North West Pakistan
Jamil Ahmad, A. Khaliq, Iqbal Shaheen & Zahir Shah
7 Behaviour Of Uranium Mineralization In Siwaliks Of Nangar Nai Area- Dera Ghazi Khan
Khalid Javed Bhatti, Faiq Mazhar &Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman
8 Proposed Genetic Model For The Precipitaton Of Uranium In Siwaliks Of Taunsa Area, Dg Khan, Pakistan
Altaf Hussain, Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman & M. A. Samad Baig
9 Possibility Of Uranium Deposits Within The Warchha Sandatone, Nilawahan Group (Lower Permain) Of Salt Range
Azizullah, M. Jamil Butt, Abdul Rehman & Arshad Naveed
10 Recognition Of Emplacement Timke Of Jambil Carbonatities From Nw Pakistan- Constraints From Fission-Track Dating Of Apatite Using Age Standard Approach ( The S Method)
N. U. Khattak, M. Akram, K. Ullah, A. A. Qureshi & I. E. Qureshi
11 Mineral Development Profile Of North West Frontier Provience And The Role Of Directorate General Mines And Minerals
Shakirullah & Muhammad Ihsan Afridi
12 Petrography, Mineralogy And Geochemistry Of Baran Lak Magnesite And Associated Rocks, Khuzdar, Baluchistan, Pakistan
Irum Bashir, Shahid Naseem, Sadaf Nadeem, Shamim Ahmad Sheikh & Khaula Shirin
13 Gems And Gem-Bearing Pegmatites Of The Shigsr Valley, Skardu, Norhtern Pakistan
M. Hassan Agheem, M. Tahir Shah &Tahseenullah Khan
14 Porphry Type System-Configration And Destribution In The Chagai Metallogenic Belt With A Reference To The Koh-I Dalil Copper Deposits, Baluchistan, Pakistan
Arshad M. Bhutta
15 Benificiation Study Of The Manganese Ores Of The Saidgi Area, North Wazirstan Agency, Pakistan
Azhar Khan, M. Tahir Shah, Liaqat Ali & Wazir Muhammad
16 Seismic Hazard Assesment Of Islamabad, Pakistan Using Dterminstic Approach
Monalisa, A. A. Khwaja & M. Javed
17 Destribution Of Trace Metals In Inter-Tidal Sediment Along Karachi Coast, Pakistan
Azhar Mashiatullah, Rifat Mahmood Qureshi, Nasir Ahmad, Tariq Javed & Zahir Shah