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Abstract Volume

Earth Sciences Pakistan 2018, 11-13 August, 2018

List of Papers

1 Engineering behavior of problematic soild – case histories
Page 1
Shahid Azam

2 Sedimentation – a serious issue for water resources and dams
Page 2
Muhammad Abid; Zaineb Abid

3 Case study: geological concerns of 32 km long headrace tunnel of Kari Muskhur hydro power project on Chitral river
Page 3
Arshad Fayaz

4 High performance computing for estimation, prediction and forecasting in Earth Sciences
Page 4
Asad Habib, Muhammad Ali

5 A review of potential natural disaster in the northern reach of CPEC Pakistan
Page 5
Attaullah Shah, Irfan U Jan

6 Challenges and opportunities for coal utilization in Pakistan
Page 6
Saqib Nasir

7 Mixed siliciclastic-carbonate tertiary deltaic deposits in a pull-apart basin, Eastern Oman
Page 7
Iftikhar Ahmed Abbasi

8 Rise and fall of the Tibetan empire at 7-9th century in response to climate change
Page 8

9 Climate change: a man-made crisis requiring global mitigation efforts for ensuring sustainable development
Page 9-10
M. Qasim Jan and Khazima Muazim


CPEC challenges in earth science and china-Pakistan cooperation
Page 11
Peng, CUI


Low quality coals utilization – key commercial, environmental and plant efficiency consideration
Page 12
Saqib Nasir


Petrology of the Chilas complex of the Kohistan Island Arc in the Kiner Gah area, Chilas, Pakistan
Page 13
Tahseenullah Khan, Waqas Javaid, Hafiz Muhammad Danial Amin, Muneeb Arshad and M.Q. Jan


Geochemical source rock evaluation of late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous rocks of Sulaiman range, Pakistan: integration of outcrop and well data
Page 14
Bilal Wadood, Abdullah, Muhammad Eisa, Muhammad Asim, Wajahat Menhas and Zakir Ullah


Mineralgical and beneficiation studies of the iron and associated copper ores of Dammal Nisar, SW Chitral, NW Himalayas, Pakistan
Page 15
M. Naveed Anjum, Muhammad Arif, and Liaqat Ali


Fold-thrust evaluation and hydrocarbon prospect of the western Marwat-Khisor Range and Sheikh Budin Hills, North Pakistan
Page 16
Iftikhar Alam


Petrography and geochemistry of the Mid-Triassic Tredian sandstone in the Salt and Trans Indus Surghar ranges, Pakistan: Implications for provenance
Page 17
Kamil Ahmed Qureshi; and Mohammad Arif


Delineating structural styles and geomorphological patterns using satellite imagery and seismic images for an improved interpretation in a fold thrust belt and adjacent foredeep of Pakistan
Page 18
Natasha Khan, Muhammad Hanif, and Sohail Wahid


Diagenetic studies of the Mid-Triassic Tredian formation in the salt and Trans Indus Surghar Ranges, Pakistan: Implications for reservoir characterization
Page 19
Kamil Ahmed Qureshi; and Mohammad Arif


Petrography, geochemistry and physico-mechanical properties of dolerite from Oghi (Mansehra) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 20
Muhammad Ismaeel, Naveed Anjum, Waqas Ahmed, Amjad Hussain and M. Sajid


Kingri and Toi Nala (Ghoze Ghar-Savi Ragha) coalfields of Musakhel district, Balochistan, Pakistan: foresight strategy
Page 21
M. Sadiq Malkani and M. Shahid Ishaq Dhanotr


Neotectonic characterization of the Jhelum Fault Zone, northwestern Himalayas, an insight from integrated geomorphometric and kinematic analysis
Page 22
Rahat ullah, Noor Taj Khan, Nowrad Ali, Asif Nawaz, M. Naeem Jan, and Abid Ullah

22 Fluctuation in glacial lakes in Shimshal valley, Gilgit-Baltistan
Page 23
Mohib Ullah, Shahid Iqbal, Mahnoor Saba, and Bilal Wadood


Seismic attenuation-dispersion applications to delineate the hydrocarbons saturations in the reservoir rock
Page 24
Nisar Ahmed; Taqaddus Ali, Mubasher Ahmad, Perveiz Khalid, and Shahid Ghazi


Lithofacies association and depositional environment of Murree formation at Jena Kor, FR Peshawar and Panoba section, Kohat basin
Page 25
Mustafa Yar, Muhammad Hanif, and Muhammad Sajid


Chamalang-Lunda-Nosham coalfields of Balochistan, Pakistan: foresight strategy and policy
Page 26
M. Sadiq Malkani


Petrographic study of metamorphosed Panjal traps from the Kaghan Valley, north Pakistan
Page 27
Faisal Muhamamd; Muhammad Sajid; Razeph Razzaq; Syed Mohsin Shah and Kirpal Sonu


Microfacies analysis and diagenetic studies of early Eocene Margalla Hill Limestone, Implications for the reservoir characterizations, south eastern Hazara, KP, Pakistan.
Page 28
Shuja Ullah, and Muhammad Hanif


Physical and chemical characterization of Paleocene coal of Patala Formation, Eastern Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 29
Tehseen Zafar and M. Sadiq Malkani


Role of naturally substituted iron in crystal lattice of zinc sulfide minerals during leaching by Acidithiobacillus Thiooxidans and Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans
Page 30
Zafar Mahmood Khalid


Aggregate prospects of Lockhart limestone of Watli and Sirali areas, Eastern Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 31
Tehseen Zafar, M. Sadiq Malkani, Tian Zhendong and Muhammad Riaz


A comparative study of Alos-2 Palsar and Landsat-8 magery for land cover classification using Maximum Likelihood Classifier
Page 32
Muhammad Zeeshan Ali, and Waqas Qazi


Heavy metal health risk assessment through groundwater consumption along the Hattar Industrial Estate, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
Page 33
Shah Jehan, Seema Anjum Khattak, and Said Muhammad b


Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment of 548 mw Kaigah Hydropower Project, District Kohistan, KPK, Pakistan
Page 34
Shahbaz Muhammad; and Zoonash Arshad


Assessment of radon concentration in the water sources of Town 1 Peshawar and its effects on environment
Page 35
Muhammad Tahir; Nimat Ullah Khattak; and Shah Faisal


Lithofacies association and depositional environment of Bostan Formation, Pishin belt, Balochistan, Pakistan
Page 36
Fazal Ur Rehman, Aimal Khan Kasi, and Mohibullah


Sequence stratigraphic and palynostartigraphic framework of the Toarcian- Bathonian stratigraphic unit in Chichali Nala, Surghar Range Punjab, Pakistan
Page 37
Fahad Ali, Sajjad Ahmad, Suleman Khan, Muhammad Hanif, and Jin Qiang


Distribution and geo-environmental analysis for ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in soils of Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 38
Shafiullah; Seema Anjum Khattak; Mohammad Tahir Shah; Liaqat Ali; Abdur Rashid; and Shah Jehan


Paleoenvironmental reconstruction from Cretaceous pelagic sediments of Kawagarh Formation in Nizampur Basin and Kohat Range, Pakistan
Page 39
Mohammad Asim, Suleman Khan, Muhammad Hanif, and Shuja Ullah


Geological and geotechnical assessment of tunnel site of the Koto Hydropower Project, District Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 40
Nasar Khan; Muhammad Ejaz Siddiqui; Imran Ahmad; Salman Khurshid; Naveed Ullah; BilalAhmad; Syed Sanaullah Shah; and Irfan U. Jan


Micropaleontological, biostratigraphical and stable isotope geochemical analyses of the P/E boundary interval, Nammal Gorge, Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 41
Mahnoor Sabba; Muhammad Hanif; Nowrad Ali; Ercan Özcan; and Fahad Ali


Drainage analysis along the Kalabagh Fault Zone: Implications for Neotectonics and recent kinematic history
Page 42
Muhammad Noor Taj Khan; and Sohail Wahid


Empirical modeling EM: A generic approach applied to valuate mine subsidence, upheaval and valley siege along Sherwan Valley, Abbottabad
Page 43
Umer Habib; and Mohammad Amjad Sabir


Inversion of fault slip data for paleostresses along Jhelum Fault and surrounding areas, Hazara Kashmir Syntaxis, Pakistan
Page 44
Syed Saqib-Razzaq,; and Mirza Shahid Baig


Integrated sequence stratigraphic interpretation of the Late Cretaceous Kawagarh Formation, Gandab section, Kala-Chitta Range, Pakistan
Page 45
Bilal Wadood, Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Bilal, Zeeshan Zafar, Laeiq Ahmad and Ameen Ullah Khan


The paleoenvironmental analysis and diagenetic study of Callovian Bathonian Samana Suk Formation, Trans Indus Ranges, Punjab, Pakistan
Page 46
Said Mukhtar Ahmad, Mona Lisa, Maqsood Ur Rahman, and Aurangzeb


Runoff Analysis to Develop a New Reservoir at the Upstream Of Khanpur Dam
Page 47
Maria Yaqub; Muhammad Arslan; Iftikhar Ahmad: and Arshia Fatima


Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of the Mughal Kot Formation, Mughal Kot section, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 48
Bilal Wadood, Suleman Khan, Sajjad Ahmad and Jamal Wadood


Morphometric Analysis of Alveolinidae from Eastern Neo-Tethys, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan; Implication for Biostratigraphy, Paleoecology and Paleobiogeographic Reconstruction
Page 49
Maqsood Ur Rahman, Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Imraz, Sohail Wahid, Muhammad Hassan Agheem, and Hafiz Shahid Hussain


Provenance of Bara Formation, Southern Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 50
Q.D. Khokhar, S.H. Solangi. I. Siddiqui, A.A.A. Daahar Hakro, and M.H. Agheem


Effects of Intrinsic Properties on the Physio-Mechanical Characters of Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks From the Jijal Complex, Northern Pakistan
Page 51
Waqar Ahmad, Muhammad Sajid, Adeel Ahmad, Nasir Uddin, Zia Ullah, and Waqas Ahmed


Palynology of the Rhythmite Deposits of Peshawar Basin, NW Pakistan
Page 52
Umair Mussawar; Subhan Ullah; Arshad Ali; Muhammad Idrees, Shah Faisal and Suleman Khan


Kinematic Evolution of the Early Cambrian Ambar Formation, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Using Finite strain
Page 53
Asad Kamran; Asghar Ali; and Saif-ur-Rehman


Effect of Lime and Wheat straw on optimum moisture content and maximum dry density of clayey soils
Page 54
Gul Muhammad; and Amanullah Marri


To evaluate the engineering properties of clayey soil through glass powder and quarry dust
Page 55
Hamdan Ahmad; Bakht Zamin; and Kamran Iqbal


Investigation of ground conditions for the Utla Dam Project, Gadoon region, Northern Western Pakistan
Page 56
Adnan Qadir, Muhammad Sajid, Haroon, Zain ul Hassan, Irfan Shiraz, Muhammad Ali, and Nauman Abrar


Identification of potential unstable cut slopes at intake area of tarbela4th extension hydro power project”.
Page 57
Zia ur Rehman, Qasim ur Rahman, Munsif Ahmad, Zeeshan Wahab


Characteristics and significance of the pillow lava geo-heritage in Qunrang of Shigat, Tibet
Page 58
Xie Hong, Li Yong, Su Pengcheng, and Yu Hui


A novel approach to value and conserving the Geoheritage of Peshawar Basin, KP Pakistan: in aspect of geoscientific and academic importance
Page 59
Muhammad Yaseen, Mukhtiar Ghani; Emad Ullah Khan; Jawad Ahmad, and Taseer Ahmad


Foraminiferal biostratigraphy and microfacies analysis of the Paleocene (Thanetian) Lockhart limestone from Yadgar section, Muzaffarabad and Nammal road section, Mianwali, Pakistan
Page 60
Tofeeq Ahmed, Siraj Mehboob, Muhammad Sabeh Khan, Aamir Yaseen, Khawaja Hasnain Altaf


Development and utilization of oilfield geothermal resources in Pakistan
Page 61
Asif Mehmood; Jun Yao; Dong Yan Fun; Kamran Shehzad; and Hafiz Hasan Butt


Hydrocarbon potential of Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 62
HamzaWaheed; BilalWadood; Hasan Iqbal; Mansoor Aziz; and Aizaz Ahmad


Pore size distribution and reservoir evaluation of the Eocene beach-bar sandstone, Dongying depression, China by using MICP, NMR and micro-CT
Page 63
Muhammad Jawad Munawar, Muhammad Aleem Zahid, Dong Chunmei, Alexandra N. Golab and Chengyan Lin


Interpretation of paleodepositional environment using biomarkers and carbon isotope (δ13c); a case study from Talang Akar Formation, South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia
Page 64
Jamaluddin; Cheng Fuqi; and Kamran Shehzad,


Petrographical and petrophysical assessment to evaluate the reservoir potential of the upper Permian Zaluch group, upper Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 65
Mukhtiar Ghani, Irfan U. Jan, and Hafiz Shahid Hussain,


Development and distribution of Late Permian warm water carbonates on subtropical dynamic Tethyan Indian Shelf
Page 66
Mukhtiar Ghani,  Irfan U. Jan, and Hafiz Shahid Hussain,


Characterization of petrographic and petrophysical properties from 3D digital rock images: a case study on beach-bar sandstone of Boxing Sag, East China
Page 67
Muhammad Aleem Zahid,,*, Muhammad Jawad Munawar, Dong Chunmei, Alexandra N. Golab and Chengyan Lin


Reservoir characterization of the Samana Suk formation from Khawri Khwar section, Nizampur Basin, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Page 68
Abid Nawaz; Abdus Saboor; Mumtaz Ali Khan; Syed Irfanullah Hashmi and Mustafa yar


Petrology and geochemistry of dolerite and lamprophyre sills in Mesozoic successions of western Sulaiman Fold–Thrust Belt, Pakistan
M. Ishaq Kakar*, Din Muhammad, Razzaq A M. Durrani, Akhtar Muhammad Kassi, and Andrew C. Kerr


Key indicator minerals and chemistry for carbonatites: a review
Page 70
Asad Khan,; Shah Faisal; and Mehboob Ur Rashid


A novel method to generate electricity by utilizing low temperature geothermal resources
Asif Mehmood*; Jun Yao; Dong Yan Fun; and Qazi Adnan Ahmad


Grain size distribution, mineralogy and geochemistry of surficial sediments of Saudi red sea coast; an overview to interpret paleoenvironment and paleoclimate in response to natural and anthropogenic activities
Page 72
Jawad Majeed; Ibrahim Mohammed Ghandour,;Ali Saeed Basaham; Talha Ahmed Al-Dubai, Aaid A. Al-Zubieriand Satria Antoni


Geochronology and geochemistry of adakitic dykes in Xigaze Fore-Arc Basin Zone: Implications for Miocene E-W extension
Page 73
Tang Yan,*; Zhidan Zhao; and Lawangin Sheikh,


Application of well log analysis to assess petrophysical parameters of Joya-Mair Oil field Upper Indus Basin Pakistan
Page 74
Mubashir Mehmood, Muhammad Yaseen, Ikramuddin, Muhammad Jehangir Khan, Jawad Ahmad, Anwarulhaq, and Tanveer Ullah


A review on the potential, production, trade and other relevant details along with recommendations /views for ban on the asbestos mineral in Pakistan
Page 75
Arshia Fatima, Nazar-ul-Islam, Nimat Ullah Khattak, Maria Yaqoob and Atif Ali


Microfacies analysis and diagenetic fabric of the Lockhart Limestone exposed near Taxila, Margalla Hill Range, Punjab, Pakistan
Page 76
Mohibullah Khan, Mumtaz Ali Khan, Barkhaiz Aslam Shami, and Muhammad Awais


Diagenesis and reservoir characteristics of the Lower Eocene Margalla Hill limestone, Southeastern Hazara, Pakistan
Page 77
Zeeshan Khan; Ijaz Gul; Nowrad Ali,; Muhammad Zikria Khan; Faisal Rehman and Muhammad Hamad


Introduction to digital rocks: research, development, and application
Muhammad Jawad Munawar, Muhammad Aleem Zahid, Veerle Cnudde, Chengyan Lin, and Dong Chunmei


Causes of deforestation and its geological impacts in Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Muhammad Yaseen, Ikramuddin, Mubashir Mehmood, Muhammad Jehangir Khan, and Anwarulhaq


Impact of climate change on flood factors and extent of damages in the Hindu Kush Region
Atta-ur Rahman, Shakeel Mahmood, Mohammad Dawood, and Fang Chen


Integrating Formation Evaluation and Petrophysics in Gas Bearing Reservoirs Drilled in Eocence Succession in Qadirpur Area, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 81
Saleem Khan, Jawad Ahmad, Muhammad Yaseen, and Mukhtiar Ghani


Sedimentology and Biosequence Stratigraphic Modelling of the Kawagarh Formation in the Nizampur and Margalla Hills Range, NW Pakistan: Implication for Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization
Salman Ahmed Khattak; Muhammad Hanif; Sajjad Ahmad


Larger Benthic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Early Eocene Margalla Hill Limestone, Southeastern Hazara, Northern Pakistan
Page 83
Ijaz Gul; Muhammad Zikria Khan; Nowrad Ali; Zeeshan Khan; Faisal Rehman and Muhammad Hamad


Sedimentology and Reservoir Characterization of Upper Cretaceous Kawagarh Formation, Qamar Mela Section, Nizampur Basin, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 84
Salman Ahmed Khattak; Anwar Qadir; Sami ullah; Muhammad Salman; Riaz ul Haq; Afaq Ahmad Zaman; Ikram Khan; Roman Khan and Waseem Khan


Depositional and Diagenetic Studies of the Patala Formation Carbonates Exposed in Pir Sohawa section, Hazara Basin, Pakistan: Implications For Reservoir Characterization
Page 85
Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Hanif; Muhammad Aamir; Laeiq Ahmad; Nasar Khan; Bilal Wadood; Shuja Ullah; Naseer Ahmad; and Tariq Aziz


Microfacies Analysis and depositional setting of Lockhart Limestone Manhiala Area, Eastern Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 86
Tehseen Zafar1, Muhammad Riaz2, Friday U. Ochege3, Abiola Oyebamiji1, Zhen-Dong Tian1 and Asilbekov Kyiazbek1


Diagenetic Studies and Reservoir Potential of the Cretaceous Kawagarh Formation, Kala-Chitta Range, Pakistan
Page 87
Muhammad Awais; Bilal Wadood; Muhammad Ishaq; Laeiq Ahmad; Muhammad Bilal; Zeeshan Zafar; Amin Ullah Khan; and Nasar Khan


Sedimentology and Biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous Mughal Kot Formation, Rakhi Gorge Section, Sulaiman Range, Pakistan
Page 88
Shakeel Ahmad; Suleman Khan; Sajjad Ahmad; Nasar Khan; Rahmat Khan


Microfacies And Diagenetic Settings of Chorgali Formation in Talhar Section, Islamabad, Pakistan
Page 89
Syed Huzaifa Hussain, Mustafa Yar, Saqib Mehmood, Waqar Ahmed, Syed Waqas Haider, and Mumtaz Ali Khan


Facies Architecture, Petrographic and Geochemical analysis of Tobra Formation, Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 90
Syed Waqas Haider; Mustafa Yar; Hamad ur Rahim; Salim Shehzad, Waqar Ahmad; Saqib Mehmood, and Syed Huzaifa Hussain


Facies Analysis and Source Rock Investigation of Griesbachian- Spathian Mianwali Formation in Khisor and Surghar Ranges, Upper Indus Basin Pakistan
Page 91
Ahmad Zeeshan, Irfan U. Jan, and Muhammad Hanif


Aggregate base coarse and measurement of their properties of E-35 China-Pak Economic Corridor
Page 92
Salman Ahmed Khattak; Khalid Latif; Anwar Qadir; Hamza Daud; Awais Haider; Muhammad Yasir; Waseem Khan; Umar Zeb; Muhammad Abubakar and Salman Khurshid


Paleontological and Biostratigraphical analysis of the Fort Munro Formation, Rakhi Nala Section, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 93
Muhammad Rizwan; Muhammad Hanif; and Nowrad Ali


Palynofacies-based Paleoenvironmental Setting of the Middle Permian (Wordian) Sardhai Formation, Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 94
Subhan Ullah & Irfan U. Jan; Hafiz Shahid Hussain; Umair Mussawar; Majid Ullah; and Atta Ullah


Seismic Hazard Studies of Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit Project
Syed Kazim Mehdi; and Muhammad Javed


Alternative Pavement Preservation strategies using Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Approach to reduce carbon footprints
Page 96
Muhammad Shahzad khan, M Amjad khan, Bakht Zameen, and Abdullah Karim,


Model Based Velocity Inversion in Dhulian Anticline by integrated Geophysical Data Set, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 97
Urooj Shakir, Haris Siddiqui, Muyyassar Hussain, and Muhammad Khubaib Abuzar


Structural Interpretation Using Seismic Data Of Sinjhoro Area, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 98
*Urooj Shakir, Majid Ali, Muyyassar Hussain, and Muhammad Khubaib Abzar


Geological Mapping On 1:50000 Scale of the (Khanozai) Karezat Area,District Pishin, Balochistan, Pakistan
Page 99
Jamshed Ali Khan; Waheed Akhtar; and Waliullah,


Comprehensive investigation of River Bed Material (River Kabul) In HMA Pavement
Page 100
Aimal Khan Gandapur, M Amjad khan, and Bakht Zameen


Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy & Microfacies Analysis of the Lower Eocene Carbonate Succession in Parts Of Hazara, Azad Kashmir and Islamabad, Pakistan
Page 101
Tofeeq Ahmad, Muhammad Hanif; Khawaja Husnain Altaf, Siraj Mehboob ; and Sajjad Ahmad (Jr.)


Application of Gis and RS Tools for Regional Geological Mapping Of Chakwal and its Suburbs
Page 102
Hafiz Imtenan Elahi; Nazarul Islam; Ghulam Mujtaba and Hassan Shaheed


Sedimentological Study and Reservoir Characterization of Kingriali Formation Exposed in Zaluch Nala, Western Salt Range, Punjab, Pakistan
Page 103
Salman Khurshid; Salman Ahmed Khattak; Mumtaz Ali Khan and Imran Ahmad


Composition, Diagenesis and Reservoir Rock Characterization of Middle Jurassic Datta Formation, Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 104
*Salman Ahmed Khattak, Nasar Khan, Azhar Khan; Usman Hassan; Salman Khurshid; Waseem Khan and Anwar Qadir


An Integrated Geophysical and Remote Sensing Approach to Explore and Model Subsurface Ground Water; Quetta A Case Study
Page 105
Mukhtiar Ghani; Muhammad Saeed; Syed Ali Abbas; Muhammad Atif


Palynostratigraphy, Lithofacies and Playnofacies Analysis of the Early Permian Dandot Formation, Salt Range, Pakistan.
Page 106
Rahmat Khan; Suleman Khan; Abdus Saboor; and Shakeel Ahmad


Geochemical Characteristics of Pegmatites from Lesser Himalayas, Pakistan: Implications for Fractionation and Economic Mineralization Potential
Page 107
Auzair Mehmood; and Mohammad Arif


GIS-based Integrated Approach for Identifying Potential Groundwater Recharge Sites in Semi-Arid Environment using Saaty’s Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP)
Page 108
Muhammad Suliman*, Samiullah, and Muhammad Ali


The Petrographic Characteristics of Cretaceous Lumshiwal Formation, Khwari Khwar Section, Nizampur Basin, Pakistan.
Page 109
Ishfaq Ahmad, Yousaf Orakzai, Abdus Saboor, Shahid Rafiq, Abdul Majid, Salman Akbar, and Sajid Iqbal


Petrochemical and Geochronological Study of the Rocks of Indus Suture Zone and Kamila Amphibolites, Swat, KP, Pakistan
Page 110
Lawangin Sheikh,; Wasiq Lutfi; Zhidan Zhao; Muhammad Awais; Laeiq Ahmad: and Qingshan Shi


Transition of Melting Reaction in Tsona Leucogranite: An Indicator to the Motion of the East-West Extension in Eastern Himalaya
Page 111
Qingshang Shi; Zhidan Zhao*; Lawangin Sheikh; Dong Liu; and Dicheng Zhu


Landslide Susceptibility Assessment by Applying Weight of Evidence Method for District Muzaffarabad, NW Himalayas, Pakistan
Page 112
Muhammad Tayyib Riaz, Muhammad Basharat* , and Muhammad Shafique


Development of Exploration Tools using Morphology and Alloy Composition of Alluvial Gold: A Case Study from District Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 113
Liaqat Ali; Mohammad Farhan; Robert Chapman; and Mohammad Tahir Shah


Industrial Evaluation of Sakasar Limestone Exposed in Western Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 114
Nasir Somroa,Junaid Arifb, and Waqas Ahmad Khanc


Petrology of the Chilas Complex of the Kohistan Island Arc in the Kiner Gah Area, Chilas, Pakistan
Page 115
Tahseenullah Khan, Waqas Javaid, Hafiz Muhammad Danial Amin and Muneeb Arshad


Assessment of Radon Concentration and its Health-Related Hazards in the Drinking Water Sources of Hayatabad Town and Adjoining Areas, Peshawar, Pakistan
Page 116
N. U. Khattak*, M. A. Shah, N. Ali and M.T. Shah


Status of Geological Mapping in Pakistan & Mineral Map of Pakistan; A Transformation from Pictorial Representation to Geodatabase Management
Page 117
Naghma Haider, Muhammad Qasim, and Rashid Haider


Targeting the Rare-Earth Elements (REES) Mineral Deposits in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: The Productive Imprint of Pakistan-China Economic Corridor (CPEC)
Page 118
Muhammad Sajid


Aggregate Potential of the Carbonate Units in the Khyber Formation, Khyber Agency, Pakistan
Muhammad Naveed Anjum, Nowrad Ali, Zaif Ur Rehman, Muhammad Ghayas
Page 119
Gohar Rehman, and Waqas Ahmad


Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Groundwater Resources of Peshawar City using GIS and Remote Sensing
Page 120
Muhammad Siddique, Sumbal bahar Saba Muhammad Ali Somana Riaz and Imtiaz Khan


Delineation and Characterization of A Tectonically Active Garori Thrust using Radon Measurement Technique in the Southern Kohat Plateau, Pakistan
Page 121
N. U. Khattak*, M. A. Khan, N.Ali, M. T. Shah


Geological & Geophysical Appraisal of Mashki Chah Porphyry (Cu-Au-Mo) Prospect in the Neogene Baluchistan Volcanic Arc Belt
Page 122
Yasir Shaheen Khalil, Syed Ali Abbas, Muhammad Nasir Siddiq, Muhammad Shehbaz


The Late Paleogene Remnant Sea to Foreland Basin Sedimentation along the Western Margin of the Himalayas, an insight into Early Himalayan Evolution
Page 123
Nowrad Ali,; Muhammad Hanif ; Syed Irfanullah Hashmi; Azmat Ullah Orakzai,; and Abdullah Khan


Trace Element Contamination of Groundwater around Kirana Hills, District Chiniot, Punjab, Pakistan
Page 124
Mitsuo Yoshida and Mirza Naseer Ahmad


Geological Mapping and Tectonic Evolution of part of Sulaiman Fold and Thrust Belt, East of Ziarat, Balochistan.
Page 125
Atif Ali Hassan; Syed Ahsan Hussain Gardezi; and Muhammad Awais Khan


Calcified Cyanobacteria Fossils from the Microbialitic Bioherms in Cambrian Series 3 and Furongian Of Shanxi Province, North China Platform
Page 126
Khalid Latif; Enzhao Xiao; Muhammad Riaz; Abdullah Ali Ali Hussein


Impact of Built Environment on surface runoff: A case study of Peshawar, Pakistan
Page 127
Attaullah Khan, Atta-ur-Rahman, and Samiullah,


Thermal response characteristics of marble from Chitral, NW Pakistan: Implications for the Physico-Mechanical properties
Page 128
Atta-ur-Rehman, Waqas Ahmed, and Muhammad Sajid


Landslide inventory, susceptibility modeling and monitoring along the CPEC, Northern Pakistan.
Page 129
Muhammad Shafique, Safeer Ullah Shah, Mian Luqman Hussain, and Naseem Ahmed


Reliability of Physico-Mechanical properties on the Petrographic characteristics of the Ambar Formation, Peshawar Basin, Pakistan
Page 130
Muhammad Aslam Khan; Laeiq Ahmad; Muhammad Noor Taj Khan; Muhammad Awais; Bilal Wadood and Muhammad Ishaq


Study on assessment of Axle Load Management System in context of Cross Border Trade (CPEC, Afghan Border, Iran Etc.)
Page 131
Muhamad Sharif Bhatti; Muhammad Zafar Ali Shah; AttaUllah Shah; Muhammad Imran Arif; and Zubair Shahid


An integrated study of site characterization to measuring the soil corrosion potential using Geotechnical and Geophysical survey for the construction of power plant
Page 132
Shahzada Khurram, and Perveiz Khalid


Detailed Geophysical survey for the delineation of metallic minerals in Bela Ophiolitic Belt Uthal area, district Lasbela, Balochistan Pakistan
Page 133
Mehboob ur Rashid, Waqas Ahmed,  Syed Ali Abbas, Muhammad Kamran, Muhammad Waseem, and Sarfraz Khan


Bioaugementation: A microbial tool to degrade toxic hydrocarbon rapidly
Page 134
Shehla Sattar; and Samina Siddiqui


Shale Hydrocarbon modeling for the Lower Cretaceous Sembar Formation by applying the conventional workflow of 1-D petroleum system modeling
Page 135
Nosheen (Sheikh) Sahir; and Nimat Ullah Khatak


The impact of depositional-cum-diagenetic fabric and sequence stratigraphy on shallow marine reservoirs: an insight from Lower Cretaceous sediments of the Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 136
Syed Irfanullah Hashmi; Irfan U. Jan; Suleman Khan; and Nowrad Ali


Interpretation of total organic content in shale gas reservoirs from conventional well logs using multi-linear regression method
Page 137
Jamaluddin, and Kamran Shehzad


Host rock petrography and gemmological properties of gemstones along the Indus Suture Zone in the Barang Area of Bajaur Agency, NW Pakistan.
Page 138
Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Arif; and Muhammad Sajid


Analysis of seismic wave propagation through subsurface media
Page 139
Qazi Adnan Ahmad, Guochen Wu, Zong Zhaoyun, Wu Jianlu, Du Zeyuan, Muhammad Irfan Ehsan, and Nasir Khan,


Stress Analysis and numerical values of moment tensor solution to draw focal mechanism for the significant earthquakes (mw>6.0) in Pakistan
Page 140
Perveiz Khalid; Shahzada Khurram, and Jahanzeb Qureshi


Unraveling the Late Cretaceous to Paleocene record of tectonostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental changes in the North-Western shelf of the Indian Plate along Nawanshehr section, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Page 141
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Page 142-143
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Page 144
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Page 145
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Page 146
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Page 147
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Page 148
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Page 149
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Page 150
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Page 151
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Page 152
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Page 153
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Page 154
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Page 155
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Page 156
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A case study: Successful execution of community based flashflood Early Warning System (CBFEWS) at Sherqilla, District Ghizer
Page 157
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Change Of Equilibrium Line Altitude (ELA) in Reshun Glacier, Chitral, KP, Pakistan
Page 158
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Page 159
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Page 160
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Page 162
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Page 163
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Page 164
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Page 165
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Page 166
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Sandstone type uranium resources of Pakistan: encouraging huge strata
Page 167
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Slope Stability Analysis Of Khatinj Deformed Slope, Chitral (Pakistan) Using 2D limit equilibrium method and 3D finite difference method
Page 168
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Study on the usage of plastic bags, their disposal and adverse impacts on environment of Rabwah city, district Chiniot
Page 169
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Page 170
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Page 171
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Page 172
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Page 173
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Page 174
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Page 177
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Page 180
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Page 181
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Sedimentary features of ooids from the Cambrian Series 3 of North China Platform: A case study of Xiaweidian section, Beijing
Page 182
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