Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Online ISSN:2305-6959

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 52 (2), 2019

List of Papers


Numerical Evaluation of Empirically Suggested Support System for the Diversion Tunnels at Diamer Basha Dam Project, Pakistan

Pages 1-13

Hafeezur Rehman, Abdul Muntaqim Naji, Wahid Ali, Hafiz Muhammad Mukhta, and Saeed Ullah Jan Mandokhail


Fault seal evaluation of lower sands of Lower Goru Formation by using seismic and well data: A case study of Jherruck block, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan

Pages 14-26

Mudassar Nawaz, Muhammad Rustam Khan, Muhammad Farooq, Jabir Nazir and Umair Bin Nisar


Physiochemical analysis of spring water used for drinking purposes in Northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Pages 27-35

Arshad Ali, Daulat Khan, Tariq Mahmood Khalil, Muhammad Ajmal1 and Mahmood Alam Khan


Measurement of physicochemical and heavy metals concentration in drinking water from sources to consumption sites in Peshawar, Pakistan

Pages 36-45

Saeeda Yousaf, Muhammad Ilyas, Sardar Khan, Asif Khan Khattak and Seema Anjum


Earthquake seismic site response analysis by comparison between equivalent linear and nonlinear methods, a case study at Kohat and Muzaffarabad

Pages 46-63

Sarfraz Khan1 and Muhammad Waseem


Snow avalanche based susceptibility assessment of selected districts in northern zone of Pakistan applying MCDA approach in GIS

Pages 64-73

Tariq Sardar, Abdur Raziq, Abdur Rashid and Ghulam Saddiq


Biological and heavy metal investigation for drinking water quality assessment of Drosh and Asheriat areas of District Chitral, Pakistan.

Pages 74-82

Seema Anjum Khattak, Madeeha Zeb, and Liaqat Ali


Evaluating susceptibility of the 2005 earthquake produced landslides in Kashmir region, Northern Pakistan

Pages 83-95

Safeer Ullah Shah, Muhammad Shafique1, Muhammad Basharat and Xiaoqing Chen


Morphotectonic study of a watershed controlled by active fault in Southern Garut, West Java, Indonesia.

Pages 96-105

JohanBudi Winarto, EMI Sukiyah, Agus Didit Haryanto and Iyan Haryanto


Application of electrical resistivity method in delineating aquifer properties along with vulnerability mapping in Gujrat District and surrounding areas of Punjab province, Pakistan.

Pages 106-128

Abrar Niaz, Muhammad Rustam Khan, Fahad Hameed, Aamir Asghar, Anis Ahmed Bangush, Umair Bin Nisar, Jawad Niaz1 Muhammad Farooq, Muhammad Yasin Khan and Mansoor Awan


Hydrocarbon source rock potential of the Early Permian rocks in the Potwar Basin, Salt Range, Pakistan.

Pages 129-144

Faizan Ahmad1, Sajjad Ahmad, Suleman Khan, Qi Fu, Irfan U. Jan, Rafiq Ali Khan Shehla Gul and Fahad Ali Alizai.


Snow cover trend analysis using modis snow products: A case of Shayok River Basin in Northern Pakistan.

Pages 145-160

Laila Bibi, Aftab Ahmed Khan, Garee Khan, Karamat Ali, Syed Najam ul Hassan, Javed Qureshi and Irfan U. Jan


Geophysical investigations on the contribution of irrigation channels to landslide activity in Tusion, Tajikistan.

Pages 161-177

Gisela Domej, Umed Aslanov and Anatoly Ischuk


Indoor and outdoor gamma radiation level in mud and concrete houses and the annual effective dose and excess life time cancer risk in Gahkuch Ghizer valley of Hindukush Range.

Pages 177-184

Manzoor Ali, Sher Bano, Javed Akhter Qureshi, M. Wasim, Garee Khan, Farida Begum and Muhammad Alam


Petrography, geochemistry and physico-mechanical properties of dolerite from Oghi (Mansehra), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Pages 185-196

Muhammad Ismaeel, Muhammad Naveed Anjum, Waqas Ahmed, Amjad Hussain and Muhammad Sajid


Biostratigraphy and palaeodepositional model of the Sarvak Formation in the Fars Zone, Zagros, Iran.

Pages 197-217

Behzad Parnian, Vahid Ahmadi, Hamzeh Saroii and Mohammad Bahrami


Newly Proposed Lithostratigraphy of the Quaternary Succession of Hanna-Spin Karez Area, Quetta, Pakistan.

Pages 217-224

Muhammad Naseer, Akhtar Mohammad Kassi, Aimal Khan Kasi and Aminullah Kakar


Flood probability analysis for different return periods in District Peshawar, Pakistan.

Pages 225-236

Shah Nawaz Khan , Amir Nawaz Khan , Muhammad Ali and Anees Bangash Ahmad

Online From: 29/11/2019