Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Online ISSN:2305-6959

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 50,1A, 2017

List of Papers

1 Permo-Triassic climate change and faunal turnover in the Salt and Surghar ranges, Northern Pakistan
Pages 1-12
Ghazala Roohi1*, S. Mahmood Raza 2, Elke Schneebeli-Hermann3, Hugo Bucher3, Aamir Yaseen1, Khalil-ur-Rehman1 and Muhammad Imran1

2 X-ray diffraction study of emerald from Mingora and Charbagh deposits, Swat valley, Northwest Pakistan
Pages 13-24
Manzoor Ahmad Badar1, Safdar Hussain1, Shanawer Niaz1* and Saifur Rehman2

3 Comparative study of heavy mineral concentrates and fine fractions of Quaternary sediments for gold and base metal exploration in Nowshera District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan
Pages 25-34
Muhammad Farhan1, 3, Liaqat Ali1, Mohammad Tahir Shah1, Nimat Ullah Khattak1, Seema Anjum Khattak1, Asghar Ali2 and Izhar Sadiq3


Determination of mercury in the wild plants with their soils along Indus, Gilgit and Hunza rivers

Pages 35-40
Arjumand Riaz1,2, Anwarzeb Khan1, Mohammad Tahir Shah2, Islamud Din3, Sardar Khan1* and Shuhab Danishwar Khan4

5 Biostratigraphy, depositional environment and sequence stratigraphy of Late Cretaceous clastic-evaporite-carbonate deposits, east of Central Iran, Bajestan
Pages 41-56

Seyed Hossein Hosseini, Mohammad Vahidinia*, Mehdi Najafi, Seyed Reza Mousavi Harami

6 A Preliminary investigation of reactivated mass movement near the epicenter of 2005 Kashmir earthquake, NW Himalayas, Pakistan
Pages 57-65
Muhammad Basharat1*, Yasir Sarfraz, Khawaja Shoaib Ahmed1 and Muhammad Zeeshan Ali2

7 Assessment of precipitation trends in Gilgit Baltistan (Pakistan) for the period 1980-2015: an indicator of climate change
Pages 66-75

Sajjad Ali1, Muhammad Ajmal*1, Muhammad Shahzad Khan1 and Safeer Ullah Shah2

8 Long term application of wastewater on trace elements accumulation in the soil and sugarcane
Pages 76-85
Samina Siddiqui1*, Kamran Soomro2, SeemaAnjum Khattak1 and Sumbal Bahar Saba1


Back analysis of an earthquake triggered landslide in Mansehra district, Pakistan

Pages 86-99

Aisha Noor*, Sohail Akram, Luqman Ahmed and Waqas Sarwar


Analysis of drinking water quality and health risk assessment- A case study of Dir Pakistan

Pages 100-110
Muhammad Ilyas1, Sardar Khan1*, Anwarzeb Khan1*, Rohul Amin2, Asif Khan1 and Muhammad Aamir1

11 Probabilistic neural network approach for porosity prediction in Balkassar area: a case study
Pages 111-120
Muhammad Fahad Mahmood1, Urooj Shakir1, Muhammad Khubaib Abuzar1, Mumtaz Ali Khan1*, NimatUllah Khattak2, Hafiz Shahid Hussain2 and Abdul Rehman Tahir1
12 Geochemical investigation for gold, silver and base metals in stream sediments, panned concentrates and talus deposits of District Tank, KP, Pakistan
Pages 121-136
Raham Jalil, Liaqat Ali, M. Tahir Shah, Nimatullah Khattak and Asad Khan