Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Online ISSN:2305-6959

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 47 (1), 2014

List of Papers

1 Mineralogical characterization and evaluation of manganese ore from Bajaur Agency, Khyber Pakhtunkwa, Pakistan
Pages 1-8
Rubina Bilqees, Fazle Haqqani and Faridullah Khan

2 Integrated paleoenvironmental, bio- and sequence-stratigraphic analysis of the late Thanetian Lockhart Limestone in the Nammal Gorge section, western Salt Range, Pakistan
Pages 9-24
Sajjad Ahmad, Dick Kroon, Susan Rigby, Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Imraz, Tanveer Ahmad, Irfan U. Jan, Asghar Ali, M. Zahid and Fayaz Ali

3 Stratigraphic characterization of the Early Cambrian Abbottabad Formation in the Sherwan area, Hazara region, N. Pakistan: Implications for Early Paleozoic stratigraphic correlation in NW Himalayas, Pakistan
Pages 25-40
Muhammad Qasim, M. Asif Khan and Muhammad Haneef

4 Lithofacies, paleoenvironments and sequence stratigraphic modelling of the Wargal Limestone: Implication for reservoir characterization in the Salt Range, northwest, Pakistan
Pages 41-60
Sajjad Khan, Sajjad Ahmad, Muhammad Hanif, Irfan U. Jan, Muhammad Azhar Farooq Swati, Suleman Khan and Abdus Saboor

5 Chamalang coal resources and their depositional environments, Balochistan, Pakistan
Pages 61-72
M. Sadiq Malkani and M. Raza Shah

6 Structural interpretation of Joya Mair oil field, south Potwar, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan, using 2D seismic data and petrophysical analysisn
Pages 73-86
Muhammad Zahid, Asad Khan, Mehboob ur Rashi2, Abdus Saboor and Sajjad Ahmad

7 Frontal structural style of the Khisor Range, northwest of Bilot: Implications for hydrocarbon potential of the north-western Punjab fore deep, Pakistan
Pages 87-98
Iftikhar Alam, Abdul Majeed Azhar and Muhammad Wasim Khan

8 Source identification and assessment of physico-chemical parameters and heavy metals in drinking water of Islampur area, Swat, Pakistan
Pages 99-106
Rahib Hussain, Liaqat Ali, Ijaz Hussai2 and Seema A. Khattak

9 Assessment of recent temperature trends in Mangla watershed
Pages 107-121
Muhammad Yaseen, Tom Rientjes, Ghulam Nabi, Habib-ur-Rehman and Muhammad Latif

10 Study of shear strength of rocks from Kohat Formation
Pages 123-130
Sher Bacha, Noor Mohammad and Muhammad Tahir

11 Slope stability hazard evaluation and mitigation scheme for Sohbat Charra slide zone, district Battagram
Pages 131-140
Mohammad Abid Khan, Khan Shahzada, Bashir Alam, Muhammad Fahad, Akhtar Naeem Khan, Muhammad Javed, Kaffayatullah Khan and Hassan Khan

12 Velocity structure and hypocentral location of earthquakes by simultaneous inversion method: Application to the area of Kalabagh, Pakistan
Pages 141-149
M. Qaisar, M.B. Shahid, Tariq Mahmood, Karam Khan and Suhail Ahmad