Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Online ISSN:2305-6959

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 46 (1), 2013

List of Papers

1 Petrography and major element chemistry of mafic dykes in the Nagar Parkar Igneous Complex, Tharparkar, Sindh
Pages 1-11
Amanullah Laghari, M. Qasim Jan, M. Asif Khan, M. Hassan Agheem, Ali Ghulam Sahito and Suhail Anjum

2 U-Pb zircon ages for the porphyritic microgranite of the Shewa-Shahbazgarhi Complex, district Mardan, North Pakistan
Pages 13-18
Irshad Ahmad, Shuhab Khan Danishwar, Tom lapen and Noor Jehan

3 Petrology and geochemistry of gabbros from the Muslim Bagh Ophiolite: implications for their petrogenesis and tectonic setting
Pages 19-30
Mohammad Ishaq Kakar, Khalid Mahmood, Mehrab Khan, Aimal Khan Kasi and Razzaq Abdul Manan

4 An appraisal of uranium source potential of granites, associated felsic rocks, kaolin and calcretes of Nagar Parkar area, Tharparkar Pakistan
Pages 31-39
Munazzam Ali, Aqeel Ahmed Shariff, Nasser Ali Qamar and Amanullah Laghari

5 Microfacies analysis and sequence stratigraphic modeling of the Samana Suk Formation, Chichali Nala, Trans Indus Ranges, Punjab, Pakistan
Pages 41-53
Fahad Ali, Muhammad Haneef, M. Naveed Anjum, Muhammad Hanif and Suleman Khan

6 Depositional environment of the Patala Formation in biostratigraphic and sequence stratigraphic context from Kali Dilli Section, Kala Chitta Range, Pakistan
Pages 55-65
Muhammad Hanif, Fahad Ali and Bakht Zamir Afridi

7 Deterministic seismic hazard analysis for Peshawar, Pakistan
Pages 67-71
Muhammad Waseem1, Muhammad Asif Khan1, Muhammad Waqas Javed1 and Syed Mohammad Ali2

8 Equivalent linear earthquake site characterization of layered soil deposits at Shakardarra and Muzaffarabad
Pages 73-82
MonaLisa1 and Sarfraz Khan2

9 Physico-chemical characteristics of potable water of different sources in District Nowshera: A case study after flood 2010
Pages 83-87
Saeeda Yousaf, Amir Zada and Mohammad Owais

10 Land use change detection in the limestone exploitation area of Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP), Islamabad, Pakistan using geo-spatial techniques
Pages 89-98
Muhammad Farooq Iqbal1, Mobushir Riaz Khan1 and Amir H. Malik2

11 Damage assessment of flood affected mud houses in Pakistan
Pages 99-110
Attaullah Shah1, Hamid Mumtaz Khan2 and Ehsan U. Qazi3