Online ISSN:2305-6959
Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
(Formerly Geological Bulletin University of Peshawar)
Volume 41, 2008

Table of Contents


Post-October 08, 2005, Muzaffarabad earthquake scenario

M. Qasim Jan, MonaLisa and M. Asif Khan
2 Cause of right-lateral strike-slip movement in recent seismic activity in the Hazara-Kashmir Syntaxis, NW Himalaya
MonaLisa, M. Qasim Jan and M. Nawaz Chaudhry
3 Kaghan Valley (Pakistan) earthquakes of February 14, 2004: source mechanism, intensity distribution and their impact
M. Qaisar, M. Daud Shah, Tariq Mahmood, Karam Khan, Talat Iqbal and Nasir Ahmad
4 Predicting topographic aggravation of seismic ground shaking by applying geospatial tools
M. Shafique,Mark Van Der Meijde, Norman Kerle, Freek Van Der Meer and M. Asif Khan
5 Fatehjang (Pakistan) Earthquake of February 17, 1993: source mechanism and intensity distribution
M. Qaisar, Karam Khan, Talat Iqbal, Tariq Mahmood and M. Daud Shah
6 Prefabs as a shelter solution in the northern areas of Pakistan affected by October 08, 2005 earthquake
Munir Ahmed, Himmayatullah Khan and A. Turab Khan
7 Establishment of strong motion instrumentation program and shake table test on reinforced concrete bridge column
S. Mohammad Ali, Shahzad Rahman, Anthony Shakal and A. Naeem Khan
8 Preliminary geodetic constraints on plate boundary deformation on the western edge of the Indian plate from TriGGnet (Tri-University GPS Geodesy Network)
M. Asif Khan, Rebecca Bendick, M. Ismail Bhat, Roger Bilham, Din M. Kakar, S. Faisal Khan, Sarosh H. Lodi, M. Sufyan Qazi, Bikram Singh, Walter Szeliga and Abdul Wahab