Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Geological Bulletin
(University of Peshawar)
Volume 38, 2005

Table of Contents

1 2d Fractional Analysis Of Synfolding Fractures In The Khushalgarh Area, Eastern Kohat Plateau, Northern Pakistan

Mohammad Sayab, Qauid K. Jadoon, Ghazanfar A. Khattak & Saqib Paracha

2 Unfolding Of Refolded Fabrics Using Foliation Intersection Axes (Fia) Preserved Within The Porphyroblast- An Example From The Michni, Area Mohmand Agency, Nwfp, Pakistan

Asghar Ali, Mohammad Sayab, Muhammad Saddin, Zahoor Ahmad

3 Sismic Activity Along The Main Boundry Thrust (MBT), Pakistan

Monalisa & Azam A.Khwaja

4 Structure Analysis South Of Malkand And Adjoining Areas, Northern Pakistan
Irshad Ahmad & Noor Jehan
5 Fibrogenic And Carcinogenic Sharacteristic Of Asbestos Occuring In Mohmand Agency, Northern Pakistan
Noor Jehan & Irshad Ahmad
6 Kinematics Of Tectonic Fracture Development During Regional Folding In Sandstones Of The Kamlial Formation, Khushalgarh, Northern Pakistan
Muhammad Sayab & Quaid K. Jadoon
7 Petrography Of The Alkaline-Igneouse Complex From Michni (Mohmand Agency) Nwfp, Pakistan
Muhammad Rafiq, Asghar Ali & Siraj Ali
8 Multiple Sources Of Magmatism- Granitoids From Southeast Kohistan, Nw Himalaya, Pakistan
M. Ahmad Khan & M. Sufyan Qazi
9 Provenance Of The Hinglaj Formation In Southern Baluchistan
Khawar Sohail Sheikh, Abdul Salam Khan, Muhammad Ahmad Farouqi & Khurram Yaqoob
10 Metamorphic Mineral Assembledge South Of The Malkand And Adjoining Areas, Northern Pakistan
Irshad Ahmad, M. Qasim Jan & Noor Jehan
11 Sargodhaa High- A Flexure Forebulge Of The Hmalayan Foreland Basin
Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Shahid, Muhammad Haroon & Nazar Abbas Zaidi
12 Occupational Exposure To Ceystaliine Silica (Quartz)  And Prevalence Of Lung Diseases In Dhand Killi, Mhmand Agency, Northern Pakistan
Noor Jehan & Irshad Ahmad
13 Petrogenisis Of Eucene Lava Flows From The Chagai Arc, Baluchistan, Pakistan And Its Tectonic Implications
Rehanul Haq Siddiqui, M. Asif Khan & M. Qasim Jan
14 Geochemistry Of Petrogenisis Of Metavolcanic Rocks In Gawuch And Drosh Formation , Chitral, Northern Pakistan
Tazeem Tahirkheli M., M. Asif Khan & M. Tahir Shah