Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Geological Bulletin
(University of Peshawar)
Volume 32, 1999

Table of Contents

1 P-T Estimate Of The Calc-Silicate Rocks And The Associated Scheelite Mineralization From The Miniki Gol, Chitral N Pakistan

Muhammad Zahid & Charlie J. Moon

2 Structural Geometry Of The Himalayan Fromtal Thrust Zone- Surghar Range, Pakistan

Sajjad Ahmad, Fayaz Ali, Muhammad Sayab & Irshad Ahmad

3 Analysis Of The Joint And Associated Neo-Tectonic Deformation Band Shear Zones In The Siwalik Group Of Southern Surghar-Shinghar Range, Tr5ans -Indus Range, Pakistan

Muhammad Sayab, Muhammad Asif Khan, Khursheed Alam Butt & Khalid Pervaiz

4 Petrography And Mechanical Properties Of The Mansehra Granite,  Hazara, Pakistan
Muhammad Arif, Amanul Mulk, Malik Tariq Mahmood & S. Majid Hussain Shah
5 Geology Of Shamozai Area In Tlower Dir District, Nwfp, Pakistan
Muhammad Asim, Asghar Karim & Muhammad Haleem Khan
6 Unusual Ti, Fe, Mn And Ba Silcates In The Alkaline Granites From Mardan, Northern Pakistan
Irshad Ahmad, M. Qasim Jan & Patrick LeFort
7 The Emerald-Hosting Magnesite-Rich Rock From Swat, Nw Pakistan
Muhammad Arif & Muhammad Umar Khan Khattak
8 Mineralogy Of Carbonatite - Related Fenite In Lower Swat, Northern Pakistan
M. Qasim Jan, Irshad Ahmad & Joseph A. Dipietro
9 Genisis Of Tourmalinite From Chitral, Nothern Pakistan
Muhammad Zahid & Charlie J. Moon
10 Rotated And Displaced Clay Ball As Kinmatic Indicators Along Shear Zones In Sandstones Of The Siwalik Group Of Sughar-Shinghar Range, Trans-Indus Range, Pakistan
Muhammad Sayab, Muhammad Asif Khan & Muhammad Rafiq