Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Geological Bulletin
(University of Peshawar)
Volume 30, 1997

Table of Contents

1 Quartz And Dolomite Content Variations And Climate Changes In Late Pleistocene Sediments Of The North Arabian Sea

Athar Ali Khan

2 Deep Crustal Studies Of Indus Offshore Basin ( Pakistan) Using Seimic And Gravity Data Pp

Zia Ul Hassan Shah

3 Mineral-Rock Resources Of Lasbela And Khuzdar Districts, Balochistan, Pakistan

S. Nayyer Ahsan & I. H. Quraishi

4 Magnetostratigraphy Of The Makran Margin Sediments
Muhammad Arif, Amanul Mulk, Malik Tariq Mahmood & S. Majid Hussain Shah
5 Correlation Of Some Engineering Geological Properties Of The Murree Formation At Lower Topa ( Murree District), Paksitan
A. R. Tabrez
6 Interpretation Of Magnetic Anomalies Of Salt Range Of Pakistan
Muhammad Sadiq & Mubarak Ali
7 Satellite Imagery - A Tool Of Diversified Appliication In Exploration And Development Of Oil And Gas Fields
N. K. Siddiqui
8 Mineral Composition And The Provence Of The Sediments Of Thar Coal Basin

R. M. Abdallah, M. A. A. Baig, a. R. Abro, Ahmad Saghir, M. A. Pathan & M. R. Ahmed

9 Identification And Destribution Of Palygorskite In A Petrocalcic Paleargid
Muhammad Anwar Baig & Kathy R. Tice
10 Role Of Earth Sciences In Urbaniation Of Dera Ghazi Khancity,Punjab, Pakistan

Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Afaq Khan, Azhar Khan & Sarfraz Ahmed

11 Microfacies Studies Of Sakesar Limestone Centeral Salt Range, Pakistan

Murteza Boustani & Azam A. Khwaja

12 Nature Of Faults And Focal Mechanism Solution Of Part Of Northern Pakistan

Mona lisa, Azam A. Khawaja, Ghulam R. Ghazi, Ishtiaq, A. K. Jadoon & Sarwat Hashmi

13 Mineralogical And Geochemical Investigation Of Tiyonformation From Surjananticline, Thano Bula Khan_ District Dadu, Sindh

M. A. A. Baig, A. R. Arbo, M. A. Pathan, Q. Ansari & Q. Saghir

14 Petrotectonic Framwork Of The Siwalik Group Of Shingar Range With Special Reference To Its Petrography
Azizullah & Mohammad Ahmad Khan
15 Corelation Between Compressive Strength And Tensil Strength-Index Strengthof Some Rocks Of North-West Frontier Provence (Limestone And Granite)
Feroz Din & Mohammad Rafiq
16 Regional Geochemical Prospection For Minerals In Chitral, Northern Pakistan
Abdul Khaliq, C. J. Moon & M. U. K. Khattak
17 Lead Isotopic Signature Of The Hydrothermal Copper Mineralization In Drosh- Shishi Area , Chitral Kohistan Arc Terrane, Northern Pakstan
Tazeem Tahirkheli, M. Tahir Shah, & M. Asif Khan
18 18O Fractionation In Feldspars From Nanga Parbat,Haramoshmassif, Northern Pakistan
Muhammad Umar Khan Khattak, Debra S. Stakes, & John W. Shervais
19 Petrography Of Nagar Parker Igenous Complex, Tharparker, South East Sindh
M. Qasim Jan, Amanullah Laghari & M. Asif Khan
20 Classification And Genesis Of Late Paleozoic, Volcanic Rocks From Peshawar P;Ain, North West Pakistan
Mohammad Rafiq, Amir Shah, Syed Hamidullah & Mohammad Sayab
21 Tectonic Of The Hazara And Adjoining Areas, Based On Gravity Data, Northwest  Himalaya, Pakistan
Muhammad Rustam Khan & Mubarak Ali
22 Geology Of Nanga Parbat Syntaxis Along The Astor Valley Transect, Northern Pakistan
M. Sayab, M. Asif Khan, & M. Qasim Jan
23 Sedimentology And Tectonic Setting Of Polymicitc Conglomerates In A Rapidly Subsiding Miocene-Pilocene Foreland Basin Kohat Plateu, Northern Pakistan
Iftikhar Ahmad Abbasi
24 Tectonic Teinterpretation Constraints Of The Western Most Kohistan Complex In Timargara, Dir District, Pakistan
Mohammad Ashraf & Ozair Hamood
25 Dischare Characteristics And Suspended Load From Rivers Of Northern Indus Basin, Pakistan
S. Shafir-Ur-Rehman, M. Amjad Sabir & Jehanzeb Khan