Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Geological Bulletin
(University of Peshawar)
Volume 24, 1991

Table of Contents

1 Petrographic And Chemical Variations In The Rift-Related Basic Dykes Of The Malka Area (Lower Swat), Nwfp, Pakistan

Muhammad Majid, Shuhab Danishwar & S. Hamidullah

2 Tectono-Stratigraphic Implications In Extending The Panjal Thrust, West Of The Hazara-Kashmir Syntaxis

R. A. K. Tahirkheli & Muhammad Riaz

3 Large Scale Vertical Aggradation Of Sandstones In The Kamlial Formation Of The Kohat Basin, Pakistan

Iftikhar Ahmad Abbasi

4 Stratigraphy And Sedimentology Of The Upper Siwalik Group, Sakhi Sarwar Area, Southern Zindapir Anticline, Sulaiman Range, Pakistan
M. Javed Khan & Wasim Ahmad
5 Mineralogy Of Halloysite From Suryun, Korea
Abid Murtaza Khan & Soo Jin Kim
6 Structure And Stratigraphy Of The Northern Gandghar Range, Hazara, Pakistan

M. Riaz, Micheal D. Hylland, Sajjad Ahmad & A. A. K. Ghauri

7 Paleozoic Stratigraphy Of The Peshawar Basin, Pakistan
Ahmad Hussain, Kevin Pogue, Said Rahim Khan & Imtiaz Ahmad
8 Petrology And The Grain Size Characthers Of The Pab Sandstone Of Parts Of The Loralai And Khuzdar Districts Of Baluchistan

Akhtar Muhammad Kassi, Amjad Rashid Qureshi, Muhammad Ahmad Farooqui & Din Muhammad Kakar

9 The Higher Himalaya Crystalline Unit, Upper Kaghan Valley, Nw Himalaya, Pakistan
David A. Spenser, M. Ghazanfar & M. N. Chaudhry
10 Titanium Content Of A Chloritoid-Quartz-Ilmenite Band In Ophiolitic Melange Near Prang Ghar, Nw Pakistan

M. Rafiq & M. Qasim Jan

11 Mineralogy And Mineral Chemistry Of The Amphibolite Belt And Main Mantle Thrust Rocks From Gantar Area, Allai Kohistan North Pakistan

S. Hamidullah, Mohammad Zahid & Mohammad Majid

12 Geochemical Dispersion Of Copper In Lake Bottom Sediments Of Lokken Area, Norway

Khalil A. Mallick, S. M. Hasnain, E. A. Khan & M. A. Farooqui

13 Chemistry Of Clinopyroxene From The Deosai Volcanics, Baltistan, N.Pakistan

S. Hamidullah

14 Near-Bed Current Velocity Profiles In The Eastern Irish Sea, Implications For Radioactive Waste Disposal

Syed Shafiqur Rehman

15 Petrography Of The Upper Litra And Chaudhwan Formations, Upper Siwalik Group, Zinda Pir Anticline, Northern Sulaiman Range

Wasim Ahmad & M. Javed Khan

16 The Clay Mineral Studies Of The Khewra Sandstone Exposed At Khewra, Eastern Salt Range

S. R. H. Baqri & A. R. Rajpar

17 Economic Evaluation Of Building Stones Of Sindh

M. Arshad Khan, Khalil A. Mallick & Ejaz A. Khan

18 Regional Characterization And Resource Evaluation Of Paleocene And Eocene Coal Bearing Rocks In Pakistan

N. A. Durrani & P. G. Warwick