Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Geological Bulletin
(University of Peshawar)
Volume 23, 1990

Table of Contents

1 Continental Magmatism Related To Late Paleozoic-Early Mesozoic Rifting In Northern Pakistan And Kashmir

M. Qasim Jan & Ajaz Karim

2 Petrology Of The Southern Amphibolite Belt Rocks From Mahak And Surrounding Area, Kohistan Arc, North Pakistan

Syed Hameedullah, Idrees Hussain Bangash & Ingrid Reuber

3 Application Of Geochemisrty To Emerald Exploration In Swat, Pakistan

S. S. Hussain, H. Dawood & M. N. Chaudhry

4 Sodic Pyroxenes And Amphiboles From Koga Syenites Of Ambela Granitic Complex, Nwfp Pakistan
Ihsanullah Mian & Nusrat Jabeen
5 High Pressure (Eclogite Facies) Metamorphism In The Indian Plate, Nw Himalaya, Pakistan
D. A. Spenser, J. G. Ramsay, C. Spenser-Cervato, U. Pognante, M. N. Chaudhry & M. Ghazanfar
6 WSW-Trending Deformation Between Babusar Pass And Toshe Gali Area, Northern Pakistan

Mary S. Hurbard & David A. Spenser

7 Shallow Marine Sediments Of The Patala Formation Of Paleocene Age, Kohat Area, Pakistan
Saifullah K. Tanoli
8 Lithofacies Associations And Paleocurrent Patterns In The Nagri Formation Of The Siwalik Group In Kach-Zarghun Area Of Northeast Baluchistan

Akhtar Muhammad Kassi, Amjad Rashid Qureshi, & Din Muhammad Kakar

9 Petrology Of The Shewa-Shabazgarhi Complex, Mardan, North Pakistan
Irshad Ahmad, Syed Hameedullah & Noor Jehan
10 Underwater Acoustic Measurement Of Suspended Sediments, Theh Calibration Of A High-Frequency Acoustic Backscatter Meter

Syed Shafiqur Rehman & C. E. Vincent

11 Structures In The Hangingwall Of The Main Boundary Thrust, Post- Folding Thrust And Normal Faults From The Kotal-Pass Area, Kohat Range, N.Pakistan

M. Asif Khan, Karamat Ali Turi & Iftikhar Ahmad Abbasi

12 A-Type Granites Of Warsak, Khyber Agency, N.Pakistan, Rift- Related Acid Magmatism In The Indian Plate

Tazeem Tahirkheli, M. Asif Khan & Ihsanullah Mian

13 Review Of Stratigraphy Of The Upper Hunza Valley (Uhv), Nw Karakoram, Pakistan

R. A. Khan Tahirkheli, Sun Dongli, Pan Yushang, Deng Wanming, Zhang Yuquan, S. R. H. Baqri & Hamid Dawood

14 Heavy Minerals Analysis Of The Molasse Sediments, Trans Indus Ranges, Kohat, Pakistan

Iftikhar Ahmad Abbasi & M. Asif Khan

15 The Tora Tigga Complex, Southern Dir, Nw Pakistan, An Example Of Mafic- Ultramafic Rocks In The Bottom Of An Island Arc

M. Qasim Jan & Anisa Zeb Tahirkheli

16 Stratigraphic Control For The Age Of Peshawar-Plain Magmatism, Northern Pakistan

Said Rahim Khan, M. Asif Khan, Rab Nawaz & Tahir Karim