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Earth Sciences Pakistan 2016, 15-17 July, 2016

List of Papers

1 The role of acquisition and processing in the suppression of seismic multiples for the improvement seismic image (A case study from Southern Sindh Monocline, Pakistan
Page 1
Shabeer Ahmed Abbasi; Anwar Ali; Sarfraz Hussain Solangi

2 Enhancement and analytical processing of Landsat images for surface geological pattern recognition in Central Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 2
Muzammil Abbas; Muhammad Hamid Chaudhry; Qudsia Hamid; Nida Samad and Burhan Khalid

3 Structural analysis of Talhaar area in the vicinity of Pirsohawa, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 3
Abdullah; Imran Ahmad; Asif Khan; Waqas Anwar; Bahrul Amin and Syed Irfanullah Hashmi

4 Reservoir appraisal in the rocks encountered in the southeastern Punjab Platform, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 4
Muhammad Adil; Hammad; Nowrad Ali; Muhammad Aymon; Muhammad Sohaib; and Waleed Khan

5 Mineral Information and Management System (MIMS) for management and regulation of mineral resources
Page 5
Muhammad Ihsan Afridi and Syed Irfanullah Hashmi

6 Petrography and depositional environment ofManchar Formation (mid Miocene-Pliocene), Central K.irthar Range, Pakistan
Page 6
Muhammad Hassan Agheem; Abdul Jabbar Channa; Sarfraz Hussain Solangi; Muhammad Ali Solangi; Ghulam Mustafa Thebo; Qamar-u-ddin Khokhar and Mushtaque Ahmed Pathan

7 Petrochemical investigation of the rocks ofBubin (Astor) and surrounding areas, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Page 7
Laeiq Ahmad ; Mohammad Tahir Shah; Shuhab Danish Khan; Noor Jehan; Lawangin Sheikh and Muhammad Awais

8 Experimental analysis of bridge pier scour
Page 8
Aziz Ahmad; Mujahid Khan and Shahab Samad

9 The impact of Land use change on water resources and soil carbon in Hindukush range: A study from Kumrat valley Dir Kohistan Pakistan
Page 9
Adnan Ahmad; S.M. Nizami and Hussain Ahmad

10 Fracture analysis of Siwalik rocks in the vicinity of Zarkai and Takhti N asrati area, District Karak, 10 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 10
Laeiq Ahmad; Irshad Ahmad; Arshad Hussain; Naveed Khan; Noor Jehan; Muhammad Awais and Lawangin Sheikh

11 Assessment of groundwater resources in Kirana Hills Region, Rabwah, District Chiniot, Pakistan
Page 11
Mirza Naseer Ahmad; Rashida Sultana; Maria Salahuddin and Syed Jaleed Ahmad

12 Lithofacies, petrography and vertebrate paleontology of Miocene- Pliocene Nagri Formation exposed at Kanati Area, District Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan
Page 12
Tofeeq Ahmad; Hamad Ur Rahim; Sohaib Zia and Husnain Fida

13 A statistical analysis and numerical modeling for reservoir characterization of Cretaceous to Cambrian succession, Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 13
Nisar Ahmed and Perveiz Khalid

14 A case study of co-seismically generated landslide at Hattian Bala, Kashmir, Northern Pakistan
Page 14
Ijaz Ahmad and Nasrullah Dasti

15 Paleoenvironmental setting of the early Cambrian K.hewra Sandstone, eastern Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 15
Naveed Akhtar; lrfan U. Jan; Muhammad Hanif; Irshad Ahmad and Muhammad Ishaq

16 Modeling accessibility and availability of geospatial data for successful implementation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
Page 16
Asmat Ali and Munir Ahmad

17 Assessment of spatial variability of basic soil properties for site specific farming in Chakwal region
Page 17
Nosheen Arab Ali; Muhammad Tariq Siddique; Muhammad Zeeshan; Sangar Khan; Muhammad Shakir Farooq and Muhammad Iqbal

18 Fractures evaluation of Samana Suk Formation and Sakessar Limestone on Mala K.hel Anticline: Implications for hydrocarbon reservoir potential of central Surghar Range, Trans-Indus Ranges, Northwest Pakistan
Page 18
Iftikhar Alam

19 Hydrocarbon reservoir potential of Sakessar Limestone Surghar Range, Trans-Indus Ranges, Northwest Pakistan
Page 19
Iftikhar Alam

20 Integrated geophysical techniques from ground water exploration in lesser Himalayan Region: A case study of Haripur region
Page 20
Junaid Alam; Umair Bin Nisar; Abrar Ahmed; Muhammad Farooq; Muhammad Rustam Khan; Aurangzeb Jadoon; Amir Shahzad and Syed Amjad Ali Bukhari

21 Changes in aerosol parameters during dust and haze episodes in the Middle East and Southwestern Asia
Page 21
Khan Alam; Thomas Trautmann; Thomas Blaschke; Rehana Khan and Fazli Subhan

22 Unfolding the tectonic evolution and provenance of Early Jurassic Datta Formation by using the petrographical and geochemical techinques, Western Salt Range, North Western Himalaya, Pakistan
Page 22
Zaheer Anwar Ali; Naseem Aadil; Rashid Haider and M. Nasir Sidiq

23 Geoheritage and paleobioheritage of Pakistan; Museums, national and global geoparks-a media for researcher and public education
Page 23
Syed Jawad Arif and M. Sadiq Malkani

24 Lithological studies and petroleum system potential of the Eocene Chorgali Formation using outcrop data and geophysical logs, Potwar Plateau, Pakistan
Page 24
Muhammad Awais; Muhammad Hanif; Muhammad Younis Khan; Muhammad Ishaq; Irfan U. Jan and Muhammad Azhar Farooq Swati

25 Climatic changes and its effect on freshwater resources and human health
Page 25
Muhammad Awais; Noor Jehan; Lawangin Sheikh; Laeiq Ahmad; Muhammad Aamir and Farhad Ullah

26 Urban water challenges - no life without water
Page 26
Muhammad Awais; Noor Jehan; Lawangin Sheikh; Laeiq Ahmad; Farhad Ullah and Muhammad Aamir

27 Geomechanics of unsaturated soils for arid regions
Page 27

28 Evaluation of biasness in satellite rainfall estimates
Page 28
Haris Akram Bhatti; Muzaffar Ali; Sohail Tariq; Abdul Asad; Ammar Khan; Abdul Rafay and Muhammad Shafqat Ejaz

29 Preliminary investigation of newly discovered Harnoi coal field, District Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 29
Abubakar Burki; Muhammad Jawad Zeb; Muhammad Hanif and Qazi Yasar Hamid

30 Neotectonic and seismic risk assessment of Central Salt Range, Potwar Plateau, Pakistan
Page 30
Kashif Butt; Ahsan U1 Haq and M. Nawaz Chaudhry

31 Major bioevents, extinction of land vertebrates, Cretaceous-Tertiary and other major boundaries in Indo-Pakistan subcontinent (South Asia)
Page 31
M. Aslam Buzdar and M. Sadiq Malkani

32 Impact of gas hydartes formation patterns on seismic and elastic properties of host sediments, Makran offshore area, Pakistan
Page 32
Muhammad lrfan Ehsan; Perveiz Khalid; Nisar Ahmed and Liu Xue Wei

33 Ground water quality around Chakwal city and its representation on GIS platform for public use
Page 33
Hafiz Imtenan Elahi, N azarul Islam and Hassan Shaheed

34 Health and environmental hazards associated with coal mining practices in Hazara Division, Pakistan
Page 34
Najmul Faris and Muhammad Amjad Sabir

35 Integrated geochemical and mineralogical studies of Cretaceous Formations from Meting-I Well, Kirthar Foreland Belt, Sindh, Pakistan
Page 35
Arshia Fatima; M. Asif Khan ; Nimat Ullah Khattak and Abrar Ahmed

36 Exploration of coal in Raghni area, Tehsil Sharigh, District Hamai, Balochistan, Pakistan
Page 36
Syed Ahsan Hussain Gardezi; Waliullah; Atif Ali Hassan; Jamshed Ali Khan; Nadeem Ahmad Usmani; Muhammad Waqas; Muhammad Irfan Zubair and Saeedullah Salar

37 Construction of Cambrian and Early Permian depositional and sequence stratigraphic model of Eastern Potowar Basin, Punjab, Pakistan: Using gamma ray tool
Page 37
Mukhtiar Ghani; Jalal Khan; Nowrad Ali and Abdullah Khan

38 Comparative reservoir properties of Lower Permian strata in Potwar Plateau and Punjab Plane, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan: A petrophysical approach
Page 38
Mukhtiar Ghani; Irfan U. Jan and Hafiz Shahid Hussain

39 Seismic data interpretation: A case study for delineating the structural trend in Karak Area, Pakistan
Page 39
Wakas Habib; Shabeer Ahmed Abbasi; Sarfraz Hussain Solangi; Yasir Zeb and Muhammad Faisal Sipra

40 Geotechnical evaluation and the effects of climate change on Herth landslide, Chitral District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 40
Sana Hafeez; Waqas Ahmed; Waqas Javid and Deedar Kari

41 Eocene larger benthic foraminifera of the Indus Basin, Pakistan: new developments
Page 41
Muhammad Hanif; Brean Ozcan; and Nowrad Ali

42 Seismic studies oflndus-Darband fault near Tarbela Dam Project
Page 42
Nadeem ul Haq and Syed Kazim Mehdi

43 Integrating depositional facies and sequence stratigraphy in characterizing reservoirs potential of Chichali and Lumshiwal formations, Northwest Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 43
Syed Irfanullah Hashmi; Irfan U. Jan; Suleman Khan; Muhammad Hanif; Sajjad Ahmad (Jr.); Nowrad Ali and Khalid Latif

44 Litho-biostratigraphic analysis of the Tirah Maidan and part of the Orakzai Agency, NW Pakistan
Page 44
Syed Irfanullah Hashmi

45 Structure analysis of the Tirah Maidan and part of the Orakzai Agency, NW Pakistan
Page 45
Syed Irfanullah Hashmi; Muhammad Ihsan Afridi; Abid Rehman and Mohsin Ihsan

46 Microfacies analysis and diagenetic settings of the Samana Suk Formation, Khairabad section, western Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 46
Atif Ali Hassan; Syed Ahsan Hussain Gardezi; Muhammad Nasir Siddiq and Nowrad Ali

47 Impact of climate change and human activities on plankton community in an alpine lake on the Tibetan Plateau over the past 600 years
Page 47
Juzhi Hou; Jie Liang and Xiumei Li

48 Seasonal variation in physicochemical characteristics of soil in some coastal parts of Thatta District, Sindh, Pakistan
Page 48
Viqar Husain; Shella Bano and Ghulam Murtaza

49 Identification and monitoring ofHydro-Metrological hazards using GIS and RS technology in mountainous area of Gilgit - Baltistan, Pakistan
Page 49
Alamgeer Hussain and Nusrat Nasab

50 Reservoir properties assessment of Jurassic to Eocene strata of Zindapir Anticline, Sulaiman Range, Pakistan: Using well data of Zinpir-01 and Savi Raga-01 well
Page 50
Muhammad !dress, Amjid Ali, Shakir Ullah Mian, Nowrad Ali, Muhammad Ishaq , Shakoor Ahmad Khatak , Mukhtiar Ghani

51 Assessment of groundwater quality for irrigation and its effects on crop yield and soil salinity by using Geographic Information System (GIS) in Tehsil Kohat, Pakistan
Page 51
Ihsanullah and Tehseen Javed

52 Development of river dominated delta in mio-Pliocene Manchar Formation, Wahi Pandhi and surrounding areas Kirthar Range, Distt: Dadu Sindh, Pakistan
Page 52
Muhammad Ikram

53 Sedimentology, bio-sequence stratigraphy and source rock potential of Early Eocene Nammal Formation, Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 53
Azhar Iqbal, Saleem Shahzad, Hamad-ur-Rahim, Waqar Ahmad

54 The microfacies analysis and impact of diagenesis on the reservoir quality of the Sakesar Limestone, Nilawahan Gorge, central Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 54
Muhammad Ishaq; Irfan U. Jan; Muhammad Hanif; Muhammad Awais; Hafiz Shahid Hussain; Irshad Ahmad and Naveed Akhtar

55 Geoelectrical and geotechnical characterization of shallow subsurface soil from the campus of university of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Page 55
Ihtisham Islam and Waqas Ahmed

56 Determination of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon bearing zones ofC-Interval of Lower Gorn Formation in Sawan Area, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 56
Umar Farooq Jadoon; Shazia Asim; Sarfraz Hussain Solangi; Shabeer Ahmed Abbasi and Muhammad Tayyab Naseer

57 Geochemical exploration for gold, silver and base metals using stream sediments, panned concentrates and Quaternary deposits of Tank District, Pakistan
Page 57
Raham Jalil; M. Tahir Shah and Liaqat Ali

58 Reservoir Induced Seismicity (RIS) ofMangla Dam Project before and after Dam Raising Scenario
Page 58
Rafia Jamil; Nayyar Majeed and Syed Kazim Mehdi

59 Old wine in new bottle: Reinterpretation of the geochemistry ofWadhrai granitoid in Nagar Parkar Igneous Complex, southeastern Pakistan
Page 59-60
M. QasimJan

60 Physico-chemical assessment of drinking water quality of Salarzai tehsil, Bajur Agency, FATA, Pakistan
Page 61
Shah Jehan; Seema Anjum Khattak; Sardar Khan;Shafi Ullah; Nasar Khan; Muhammad Tariq and Abdur Rashid

61 The survivor's accounts of 1945 tsunami confirms that Makran Subduction Zone is a potential hazard for Northwestern Indian Ocean countries
Page 62
Din Mohammad Kakar, Brian Atwater and Najeebullah Kakar

62 Geochemistry and petrogenesis of igneous intrusions within the Eocene Nisai Formation of the Muslim Bagh-Khanozai Region, NW Pakistan
Page 63
Muhammad Ishaq Kakar; Andrew C. Kerr; Owain Lavis and lain McDonald

63 Petrophysical analysis of rock drilled in sumari-01 well to evaluate their reservoir potential, Kohat, KP, Pakistan
Page 64
Muhammad Zahir Kakar ; Muhammad Yaseen; Nowrad Ali; Bahar Siddiqui and Muhammad Ismail

64 Land subsidence caused by groundwater exploitation in Quetta valley, Pakistan
Page 65
Najeebullah Kakar; Din Mohammad Kakar; Abdul S. Khan and Shuhab D. Khan

65 Reservoir evaluation of the Early Jurassic Datta Formation at Chanda Oil Field, Kohat Basin and adjoining Surghar Range, North Western Pakistan
Page 66
Asad Kamran; Sarfraz Khan; Muhammad Hanif andSyed Irfan Hashmi

66 Establishment of community based early warning system through Weather Monitoring Posts
(WMPs) a community based snow avalanche risk reduction initiative

Page 67
Deedar Karim; Waheed Anwar and Naseem Bibi

67 Landslide monitoring and early warning from manual method to automatic early warning system; A case study ofMayoon Landslide, Hunza
Page 68
Deedar Karim; Waheed Anwar and Sher Wali

68 Geospatial model for glacier assessment along Karakoram Hindu Kush Ranges; A case study of Passu Glacier, Hunza
Page 69
Dedar Karim; Alamgeer Hussain and Dilshad Bano

69 Petrology and geochemistry of the Miocene-Pliocene fluvial succession, Katawaz Basin, Western Pakistan: Implications on provenance and source area weathering
Page 70
Aimal Khan Kasi; Akhtar Muhammad Kassi; Henrik Friis; Muhammad Umar; Mohibullah and Muhammad Ishaq Kakar

70 The mud volcanoes of Pakistan
Page 71-72
Akhtar Muhammad Kassi

71 Investigation ofhydrogeological and geophysical subsurface conditions to delineate groundwater system in Bahawalpur District, Punjab Province, Pakistan
Page 73
Perveiz Khalid; Nisar Ahmed; Sher Muhammed and Zia Ud Din

72 Influence of heterotrophs on activity of autotrophic bacteria during leaching of Sulphidic ore
Page 74
Zafar Mahmood Khalid

73 Gold and base metals studies in the heavy mineral concentrates from Bannu Basin, Muslim Bagh Ophiolites, Indus River and Chagai Arc: in the regional context ofTethyan Metallogenic Belt
Page 75
Yasir Shaheen Khalil; Nimat Ullah Khattak; Khawar Sohail; Muhamad Nasir Siddiq and Muhammad Tahir Shah

74 Remote Sensing investigation of Gypsum in Kohat Plateau, Pakistan
Page 76
Asad Khan and Muhammad Shafique

75 Slip rate and geomorphology of the Chaman Fault: Implications for earthquake hazard in West Pakistan
Page 77
Shuhab D. Khan; Wanda E. Crupa; Jingqiu Huang; Abdul S. Khan; Din M. Kakar and Aimal Kasi

76 A geological field excursion in Pakistan
Page 78
Tahseenullah Khan

77 Palynostratigraphy, paleoclimatetic reconstruction and palynofacies analysis of Jurassic Datta Formation, Nammal Gorge Pakistan
Page 79
Suleman Khan; Muhammad Zakarya Danish; Muhammad Parhan; Muhammad Waqas Jan; Umar Habib and Noman Bashir.

78 Reservoir analysis of Jurassic Datta Formation using wireline log data of Chanda-I and Chanda Deep-1 wells, Chanda Oil Field, Khyber Pakhtunkhwan, Northwest Pakistan
Page 80
Natasha Khan; Khaista Rehman and M. Younis

79 Groundwater of Lahore: A Review
Page 81
Rabia Munsaf Khan

80 Organic geochemical and palynofacies analyses for source rock potential evaluation of the Jurassic 82 Datta Formation, western Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 82
Nasar Khan, lrfan U. Jan, Shahid Iqbal, Muhammad Hanif, Hafiz Shahid Hussain, Salman Ahmed Khattak, Junaid Alam

81 The lithofacies and grain size analysis of the Misri Banda quartzite in District Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 83
Hamad Khan; Abdus Saboor;Azhar ul Haq; Kashif Ullah and Shakir Ullah

82 Structural geology ofBagnotar area, District Abbottabad, Pakistan
Page 84
Imran Khan; Umar Khayyam; Akif Aman; Umair Aslam and Muhmmad Riaz

83 Outcrop studies, an analogues of the diagenetic and depositional fabric of subsurface reservoirs: a synthesis from Late Cretaceous and Early Paleocene sandstones in eastern Sulaiman Range, Pakistan
Page 85
Imran Khan; Sajjad Ahmad (Jr.); Mohammad Arif; Nowrad Ali and Ehsan Ul Haq

84 Cenozoic exhumation history ofYazgulem gneiss dome, Pamir, Tajikistan: India-Asia collision
Page 86
Jahanzeb Khan; Lothar Ratschbacher; Daniel Rutte; Raymond Jonckheere; Konstanze Stiibner; Afzal Gulzar and Shazia Qamer

85 Lithofacies, petrographic and geochemical analyses of Cretaceous Lumshiwal Formation, Surghar Range, Pakistan
Page 87
Muhammad Waseem Khan and Shahid Ghazi

86 Radon concentration in drinking water sources of eastern part ofTehsil Banda Daud Shah, Southern Kohat Plateau, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Page 88
N. U. K.hattak;A.Rehman; A. Wahab and G. Rehman

87 Delineation and characterization of a tectonically active Karak Thrust using Radon measurement technique in the Southern Kohat Plateau, Pakistan
Page 89
N. U. K.hattak; M.A. Khan; N. Ali andM. T. Shah

88 Multi-Temporal Urban Sprawl Monitoring and Land Cover Change Detection Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in Abbottabad, Pakistan
Page 90
Malik Abid Hussain K.hokhar and Hisham Bin Hafeez

89 Stratigraphy, vertebrate paleontology and economic significance of Zinda Pir anticline, Dera Ghazi Khan District, South Punjab, Pakistan
Page 91
Mureed Hussain K.hosa; M. Sadiq Malkani; A. Majid Ali; Umer Hussain; M. S. I. Dhanotr; J. Arif; Yawar Ahmad and Nasrullah Dasti

90 Control over landsliding at Eco-friendly Forest Park at Bansara Gali Murree by Improvising Surface I Subsurface Drainage
Page 92
Engr. Sohail Kibria

91 Reservoir potential of the rocks encountered in the Kal-01 and Rajian-01, Eastern Potwar Basin, Pakistan
Page 93
Muhammad K.hubab; Nowrad Ali; Muhammad Arif; Fazli Wahid and Adnan

92 China- Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC): a gateway to information and communication technology
Page 94
Zahid Latif; Rahat Ullah and Shahid Latif

93 Petrographic and geochemical analyses of Cretaceous Chichali Formation, Chichali Nala section, Pakistan: Implication for source and reservoir rock characterization
Page 95
Khalid Latif; Imran Khan; Muhammad Hanif; Akhoonzada Y asar Khan; Hassan Bilal, Junaid Khan and Khalid Noor

94 Structural and lithological mapping of Surjan Anticline in South ofLaki Range Using GIS and Remote Sensing
Page 96
Majid Ali Leghari; Sarfraz Hussain Solangi; Shabeer Ahmed Abbasi and Amanullah Laghari


Study of Micro Cleats in Thar Coal, Lower Indus Basin of Pakistan with Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM) Approach
Page 97
Ayaz Ali Mahar; Imdadullah Siddiqui; Sarfraz Hussain Solangi and Shabeer Ahmed Abbasi

96 Marble deposits from Nauseri-Jhugian area of Muzaffarabad Region, Neelum valley, Azad Kashmir (Pakistan
Page 98
Zafar Mahmood and M. Sadiq Malkani

97 Sedimentary facies association and depositional model of arid micro-tidal coastal environment
Page 99
Jawad Majeed and Ibrahim Mohammad Ghandour

98 Microfacies analysis of undifferentiated Jurassic rocks of Kala-Chitta Range, Nizampur area, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 100
Fahad Malik; Suleman Khan; Muhammad Hanif and Muhammad Awais

99 Clay (Ceramic) mineral resources of Pakistan: Recent advances in discoveries
Page 101
M. Sadiq Malkani and Zafar Mahmood

100 Coal resources of Pakistan: new coalfields of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Azad Kashmir
Page 102
M. Sadiq Malkani and Zafar Mahmood

101 Mineral resources of Azad Kashmir and Hazara (Pakistan): special emphasis on Bagnotar-Kala Pani (Abbottabad, Hazara) new coalfield
Page 103
M. Sadiq Malkani and Zafar Mahmood

102 Petroleum and construction stone resources of Balochistan, Sulaiman and Kirthar basins

Page 104
M. Sadiq Malkani

103 Revised stratigraphy of uppermost Indus (Khyber-Hazara-Kashmir) Basin, Pakistan
Page 105
M. Sadiq Malkani and Zafar Mahmood

104 Seismic hazard analysis of Dasu Region using latest W APDA Micor-Seismic Monitoring System Network data
Page 106
Bilal Manzoor; Pervaiz Khalid and Syed Kazim Mehdi

105 Seismotectonic and seismic hazard studies of Diamer Basha Dam Project
Page 107
Syed Kazim Mehdi

106 Petrography and strength analysis of Jura granitoid, Neelum Valley, Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Page 108
Auzair Mehmood; Ahsan Hameed; Baqir Raza; Muhammad Zahid and Amir Shahzad

107 Flood hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment using geospatial tools: A case study of River Khialy, District Charsadda
Page 109
Muhammad Parhan Moazzam and Muhammad Zeeshan Ali

108 Evaluation of selected landslides of Muzaffarabad persuaded by earthquake of October 8, 2005
Page 110
Syeda Mehreen Munir; Fahad Ullah Malik; Awais Ahmed and Laraib Riaz

109 Structural geology of Main Boundary Thrust, Kalachitta Ranges, Pakistan
Page 111
Umair Mussawar; Gohar Rehman; Muhammad Mussadiq; Muhammd Arif; Wasiq Lutfi and Sher Ali

110 To observe the trend of glaciers in Gilgit by using the Moderate Resolution Image Spectrometry (MODIS) Data
Page 112
Irfan Nisar: Razaullah Khan and Niamat Ullah Khattak

111 Reservoir characterization of the Samana Suk Formation fromKhawriKhwar Section, Nizampur Basin, KhyberPakhtunkhwa
Page 113
Abid Nawaz; Abdus Saboor; Mumtaz Ali Khan; Syed Irfanullah Hashmi and Mustafa yar

112 Radon concentration in drinking water sources of the Mulazai area, Peshawar, KP, Pakistan
Page 114
Irfan Nisar: Razaullah Khan and Niamat Ullah Khattak

113 Fault seal analysis to identify sealing potential of a fault: A case study of Badin Area, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 115
Umair Bin Nisar; Jabir Nazir; Muhammmad Rustam Khan; Naqash Mehmood and Amir Shahzad

114 Intergrated geophysical techniques for structural interpretation and characterization of Eocene Reservoir, Indus offshore, Pakistan
Page 116
Umair Bin Nisar; Muhammad Farooq; Naqash Mehmood; Jabir Nazir; Sarfraz Khan and Aurangzeb jadoon

115 Hydrocarbon potential and reservoir characterization of Miano gas field, Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 117
Waqas Ali Raja, Zeeshan Ul Hassan Abbasi and Muhammad Ayub Khan

116 The regional extents oflocal thrust systems in Jabbari and Rupper Town, SE ofHazara
Page 118
Sohail Qaisar; Syed Amin Hussain; Wajiha Amjad and Mukhtiar Ghani

117 Ordovician outcrops in the Hazara basin; constraints from the detrital Zircon U-Pb geochronology
Page 119
Muhammad Qasim; Ding Lin; Muhammad Asif Khan; Muhammad Haneef; I.A.K Jadoon; Muhammad Umar; Qasim-Ur-Rehman; Cai Fulong and Wang Houqi

118 Forest cover change assessments in the Tribal area of North Western Pakistan: A study ofKurram Agency
Page 120
Fazlur-Rahman; Kamal Hussain and Rahib Hussain

119 Role of Pakistan Museum of Natural History in imparting education in informal way
Page 121
Hamad ur Rahim

120 Structural analysis of Zindapir Anticline using remote sensing techniques, Eastern Sulaiman Fold and Thrust Belt, Pakistan
Page 122
Syed Saqib Razzaq; Mohsin Javed; Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan Jadoon; Mirza Shahid Baig; Saifullah Afridi and Muhammad Asfandyar Khan

121 Radon based investigation of active geological faults in eastern part of Tehsil Banda Daud Shah, Southern Kohat Plateau, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Page 123
Abid Ur Rehman; Nimat Ullah Khattak; Abdul Wahab and Gohar Rehman

122 Paleoenvironmental and diagenetic study of Cambrian dolomite, Ambar Formation, Peshawar Basin, Swabi
Page 124
Hameed ur Rehman; Muhammad Hanif and Suleman Khan

123 An Approach to the differential erosion at the upper contact of the Jhelum Group across the Salt Range and Trans-Indus ranges and a comparative study of the Post-Cambrian Rocks between Upper Indus Basin and Peshawar Basin
Page 125-126
Hameed ur Rehman, Muhammad Hanif; Muhammad Ishaq and Mukhtiar Ghani

124 Prediction of sonic log using gr, phie and resistivity log in the shaly reservoir of Meyal field, Potwar Plateau Punjab Pakistan
Page 127
Q. Rehman; T. Ahmad; M. Khan; J.Iqbal; M. Qasim and J. Siddique

125 2D seismic interpretation and petrophysical analysis of Miano-02, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 128
Saif-Ur-Rehman K. Jadoon; Muhammad F. Mehmood; Zohaib Shafiq; Muhammad Owais Zaib and Ishtiaq A. K. Jadoon

126 Joints/Fractures analyses of Shanawa area, District Karak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Page 129
Nazir ur Rehman and Irshad Ahmad

127 Concrete the greatest source of depletion (A step towards economical and sustainable construction)
Page 130
Shah Room; Attaullah Shah; Umar Mustafa and Habil Ahmad

128 Hazard assessment of radionuclides in soil and sediments of Malakand District, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa
Page 131
Bushra Saba and Seema Anjum Khattak

129 Prospect evaluation and fault seal analysis of reservoir potential massive sands with Seismic and well log data in Sinjhoro, Pakistan
Page 132
Abdul Saboor; Shazia Asim; Sarfraz Hussain Solangi; Shabeer Ahmed Abbasi; Muhammad Ghaznavi and Muhammad Tayyab Naseer

130 Petrophysical characterization of the Cretaceous-Paleocene succession, Tal-Block, Kohat sub-basin, North West Pakistan
Page 133
Bahar Saddique; Irfan U. Jan; Muhammad Hanif; Nowrad Ali; Syed Anjum Shah and Mohib ur Rehman

131 Landslide susceptibility modeling using geospatial technology: A case study of the Hunza-Nagar Valley, Nothem Pakistan
Page 134
Muhammad Shafique and Alam Sher Bacha

132 Interrelation of vertical electrical sounding with geotechnical index properties, lithologies and their thicknesses at Wattar area District Nowshera, KP , Pakistan
Page 135
Syed Samran Ali; Abdul Rahim Asif; Nazish Noreen; Waqas Ahmed; Sarfraz khan; Muhammad Younis Khan and Muhammad Waseem

133 Towards sustainable construction through minimising embodied CO2 of structural concrete
Page 136
Shahab Samad

134 Petrochemical study of Chakdara granitic gneisses in prospect of gold and precious metals, Lower Dir. KP , Pakistan
Page 137
Malik Usman Sani; Asghar Ali; Manzoor ilahi; Liaqat Ali and Anise Ur Rehman

135 Enhanced natural rehabilitation of oily sludge with microbial consortium and plants
Page 138
Samina Siddiqui; Asim Shehzad; Asghari Bano band Shehla Sattar

136 Mineralogy and petrology of chromite ore and associated ultramaphic rocks of Jijal Complex, District Shangla, KP, Pakistan
Page 139
Muhammad Nasir Siddiq; Mr. Abdus Sattar; Atif Ali Hassan and Zaheer Anwar Ali

137 Developing building inventory for seismic hazard assessment (A Case Study of Baluchistan Province)
Page 140
Attaullah Shah and Habil Ahmad

138 Structural delineation and hydrocarbon potential evaluation using seismic and well log data of Basal area, Attock, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 141
Urooj Shakir; Furqan Aftab and Hassan Ali Khan

139 Prospect generation studies of cretaceous sands, Khipro area by integrating seismic and well data
Page 142
Prospect generation studies of cretaceous sands, Khipro area by integrating seismic and well data
Urooj shakir; Muhammad Haroon; Muyyassar Hussain and Furqan Aftab

140 Heavy metal contamination and distribution in watershed channels and Punjkora River, Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 143
Shafiullah; Seema Anjum Khattak; Mohammad Tahir Shah; Liaqat Ali and Mohammad Tariq

141 Diagenetic studies and its implication on reservoir character of the Anisian-Norian K.ingriali Formation, Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 144
Mumtaz M. Shah and ltnran Ahmed

142 Construction stone resources ofMuzaffarabad area, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan: special emphasis on bed rock resources
Page 145
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Stratigraphy and economic geology ofDhana Sar-Mughal Kot-Domanda-Chaudhwan section, Zhob and DJ.Khan districts, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces, Pakistan
Page 146
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Geodisaster and lithostratigraphy of doubly plunging thrusted Muzafarabad anticline, Muzaffarabad District, Sub Himalayas, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
Page 147
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Geodynamic and tectonic evolution oflndo-Pakistan peninsula (South Asia)
Page 148
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Faciesand depositionalenvironmentsofthe earlyCambrian,Khewra Sandstone, eastern

Page 149
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Sedimentary geology of the Ordovician Misri Banda Quartzite exposed in the Ambar Village, Peshawar Basin, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 150
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Evaluation of Kunhar River aggregate as a construction material, District Mansehra Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Page 151
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Reservoir evaluation by methods of seismic interpretation, fault/seal analysis and petrophysics of Balkassar oil field, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 152
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Seismic risk assessment from Bara Galli to Abbottabad
Page 153
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Wireline log-based petrophysical characterization of reservoir intervals within the Kohat Basin, NW Pakistan
Page 154
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Paleoenvironments and depositional sequence stratigraphy of the early Jurassic Datta Formation, Chichali Nala, Surghar Range, Pakistan
Page 155
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Remote sensing application in natural resources management
Page 156
Saleem Ullah


Integrated Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Carboniferous to Lower Permian Nilawahan Group, Salt Range, Pakistan
Page 157
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Microfacies and depositional environment of Jurassic rock unit exposed in Lower Salhad, Abbottabad Pakistan
Page 158
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Microfacies analysis and diagenetic settings of the Samana Suk Formation, lower Salhad section, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Page 159
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Near Surface Characterization of Geological Units using Hybrid Approach
Page 160
Sarosh H Lodi


Trend detection and variability in low streamflows of mountainous catchments, Upper Indus Basin Pakistan
Page 161
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Image analysis using Landsat TM imagery for lithological discrimination at Kurram Agency, Pakistan
Page 162
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Sulaiman fold belt Pakistan: Structural styles, reserves, prospects and potential
Page 163
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Satellite remote sensing indices based field level soil quality evaluation for site specific agriculture
Page 164
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Utilization of Wire line logs for investigation of promising reservoir formations in Eastern Potowar, Punjab, Pakistan
Page 165
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Prospects and challenges of mineral sector of mineral sector of Pakistan
Page 166
Azhar Khan


Reservoir analysis and subsurface geometry of Lower Cretaceous C sand of Sawan Gas Field, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
Page 167
Waqar Ahmad