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Earth Sciences Pakistan 2014, 29-31 August, 2014

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List of Papers

1 The characteristics and failure mechanism of Dewal landslide along Murree-Muzaffarabad road, Sub-Himalayas, Pakistan
PPN: 1, OPN: 1
Ghulam Abass; Muhammad Basharat and Yasir Sarfraz

2 Late Cretaceous post-obduction siliciclastic sediments of Oman Mountains, north Oman
PPN: 1, OPN: 2
Iftikhar Ahmed Abbasi

3 Surficial geologic features and physical evidences of Noorpur thrust fault of Southeastern Hazara
PPN: 2, OPN: 3
Zeeshan ul Hassan Abbasi; Zaka ur Rehman Abbasi; Agha Baber and Fahad Jahangir Abbasi

4 Reconnaissance studies on exploration of placer gold and base metals in district Hangu, Pakistan
PPN: 3, OPN: 4
Awais Ahmad; Liaqat Ali and M. Shafique

5 Pakistan’s energy crisis, potential and security
PPN: 3, OPN: 5
Hussain Ahmad

6 Structure of the area between Surghar and the Western Salt Range, NW of Kalabagh District, Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan
PPN: 4, OPN: 6
Irshad Ahmad ; Nazir Rehman and Sajjad Ahmad

7 Propagation of earthquake normal fault rupture through uniform soil layer lying over bedrock
PPN: 5, OPN: 7
Israr Ahmad and Waqas Ahmad

8 Reflectance spectroscopy of mineralized and non-mineralized rocks of Machalu, Astore and its surroundings, Northern areas of Pakistan.
PPN: 5, OPN: 8
Laeiq Ahmad; Mohammad T. Shah and Shuhab D. Khan

9 Hydropower potential site investigation in Bhalgran using remote sensing and GIS techniques
PPN: 6, OPN: 9
Sajid Rashid Ahmad; Hasan Niaz Chaudhry; Shoaib Ata Razi and Adil Quddos Khan

10 GIS based sewerage design decision system (SDDS): A case study of model town Lahore
PPN: 6, OPN: 10
Sajid Rashid Ahmad; Sana Khushi; Tanzeel ul Rehman and Asad Ullah Khan Ghalib

11 Application of geomatics techniques for geological and geomorphological survey of Murree Area, Pakistan
PPN: 7, OPN: 11
Sajid Rashid Ahmad; Zia ul Mustafa and Adil Quddos Khan

12 Exploration and economic evaluation of Au, Ag and base metals in District Swabi, Pakistan
PPN: 7, OPN: 12
Sajjad Ahmad; Liaqat Ali; M. Tahir Shah; Jehangir Khan and Awais Ahmad

13 Economic geology of Heroshah chromite mines, Skhakot Qila Complex, NW Pakistan
PPN: 8, OPN: 13
Shabbir Ahmad; Zahoor Ahmad; M. Naveed Anjum; M. Arif Liaqat Ali and Tanveer Ahmad

14 Subsurface structural interpretation of seismic profiles of Tajjal Gas Field of Lower Indus Basin Pakistan: A case study
PPN: 9, OPN: 14
Zeeshan Ahmad; Majid Khan; Shahid Nawaz and Ahmed Ali

15 Importance of on-field seismic re-evaluation to understand seismic hazards (Nuclear power plants as case study)
PPN: 9, OPN: 15
Naseer Ahmed

16 Microfacies, diagenesis and reservoir characterization of Sakesar Limestone Salt Range, Pakistan
PPN: 10, OPN: 16
Sajjad Ahmed; Asad Zia; Muhammad Hanif and Asad Kamran

17 Propagation of dip-slip fault rupture through uniform soil cover
PPN: 11, OPN: 17
Waqas Ahmed; Israr Ahmad and Javid Hussain

18 Rock characterization and empirical design of support for a hydropower tunnel in Shangla, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
PPN: 12, OPN: 18
Sohail Akram

19 Evaluation of rock cut slope for Sheraton hotel in Bahria Golf City, Islamabad
PPN: 12, OPN: 19
Sohail Akram and Salman Farooq

20 Prediction of uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) of Sakesar Limestone in Salt Range - Pakistan by indirect methods
PPN: 13, OPN: 20
Sohail Akram; M. Usman Azhar and Salman Farooq

21 Spatial analysis using geographical information system (GIS) to evaluate areas susceptible to future flash flooding: A case study of Dera Ghazi Khan City, Pakistan
PPN: 13, OPN: 21
Waseem Akram and Sajid Rashid Ahmad

22 Folding style within thrust sheet above Decollement: An example from Central Trans-Indus Salt Ranges, Pakistan
PPN: 14, OPN: 22
Iftikhar Alam; Abdul Majid Azhar and Muhammad Waseem Khan

23 Architecture of Fold-Thrust assemblages of the Marwat-Khisor Ranges of the outer Himalayan Orogenic Belt of Pakistan
PPN: 14, OPN: 23
Iftikhar Alam; Abdul Majid Azhar; Abdul Razzaq and Syed Abbas Sultan

24 Sensitivity study of different parameters affecting design of the clay blanket in small earthen dams
PPN: 15, OPN: 24
Ishtiq Alam and Irshad Ahmad

25 GIS and statistical techniques to evaluate stream sediments and pan concentrate from Peshawar Basin, Pakistan
PPN: 15, OPN: 25
Liaqat Ali; M. Tahir Shah and Jehangir Khan

26 Mapping and analysis of the riparian zone of the Indus River Basin, Pakistan
PPN: 16, OPN: 26
M. Ali and Q. Shahzad

27 Determination of ground water potential in Mirpur, Bhimber area of Azad Jammu and Kashmir by using geoelectric method
PPN: 17, OPN: 27
Muddassar Ali and Rabih Azhar

28 Historical records of snow avalanche events as guidance for preventive spatial planning: Case study of Washich Village, Tehsil Torkho, District Chitral, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa
PPN: 17, OPN: 28
N. Ali and A. B. Kausar

29 Lithological correlation of the Miocene succession over 20,000 km2 of Indus Offshore, Pakistan
PPN: 18, OPN: 29
Saqlain Ali; Sarfraz Khan and Muhammad Hanif

30 Physico-chemical and microbial studies of the drinking water of union council Gandheri, District Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
PPN: 19, OPN: 30
M. Naveed Anjum; M. Tahir Shah; Ezaz Hussain; Liaqat Ali and M. A. Swati

31 Temporal analysis of the spatial extent of hispar glacier using TRMM and LST data
PPN: 19, OPN: 31
M. Ashfaq and U. Maqsood

32 Geoseismic modelling of anticlinal structures of Sakhi Sarwar, Drigri and Kotrum in the south of Zindapir area of Sulaiman Fold Belt with the help of seismic reflection data
PPN: 20, OPN: 32
Shazia Asim; Sarfraz Hussain Solangi; M. Qasim Mirza and Shabeer Ahmed Abbasi

33 Effect of variation in rainfall on vegetation in Thar and Cholistan desert, Pakistan: A GIS perspective
PPN: 21, OPN: 33
Salman Atif; Syeda Fatima; Filza Hassan and Zahra Hassan

34 Effect of precipitation on discharge level in barrages in Pakistan
PPN: 21, OPN: 34
Salman Atif; Shahida Arif Khan and Mashal Riaz

35 Microfacies analysis and reservoir potential of the Eocene Chorgali Formation, Chorgali Pass section, Gali Jagir, Punjab, Pakistan
PPN: 22, OPN: 35
Muhammad Awais; Muhammad Hanif; Irfan U. Jan and Muhammad Ishaq

36 Flood hazard assessment using GIS/RS tools: A case study of Lower River Swat Basin, NW (Pakistan)
PPN: 22, OPN: 36
Islam Bahadar; Muhammad Shafique and Tazeem Khan

37 Glaciotectonic structure and origin of Badswat glacier moraine
PPN: 23, OPN: 37
Iram Bano and Haleem Zaman Magsi

38 Application of earthquake perceptibility hazard to Pakistan
PPN: 24, OPN: 38
T. J. Bayliss

39 Arsenic and fluoride bioaccumulation in vegetables through water and soil: A toxicological risk assessment study
PPN: 25, OPN: 39
Kapil Dev Brahman and Tasneem Gul Kazi

40 Geological mapping with special emphasis on landslides hazard analysis from Gharri Dopatta to Hatian Area, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
PPN: 25, OPN: 40
Syed Naveed-ul-Hassan Bukhari; Nawaz Ikram and Syed Ahsan Hussain Gardezi

41 Geochemistry, economic geology and health hazard assessment of the phosphate deposits of Paswal Mian and surrounding areas, District Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
PPN: 26, OPN: 41
Abubakar Burki; Muhammad Hanif and M. Tahir Shah

42 Shale gas potential of Sembar and Goru Formations in Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
PPN: 26, OPN: 42
Imran Ud Din; Sajjad Ahmed; Muhammad Hanif and Saleem Abbas

43 The depositional setting of the late Quaternary sedimentary fill in an intermontane basin, Northwest Himalayan fold and thrust belt, Pakistan
PPN: 27, OPN: 43
Asam Farid and Perveiz Khalid

44 Structural analysis and geological mapping of Jhanda, Sehrmandi, Nar and Sathan Nakka areas, Southern Hazara Kashmir Syntaxis, district Kotli, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan
PPN: 28, OPN: 44
Syed Ahsan Hussain Gardezi; Nawaz Ikram; Atif Ali Hassan and Zubair Razzaq

45 Wheat yield estimation using temporal NDVI for the district Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan
PPN: 28, OPN: 45
Asdullah Khan Ghalib; Sajid Rashid Ahmad; Sana Khushi and Zille Huma

46 Structural evolution of southern Kohat Fold & Thrust belt, Karak area, Pakistan
PPN: 29, OPN: 46
Humaad Ghani; Irshad Ahmad; Sajjad Ahmad; Irum Khan and Hamid Hussain

47 Reservoir characterization and sequence stratigraphic interpretation of well log data of Turkwal Deep-01, Eastern Potwar, Punjab, Pakistan
PPN: 29, OPN: 47
Mukhtiar Ghani; Jalal Khan and Nowrad Ali

48 Lithostructural insights into Khairabad Area to evaluate its economic potential, Western Salt Range, Pakistan
PPN: 30, OPN: 48
Atif Ali Hassan; Qasim Zia; Abdur Rauf Nizami; Nowrad Ali and Arshia Fatima

49 Integrated biostratigraphy and depositional environment of the Patala and Nammal Formations, Western Salt Range, Pakistan
PPN: 30, OPN: 49
Jamil Hassan; Muhammad Hanif and Muhammad Imraz

50 The thermophysics of Hunder Glacier of Eastern Hindu Kush
PPN: 31, OPN: 50
Javed Hassan and Haleem Zaman Magsi

51 Structural styles in Raskoh Range, Pakistan
PPN: 32, OPN: 51
Abid Hussain; Muhammad Iqbal and Moin Raza Khan

52 Giant Attabad landslide dammed the Hunza River, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
PPN: 32, OPN: 52
Alamgeer Hussain

53 Microfacies, palynofacies and depositional environment of the Upper Permian Wargal Limestone, western Salt Range, Pakistan
PPN: 33, OPN: 53
H. Shahid Hussain; Irfan U. Jan; M. Hanif and Izhar Sadiq

54 Structural evolution of South Eastern Kohat deciphered through 3D geoseismic model using move software, Shakardarra Area, KPK, Pakistan
PPN: 34, OPN: 54
Hamid Hussain; Muhammad Zafar; Irum Khan; Aamir Malik; Muhammad Abid and Ehtisham Javed

55 Remote sensing based seismic site characterization
PPN: 34, OPN: 55
Mian Luqman Hussain and Muhammad Shafique

56 Calculating and integrating the extent of pollution loads for toxic and major elements in the soil of Gadoon Amazai, Pakistan
PPN: 35, OPN: 56
Rahib Hussain; Seema A. Khattak; M. Tahir Shah; Liaqat Ali and Ayed Hussain

57 Flood monitoring and early warning system for Pakistan
PPN: 35, OPN: 57
Syed Aamer Hussain and Hafiz Muhammad Muzafar

58 Geological mapping as a technique to establish the stratigraphy and structural framework of a part of Hazara Kashmir Syntaxis, Kotli district, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
PPN: 36, OPN: 58
Nawaz Ikram; Syed Ahsan Hussain Gardezi; Atif Ali Hassan and Zubair Razzaq

59 Triassic-Jurassic boundary: Evidences from the Tethyan Salt Range, Pakistan and correlation with Europe
PPN: 36, OPN: 59
Shahid Iqbal; Irfan U. Jan; Gulraiz Akhter; Michael Wagreich and Muhammad Hanif

60 Kulli Koh iron ore deposits, district Dalbandin, Chagai, Balochistan, Pakistan: A case study
PPN: 37, OPN: 60
Nazar-Ul-Islam and Jamshed Ali Khan

61 Structures and tectonics of the western margin of the Indian Plate
PPN: 38, OPN: 61
Ishtiaq A. K. Jadoon

62 Overview of the petrologic evolution of the mafic-ultramafic Jijal Complex in the Kohistan Himalaya of Pakistan
PPN: 39, OPN: 62
M. Qasim Jan

63 Petrology and geochemistry of the dykes from the Muslim Bagh Ophiolite Balochistan, Pakistan
PPN: 40, OPN: 63
Mohammad Ishaq Kakar; Mehrab Khan; Khalid Mahmood and Mohammad Arif

64 Attabad landslide risk management
PPN: 41, OPN: 64
Deedar Karim

65 Lithofacies associations and depositional environments of the neogene molasse succession, Pishin Belt, Northwestern Pakistan
PPN: 41, OPN: 65
Aimal Khan Kasi; Akhtar Muhammad Kassi; Muhammad Umar and Henrik Friis

66 Focal mechanisms computation and seismicity distribution of major earthquakes in lesser and Central Himalaya
PPN: 42, OPN: 66
Perveiz Khalid; Asif Ali Bajwa and Shahid Ghazi

67 Precious metals and heavy minerals studies in the stream-sediment and pan-concentrate samples from Bannu Basin, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
PPN: 43, OPN: 67
Yasir Shaheen Khalil; Nimat Ullah Khattak and M. Tahir Shah

68 Geochemical exploration for Au, Ag and base metals in Kohat Plateau, Pakistan
PPN: 43, OPN: 68
Asad Khan; Liaqat Ali and M. Tahir Shah

69 Unique approaches, tools and lessons learnt in development of coal bed methane
PPN: 44, OPN: 69
Azam Khan; Mian Tauseef Raza; Tasaddaq Younas; Sikander Azam; Amir Ali Lakhu and Sayed Muhammad Iqbal

70 Post-earthquake environmental hazards in Balakot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
PPN: 45, OPN: 70
F. Khan; M. Ishaq; A. Khan; S. Khattak; Q. Rehman; F. Ahmed; T. Ahmad; M. Usman and A. Shah

71 Facies and diagenetic analysis of Pab Sandstone in Rakhi Nala Section, Eastern Sulaiman Fold and Thrust Belt: implication for provenance and hydrocarbon reservoir characterization
PPN: 45, OPN: 71
Imran Khan; Sajjad Ahmad and Nowrad Ali

72 Economic evaluation and provenance of placer gold from district Charsadda and Nowshera, Pakistan
PPN: 46, OPN: 72
Jahangir Khan; M. Tahir Shah; Liaqat Ali and Sajjad Ahmad

73 Health risks associated with heavy metals in the drinking water of Swat, Northern Pakistan
PPN: 46, OPN: 73
Kifayatullah Khan; Yonglong Lu; Hizbullah Khan; Shahida Zakir; Ihsanullah; Sardar Khan; Akbar Ali Khan; Luo Wei and Tieyu Wang

74 Lithofacies and petrographic analyses of Laki Formation: implications for petroleum potential resorvoir
PPN: 47, OPN: 74
M. Waseem Khan; S. Abbas Sultan; M. Ikram and Iftikhar Alam

75 Segmental petrographic analyses of Kirana Hills shield rocks, Sargodha
PPN: 48, OPN: 75
M. Waseem Khan; Syed Abbas Sultan and Iftikhar Alam

76 Application of petrophysical modelling of the eocene reservoirs in the Qadirpur area, central Indus Basin, Pakistan
PPN: 48, OPN: 76
Miraj Khan; Muhammad Yaseen; Nowrad Ali and Ammar Ahmed

77 Petrology of the Naweoba block of Zhob ophiolite, Northern Balochistan, Pakistan
PPN: 49, OPN: 77
Mohammad Ayoub Khan; Khalid Mahmood; Mohammad Ishaq Kakar and Khawar Sohail

78 Velocity and structural modeling of Chiltan Limestone and Goru Formation for hydrocarbon evaluation in Bitrisim Area, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
PPN: 50, OPN: 78
Sarfraz Khan; Zahid Latif; Muhammad Hanif and Irfan U. Jan

79 Appraisal of biostratigraphic techniques at subsurface
PPN: 50, OPN: 79
Suleman Khan and Sajjad Ahmad

80 Gemstone resource potential: A key component in rebuilding the Pakistan natural resource sector
PPN: 51, OPN: 80
Tahseenullah Khan

81 Origin of the Permo-Triassic Swat-Chakdarra granites in the higher Himalayan region of Pakistan: I- or S-type granites
PPN: 52, OPN: 81
Tahseenullah Khan; Abid Ahmad; Muhammad Nawaz Chaudary; Mamoru Murata; Hafiz Ur Rehman; Muhammad Zafar and Anwar Qadir

82 Preliminary flood inundation estimates using CREST hydrological model: Case study of Mangla subwatershed of Indus River System Simulation using GIS and RS Technologies
PPN: 52, OPN: 82
Muhammad Umar Khan Khattak; Yang Hong and Sadiq I. Khan

83 Radon gas in the environment: A terrific mate or horrific rival?
PPN: 53, OPN: 83
N. U. Khattak

84 Use of GIS in water resource projects –Baz Ali small dam: A case study
PPN: 54, OPN: 84
Nouman Khattak and Waleed Rehman

85 The remedation of landslide at Jhika Gali, Murree
PPN: 54, OPN: 85
Sohail Kibria and Tahir M. Hayat

86 Lithostratigraphic mapping and modeling of Bara Nala, Sindh, Pakistan
PPN: 55, OPN: 86
Rafique Ahmed Lashari; Muhammad Owais Mughal; Danial Abbas Kolachi; Parveen Akhtar Usmani and Teja Ram

87 A comparative study of fossil vertebrates from the Siwaliks at Garhiyala village, District Attock, Pakistan
PPN: 55, OPN: 87
Khalid Latif; Wajid Ali; M. Azhar Farooq Swati; Izhar Sadiq; Zeeshan Fiaz; Hammad Khan Jadoon and Sohail Nadeem

88 Hydrocarbon generation potential and depositional environment of the Cherat coal, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
PPN: 56, OPN: 88
Khalid Latif; Muhammad Hanif; Syed Anjum Shah; M. Saeed Khan Jadoon; Asghar Ali; Irfan U. Jan and M. Younis Khan

89 Development of Kutwall Lake as indictor of changes in dynamics of Mani Galcier, Haramosh
PPN: 56, OPN: 89
Haleem Zaman Magsi and Ismail Shah

90 Structural investigation and geological mapping of Juna and Jhawala area, Kotli, Azad Jammu and Kashmir
PPN: 57, OPN: 90
Jawad Majeed; Taseer Ahmad; Babar Sajid; Shakeeb ur Rehman and Zohaib Kayani

91 Mineral resources of Sindh Province, Pakistan
PPN: 57, OPN: 91
M. Sadiq Malkani

92 Mineral and gemstone resources of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan)
PPN: 58, OPN: 92
M. Sadiq Malkani

93 Revised stratigraphy of Balochistan Basin, Pakistan
PPN: 59, OPN: 93
M. Sadiq Malkani

94 2D seismic interpretatioin using reflection method for hydrocarbon evaluation of Tajal Area, Sindh
PPN: 60, OPN: 94
Zahid Masood and Ikramullah Khan


WAPDA micro seismic monitoring system in Northern Pakistan: Seventy-five months of recording around Diamer-Bhasha Dam project
PPN: 61, OPN: 95
Syed Kazim Mehdi; Bilal Manzoor and Imran Hassan

96 Revised stratigarphy and structural interpretations of a part of the Samana-Khyber Ranges, NW Pakistan
PPN: 61, OPN: 96
Muhammad Ashraf; Walliullah Khattak and M. Asif Khan

97 Reservoir characterization of upper sand of Lower Goru Formation from core samples of north A-2 well by using geochemical and mineralogical methodology (XRD, SEM and thin section)
PPN: 62, OPN: 97
M. Faizan Muneer; S. Hussain Solangi; Ali Ghulam Sahito and Qamaruddin Khokhar

98 Detection of forest fires in Margalla Hills Range, Islamabad: A GIS and remote sensing approach
PPN: 63, OPN: 98
Maryum Mushtaq; Shahida Arif Khan and Tayyaba Sana

99 A study of the gemstones from the Muslim Bagh, Ophiolite Complex, Balochistan, Pakistan
PPN: 63, OPN: 99
Abdul Naeem; Khalid Mahmood and Mohammad Ishaq Kakar

100 Variation of radon in various drinking water sources of Abbottabad, Pakistan
PPN: 64, OPN: 100
Tabassum Nasir and F. Khan

101 Seismic attribute and petrophysical analysis of Dhulian area, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan by using seismic and well log data
PPN: 65, OPN: 101
Umair Bin Nisar; Mona Lisa; Syed Amjad Ali bukhari; Mudasir Nawaz; Sarfraz Khan and Shakil Ahmad

102 Late Middle Eocene (bartonian) orthophragminids from Fulra Limestone, Kutch Basin (Western India): regional implications and their correlation to well-known assemblages in Western Tethys (North Africa, Europe and Turkey)
PPN: 66, OPN: 102
Ercan Özcan and Pratul Kumar Saraswati

103 Application of remote sensing for geological mapping using landsat ETM+ Satellite image: A case study in Aluli Area, Western Hazara Ranges, North Pakistan
PPN: 66, OPN: 103
Muhammad Qasim; Muhammad Asif Khan and Muhammad Haneef

104 Evaluation of source rocks using one dimensional maturity modeling in the Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan
PPN: 67, OPN: 104
Faisal Qayyum; Muhammad Hanif; Muhammad Mujtaba and Shahbaz Mehtab Shah

105 Temporal land use change detection using remote sensing and GIS case study of district Lahore and Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
PPN: 67, OPN: 105
Zille Huma Qureshi; Sajid Rashid Ahmad and Asdullah Khan Ghalib

106 Examination of tectonic activity using RS/GIS approach: A case study of Chaman Fault
PPN: 68, OPN: 106
F. Rabab; S. R. Ahmed; H. Waheed; S. Shahid and S. A. Mehmood

107 Suitability studies of Kirana Hills aggregate as sub base material at Lahore Ring Road, Northern Phase, Pakistan
PPN: 68, OPN: 107
Hafeez-Ur-Rahman; Muhammad Sanaullah and Waqas Bashir

108 Socio-Hydrology of the Indus River Basin: An assessment of changing population dynamics and canal discharge efficiency
PPN: 69, OPN: 108
Muhammad Ali Raja; Zainab Noor and Salman Atif

109 Time series analysis of river discharge rates of major rivers of Pakistan
PPN: 69, OPN: 109
Waqar Rasool and Shahid Karim

110 Challenges and opportunities linked with climate change for Pakistan
PPN: 70, OPN: 110
Ghulam Rasul

111 Slope stability analysis of Londalen Landslide in Norway by using ordinary method of slices and bishop’s modified method
PPN: 71, OPN: 111
Asif Razzak

112 Ultrahigh-pressure eclogites of the Kaghan Valley: Where they come from?
PPN: 71, OPN: 112
Hafiz Ur Rehman and Tahseenullah Khan

113 Integrated study of microfacies, XRD supported by SEM, wire line logs of Jutana Dolomite at Khewra Gorge, Salt Range Punjab, Pakistan
PPN: 72, OPN: 113
Hammeed-ur-Rehman; Muhammad Ibrar; Suleman Khan; Sohail Raza; Rafique Ahmad; Nowrad Ali; Muhammad Azhar Farooq Swati and Sajjad Ahmad

114 Seismic clusters in and around Pakistan
PPN: 72, OPN: 114
Khaista Rehman; Paul W. Burton and Graeme Weatherill

115 Magnitude recurrence hazard in and around Pakistan
PPN: 73, OPN: 115
Khaista Rehman; Paul W. Burton; James Bayliss and Graeme Weatherill

116 Structural evaluation and mapping of Dandot Area, Kallar Kahar, Punjab, Pakistan
PPN: 73, OPN: 116
Shakeeb Ur Rehman; Taseer Ahmad; Jawad Majeed and Hummad Ghani

117 Another Drought? Are we prepared?
PPN: 74, OPN: 117
Mohammad Riaz and Lawangin Sheikh

118 Application of geospatial technology in determination of neotectonics of Chitral Valley, Hindu Kush Area, Northern Pakistan
PPN: 74, OPN: 118
S. Rizwan; S. R. Ahmed; S. A. Mehmood and B. Anam

119 Multi-scale mapping of supra-glacial lakes and their associated glaciers for assessment of lake outburst flood hazards under changing climate in Hunza Karakoram-Pakistan using remote sensing and GIS tools
PPN: 75, OPN: 119
Manshad Rustam; Riffat Naseem Malik; Arshad Ashraf and Majid Khan

120 Depositional modeling of the Bathonian-Callovian carbonate unit in Hazara Basin, Pakistan
PPN: 76, OPN: 120
Abdus Saboor; M. Haneef; M. Hanif; M. Imraz and Suleman Khan

121 Petrophysical analysis of the reservoir intervals in Kahi-01._Kohat Sub-Basin Basin, Pakistan
PPN: 76, OPN: 121
Ijaz Saleem; Nowrad Ali; Babar Khan; Muhammad Zahir Kakar; Tehseen Ahmad; Farhat Ullah and Asghar Khan

122 Remote sensing based lithological/stratigraphic mapping and mineral exploration in Salt Range, Pakistan
PPN: 77, OPN: 122
Muhammad Shafique; Muhammad Hanif and Irfan U. Jan

123 Role of emerging technologies in disaster management
PPN: 77, OPN: 123
Attaullah Shah

124 Evaluation and performance improvements in the construction techniques of mud houses in flood affected areas of Swat
PPN: 78, OPN: 124
Attaullah Shah and Muhammad Iqbal

125 Paleoenvironmental analysis of the Early Permian Dandot Formation, Salt Range, Punjab, Pakistan
PPN: 78, OPN: 125
Azeem Shah; Irfan U. Jan and Muhammad Hanif

126 Partitioning of deformation across the metamorphic hinterland in the Swat Region, Pakistan Himalayas
PPN: 79, OPN: 126
Syed Zahid Shah; Mohammad Sayab and Jamil Ahmad

127 Reserve estimation techniques in unconventional resources and comparison of different available methods
PPN: 80, OPN: 127
Shakeel; Yasir Ali; Atif Zameer; Tasaddaq Younas and Mian Tauseef Raza

128 Sedimentology and diagenesis of Samana Suk Limestone and Sirban Formation exposed along Khote Di Qabar to Abbottabad road section, district Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
PPN: 80, OPN: 128
Sharif Ud Din; Rafique Ahmad; Kazam Jan and Hafiz Nasir Iqbal

129 Petro-chemical investigations of the rocks of Golo Das and surrounding areas Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan in the perspective of gold and base metals mineralization
PPN: 81, OPN: 129
Lawangin Sheikh; M. Tahir Shah; Shuhab D. Khan and Laeiq Ahmad

130 New standards for conduct and reporting of mineral exploration projects
PPN: 81, OPN: 130
Fuzail Siddiqui

131 Facies and structural analysis of the Janakor Valley, FR Peshawar, NW Pakistan
PPN: 82, OPN: 131
Irfan Ullah; Suleman Khan; Akhtar Ali Shah; Ibrahim Safi; Norad Ali; Kamran Ullah and Sajjad Ahmad (Jr.)

132 Integrated sequence stratigraphic framework of the Mesozoic to Miocene sediments, Janakor Valley FR Peshawar, NW Pakistan
PPN: 83, OPN: 132
Irfan Ullah; Suleman Khan; Akhtar Ali Shah; Ibrahim Safi; Norad Ali; Kamran Ullah and Sajjad Ahmad (Jr.)

133 Safety, earthquakes and Pakistan’s electrical power system
PPN: 84, OPN: 133
Noman Ullah and Ali M. Syed

134 Estimating cyclone’s sites of intensifications and patterns using sea-surface temperatures in coastal areas of Pakistan and surroundings
PPN: 84, OPN: 134
Muhammad Umer and Anas Mahmood

135 Microfacies and reservoir characteristics of Kirthar Formation, district Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan
PPN: 85, OPN: 135
Parveen Akhtar Usmani; Faizan Muneer; Rafique Ahmed Lashari; Muhammad Kashif Samoon and Sarfraz Hussain Solangi

136 Geology and hydrocarbon prospects of Shaigalu and surrounding areas, District Zhob, Balochistan, Pakistan
PPN: 85, OPN: 136
Waliullah; Jamshed Ali Khan and Waheed Akhtar

137 Preliminary geology and mineral potential of the Karezat and Barshor quadrangles toposheets 34N/6 and 5, district Pishin, Balochistan, Pakistan
PPN: 86, OPN: 137
Waliullah; Jamshed Ali Khan and Waheed Akhtar

138 Reserve estimation of tight gas reservoirs by flowing material balance equation and dynamic material balance equation; a comparative case study
PPN: 87, OPN: 138
Tasaddaq Younas; Mian Tauseef Raza; Zaheer Ahamad Ansari and Azam Khan

139 Regional transect through the Spanish Pyrenees and structural control on basin architecture
PPN: 87, OPN: 139
Muhammad Zahid

140 Use of remote sensing in monitoring frequency and distribution of dust storms over Southern Baluchistan
PPN: 88, OPN: 140
Zaibunnisa; Salman Atif; Afzaal Karori and Khunsa Fatima

141 Assessment of drinking water quality of Drosh and Asheriat district Chitral Pakistan
PPN: 89, OPN: 141
Madeeha Zeb; Seema Anjum and Liaqat Ali

142 Temperature trend of last 60 years in Peshawar
PPN: 90, OPN: 142
S. Zia


Social vulnerability assessment for disaster management using GIS: A case study of Nala Lai Rawalpindi
PPN: 90, OPN: 143
Muhammad Zubair and Mazhar Hussain