Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Geological Bulletin
(University of Peshawar)
Volume 9-10, 1977

Table of Contents

1 Geology Of The Tanawals In The southwest Tanawal And Gandghar Range Hazara, Pakistan

R. A. Khan Tahirkheli and Muhammad Majid

2 Derivation Of Mineral Farmulas From The Chemical Analysis Of Minerals By Computer

Muhammad Majid

3 The Kohistan Basic Complex A Study Based On Recent Terological Reserach

M. Qasim Jan

4 Stratigraphy and Petrography Of The Jutana Dolomite Khewra Gorge Khewra, Jehlum District, Punjab Pakistan
M. Attaullah Khan, M. Javeed Khan & S. A. Khan Alizai
5 The Study Of The Nature And Origin Of Tobra Formation In The Eastern Part Of The Punjab salt Range
Arif Ali Khan Ghauri, M. Anwar, K. S. Kamal & I. M. Issa
6 The Study of the Structures Having Directional properties And Dilineation Of Provenance with The Help Of Heavy Minerals Analysis In Khewra Sandstone

Arif Ali Khan Ghauri