Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Volume 56 (1), 2023[PRE-PROOF MODE]

List of Papers


Assortment of various groundwater sources through hydrochemical investigation in Rawalpindi district

Pages 1-10

Asia Munir, Obaid Ur Rehaman, Kouser Majeed Malik, Muhammad Akram Qazi,Fariha Amin, Abdul Waheed, Bashir Ahmad, Muhammad Waleej Arslan


Microfacies and Depositional Settings of the Eocene Nisai Formation, Pishin Belt, Pakistan

Pages 11-32

Abdullah Abdullah, Mohibullah Mohibullah, Aimal Khan Kasi, Shams ul Alam, Ejaz ul Haq


Investigation of the effect of lithological units on the distribution of elements pollution in soils resulting from their erosion (Zozan plain, northeastern Iran)

Pages 33-47

Shima Raftari, Mohammad Javanbakht and Hanieh Pourjavad


A Source Model for Tsunami Hazards. A Case study from the Eastern Segment of the Makran Subduction Zone, Balochistan, Pakistan

Pages 48-64

Babar Ali, Ryo Matsumaru and Hammad Tariq Janjuhah


Petrography and Geochemistry of late Cretaceous Pab Sandstone, Laki range,Southern Indus Basin, Pakistan: implications for Provenance and Paleoclimate

Pages 65-78

Ghulam Mustafa Thebo, Sarfraz Hussain Solangi, Muhammad Hassan Agheem, Muhammad Ali Solangi, Akhtar Hussain Markhand and Kashif Ahmed Memon

Online From: 31/03/2023