Online ISSN:2305-6959

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 54 (1), 2021[PRE-PROOF MODE]

List of Papers


Engineering and petrographic properties of meta dolerite aggregates of Kirana Hills of Sargodha, Punjab,Pakistan

Pages 1-10

Muhammad Nawaz Chaudhry, Muzaffar Majid, and Uzma Ashraf


2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography an advance and expeditious exploration technique for current challenges to mineral industry

Pages 11-32

Muhammad Junaid, Rini Asnida Abdullah, Radzuan Sa'ari, Wahid Ali1, Hafeez Rehman, Mohd Nur Asmawisham Alel, and Usman Ghani


The New Empirical Formulae for predicting the Unconfined Compressive Strength of limestone from Kohat Basin, Pakistan

Pages 33-43

Abdul Rahim Asif, Syed Samran Ali Shah, and Jahanzeb Khan


The Frasnian, Central Iran: biostratigraphy, facies analysis, paleoenvironment and sea level changes

Pages 44-68

Ava Alizadeh, Afshin Hashmie, and Neda Ghotbi


Hydrogeological and Groundwater Investigations of Niksar Basin, Tokat, Turkey

Pages 69-89

Syed Mobasher Aftab


Integrated effect of soil tillage implements and weeding intervals on leaf area index and chlorophyll content of maize crop leaves

Pages 90-100

Luqman and Zahid Hussain


Source Rock Potential and Thermal Maturity of Datta Shale Using Well Logs Data of Chanda Deep-01 well, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan

Pages 101-111

Urooj Shakir, Muyyassar Hussain, Muhammad Fahad Mehmood, Masood Anwar, Tausif Ahmed, Syed Mamoon Siyar, Hafiz Shahzad Anjum and Nouman Malghani

Online From: 30/03/2021