Online ISSN:2305-6959

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 53 (2), 2020[PRE-PROOF MODE]

List of Papers


The preliminary investigation and mineral characterization of the Gold and Copper at Gindai Yasin, Ghizer, Pakistan

Pages 1-11

Javed Akhter Qureshi, Kamran Ali, Shukoor Murad, Arif Ali, Garee Khan, Manzoor Ali and Muhammad Alam


Characteristics of Panoba Shale as an "Aglite" lightweight concrete aggregate in Kohat-Hangu districts, NW Pakistan

Pages 12-22

Aqeel Goher, Rubina Bilqees and Mohammad Tahir Shah


A2-type granitoids in anorogenic settings of Tusham Ring Complex: New concept, relevant to existence of the Malani Supercontinent

Pages 23-38

Naresh Kumar and Naveen Kumar


Detrital modes in Lower Mesozoic sandstone of the Wulgai Formation (Pakistan): implications for provenance

Pages 34-51

Muhammad Ismail, Aimal Khan Kasi, Razzaq Abdul Manan, Mohibullah Mohibullah


Role of electrical resistivity method to identify fresh water aquifers in Nankana Sahib, Punjab, Pakistan

Pages 52-59

Haider Shabbir, Nabeel Afzal Butt, Adeela Zafar and Muhammad Khalid Mir


UP-Gradation of black shale of Chimiari region of Pakistan by flotation scheme

Pages 60-69

Muhammad Tahir, Zahid Ur Rehman, Sajjad Husain, Noor Muhammad, Muhammad Nazir, Muhammad Sadiq, and Iltaf Hussain


AVO analysis of Post-Stack Seismic data of Cretaceous Lumshiwal Formation in Kabirwala Block, Central Indus Basin Pakistan

Pages 70-77

Jabir Nazir1, Mubarak Ali, Erum Sana, Qazi Adnan Ahmad, Abuzar Ghaffari, Abdul Basit, Salik Javed, Rafique Ahmad, Beenish Ali, and Nazir-ur-Rehman

Online From: 27/11/2020