Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Online ISSN:2305-6959

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 45 (1), 2012

List of Papers

1 Petrology and provenance of the sandstone channel succession within the Jurassic Loralai Formation, Sulaiman Fold-Thrust Belt, Pakistan
Pages 1-16
Razzaq Abdul Manan Durrani, Akhtar Mohammed Kassi and Aimal Khan Kasi

2 Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the volcanic rocks from Bagh complex, northern Balochistan, Pakistan
Pages 17-29
M. Ishaq Kakar, Khalid Mahmood, Andrew C. Kerr , Alan S. Collins, Mehrab Khan, M.Tahir. Shah and Aimal Khan Kasi

3 Mineralogy and geochemistry of diorites and associated hydrothermal sulfide mineralization of Gawuch Formation in Drosh area, Chitral, northern Pakistan
Pages 31-52
Tazeem Tahirkheli, M. Tahir Shah, M. Asif Khan and Rubina Bilqees

4 Revised lithostratigraphy of the Pishin Belt, northwestern Pakistan
Pages 53-65
Aimal Khan Kasi, Akhtar Muhammad Kassi, Muhammad Umar, Razzaq Abdul Manan and Muhammad Ishaq Kakar

5 Comparison of the Nagar Parkar (Pakistan) and Malani (India) granites with reference to uranium and thorium abundances
Pages 67-76
Munazzam Ali, Aqeel Ahmed Shariff, Nasser Ali Qamar and Amanullah Laghari

6 Geological aspects of seepage problem and its management at Khanpur dam project, Pakistan
Pages 77-81
Mohammad Saleem Khan, Mian Ali Gul and Mubashir Aziz

7 CO2 mineral sequestration studies in the ultramafic rocks of northern Pakistan
Pages 83-90
Tazeem Tahirkheli, Rubina Bilqees, S. Muntazir Abbas and Shahida Zakir

8 Industrial applications of Abbottabad limestone; utilizing its chemical and engineering properties
Pages 91-96
Rubina Bilqees, Tazeem Tahirkheli, Naeem Pirzada and S. Muntazir Abbas

9 Barkhan (Balochistan) earthquakes of June 26 and July 12, 1999: Source parameters from teleseismic body waves
Pages 97-105
Tariq Mahmood, Karam Khan, Talat Iqbal, Muhammad Qaisar and Suhail Ahmed

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