Online ISSN:2305-6959

26th Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop, 2011
Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
Volume 44 (1), 2011

List of Papers

1 Understanding the origins of Eo- and Neohimalayan granitoids in Eastern Tibet
Pages 1
Amos Aikman, T. Mark Harrison

2 Miocene exotic taxa in the Indian Himalaya and subtle aspects of India-Asia collision
Pages 2
Ansuya Bhandari and B. N. Tiwari

3 River capture in the Easternmost Himalaya: Testing erosion-tectonic feedback models using palaeo-Brahmaputra deposits of the Bengal Basin, Bangladesh
Pages 3-4
Laura Bracciali, Yani Najman, Randall R. Parrish, and Matthew S.A. Horstwood

4 Tectonic discontinuities within the Greater Himalayan Sequence in Western Nepal: insights on exhumation mechanisms
Pages 5-6
Rodolfo Carosi, Chiara Montomoli, Dario Visonà

5 Karakorum fault slip-rate seems to be constant along strike over the last 200 ka
Pages 7
M.-L. Chevalier, P. Tapponnier, J. Van der Woerd, F.J. Ryerson, R.C. Finkel, Haibing Li

6 Determination of three-dimensional in situ stresses from anelastic strain recovery (ASR) of Wenchuan Earthquake Fault Scientific Drilling-1 (WFSD-1)
Pages 8
Junwen Cui, Weiren Lin, Lianjie Wang, Zhenim Tang, Lu Gao, Wei Wang, Dongsheneg Sun, Zongfan Li, Jingchun Zhou, Huashan Qian, Hua Peng, Kemei Xia, Ke Li

7 How the paradoxal Longmen Shan belt has been built: through new petrological structural geochronological data?
Pages 9-11
Julia de Sigoyer, Audrey Billerot, Alexandra Robert, Stéphanie Duchêne, Olivier Vanderhaeghe, Manuel Pubellier, Patrick Monié

8 Subduction-Related Metamorphism and Southwest Vergence in the Footwall Block Below Kaghan Eclogite Thrust Sheets, Swat, Pakistan, Western Himalaya
Pages 12-13
Joseph A. DiPietro, Amber R. King, James W. Wallace

9 Catchment-wide erosion rates, glaciation, and topography of the central ladakh Range, India
Pages 14-15
Jason M. Dortch, Lewis A. Owen, Lindsay M. Schoenbohm, Marc W. Caffee

10 A new result of the crustal structure and variation of the Moho in central Tibet-revealed by the 300 km long deep seismic reflection profile
Pages 16-17
Rui Gao, Zhanwu Lu, Xiaosong Xiong, Whenhui Li, Gong Deng, Chen Chen and Larry D Brown

11 Himalayan hinterland-verging superstructure folds related to foreland-directed infrastructure ductile flow: Insights from centrifuge analogue modelling
Pages 18-19
Laurent Godin, Chris Yakymchuk, Lyal B. Harris

12 Resolving Conflicting Models for the Tectonic Assembly of the Eastern Himalaya
Pages 20-21
Lucy V. Greenwood, Randall R. Parrish, Tom W. Argles, Clare Warren, Nigel B.W. Harris

13 Pre-Collisional Evolution of the Himalayan-Tibetan System: Numerical Tests of Alternative Cretaceous-Tertiary Tectonic Settings
Pages 22-23
Carl Guilmette, Christopher Beaumont, Rebecca A. Jamieson

14 Discovery of a dismembered metamorphic sole in the Saga ophiolitic mélange, South Tibet: Assessing an Early Cretaceous disruption of the Neo-Tethyan supra-subduction zone and consequences on basin closing
Pages 24
Carl Guilmette, Réjean Hébert, Jaroslav Dostal, Aphrodite Indares, Émilie Bédard, Chengshan Wang

15 Laser-Ablation Split-Stream Petrochronology of Kangmar and Mabja North Himalayan Gneiss Domes
Pages 25-26
Bradley R. Hacker, Andrew Kylander-Clark, Jeffrey Lee, John Cottle, Michael Stearns

16 Is the deformation around the MCT, 2D or 3D deformation?
Pages 27-28
Daigoro Hayashi

17 The Indus-Yarlung Zangbo ophiolite belt: A Mariana arc-backarc system analog
Pages 29-30
Réjean Hébert, Rachel Bezard, Carl Guilmette, Jaroslav Dostal, Chengshan Wang

18 Constraints to the timing of India–Eurasia collision? a re-evaluation of evidence from the Indus Basin sedimentary rocks of the Indus–Tsangpo Suture Zone, Ladakh, India
Pages 31-32
Alex Henderson, Yani Najman, Randy Parrish, Gavin Foster, Eduardo Garzanti, Darren Mark

19 Tectonic consequences of partial melting: comparison of the Coast Orogen, British Columbia with the Higher Himalaya Crystallines
Pages 33
Lincoln S. Hollister

20 Petrology of the ultramafic rocks from the Waziristan Ophiolite, NW Pakistan
Pages 34-35
M. Qasim Jan, Said Rhaim Khan and M. Asif Khan

21 Strain partitioning during dome formation in the Himalaya:  Insights into the Ama Drime Massif and Leo Pargil dome, NW India
Pages 36-37
Micah Jessup, Jackie Langille, , John Cottle, Graham Lederer, Talat Ahmad

22 The ascertainment and petrogenesis of Cenozoic Kuzigan A-type granitoids from NW India-Asia collision zone, Xinjiang, China
Pages 38
Shan Ke

23 South Tibetan detachment system in Sikkim: stuck between a massif and a cross-structure
Pages 39
Dawn Kellett, Djorge Grujic, John Cottle, Isabelle Coutand

24 Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Tectonic Environments of Jal-Niat Amphibolites, Southeast Kohistan, Pakistan
Pages 40-41
M. Ahmed Khan, Saif ur Rehman, Khalid Mehmood, M. Asif Khan, Naveed Ahsan

25 Interaction between the Himalayan and India-Afghan Collision Tectonics at the NW margin of the Indian Plate in the Kurram Region, NW Pakistan
Pages 42-43
M. Asif Khan, Muntazir Abbas

26 Metamorphism, melting, and exhumation of the Leo Pargil Dome, NW India
Pages 44
Jackie Langille, Micah Jessup, John Cottle, Graham Lederer, Talat Ahmad

27 Geology of the Upper Tama Kosi/Rolwaling Valley Region, east-central Nepal
Pages 45
Kyle P. Larson, Dawn Kellett, Richard From

28 Discovery of the relict of the Tsangpo foreland basins in Renbu tectonic mélange and its implication for the initial collision between India and Eurasian plates
Pages 46
Guangwei Li, Zhiqin Xu, Xiaohan Liu, Xiaobing Liu, Lijie Wei

29 Indosinian epoch collsional orogenic belt in the Lhasa terrane, Tibet: geochronology, distribution and evolution
Pages 47-48
Li Hua-Qi, Xu Zhi-Qin, Yang Jing-Sui and Tang Zhe-Min

30 The collision of India and Asia paleomagnetic investigations on the Lhasa Block and the Tethyan Himalayan sediments
Pages 49-50
Ursina Liebke, Erwin Appel, Fabian Setzer, Ding Lin, Rouven Volkmann

31 Comparing analysis of hydroclimatic changes in glacier-fed rivers between the Tibet- and Bhutan-Himalayas
Pages 51
Jingshi Liu, Zhongyan Wang, Tongliang Gong, Tenzey Uygen

32 New advisement of tectonic model in south Tibet
Pages 52-53
Xiaohan LIU, Yitai JU, Guangwei LI, Xiaobing LIU, Lijie WEI, Xuejun ZHOU & Xingang ZHANG

33 Site Characterization of the Sedimentary Cover at the Himalayan Foothills using Active and Passive Seismic sources for estimation of Earthquake Hazard
Pages 54-55
A.K. Mahajan and Nitesh Rai

34 Pre-Cenozoic peak metamorphism and deformation of Lesser Himalayan rocks in Nepal
Pages 56-57
Aaron J. Martin, Mihai N. Ducea

35 The Main Central Thrust Zone in Western Nepal
Pages 58-59
Chiara Montomoli &  Rodolfo Carosi

36 Shedding light on the Main Central Thrust Controversy, Sikkim Himalaya
Pages 60-61
Catherine M. Mottram, Nigel B. W. Harris, Randy. R. Parrish, Tom W. Argles, Clare J. Warren, Saibal Gupta

37 A strain-heating model for the seismic low-velocity zone along the Main Himalaya Thrust
Pages 62-63
Peter I. Nabelek and John L. Nabeleks

38 Duration of metamorphism in the Karakoram Metamorphic Complex, North Pakistan
Pages 64
R.M. Palin, D.J. Waters, M.P. Searle, M.A. Horstwood and R.R. Parrish

39 The thermal structure and composition of Tibetan crust and upper mantle
Pages 65
Keith Priestley and Dan McKenzie

40 Quantifying crustal flow in Tibet with magnetotelluric data
Pages 66-67
Dennis Rippe, Martyn Unsworth, Denghai Bai

41 Dennis Rippe, Martyn Unsworth, Denghai Bai
Pages 68-69
Alexandra Robert , Manuel Pubellier , Julia de Sigoyer , Abdeltif Lahfid , Pierre Lanari , Jérôme Vergne , Olivier Vidal and Valérie Bosse

42 Spatial and Temporal Variation in Slip Rate along the Kongur Normal Fault, Chinese Pamir
Pages 70-71
Lindsay M Schoenbohm, Ji Chen, Zhaode Yuan, Benjamin Kirby, Edward R Sobel, Lewis A Owen

43 Crustal-Lithospheric structure, geological evolution and continental extrusion of Tibet
Pages 72
Michael P. Searle, John Elliott, Richard Phillips and Sun-Ling Chung

44 Constraing pre-Himalayan fabric by SHRIMP U-Pb zircon dating
Pages 73-74
Sandeep Singh, Arvind K. Jain and Mark E. Barley

45 Using U-Pb and Lu-Hf Isotopes in Zircon to Constrain the Tectonic Provenance of the Himalayan Metamorphic Core, Garhwal Region, India
Pages 75-76
Christopher J. Spencer, Ron A. Harris, Carl W. Hoiland

46 River systems in Himalaya: looking into the past through the luminescence dating technique
Pages 77-48
Pradeep Srivastava, Yogesh Ray, Y.P. Sundriya

47 Tectonothermal evolution of the Greater Himalayan Series, Sutlej Valley, NW India
Pages 79
Donald W. Stahr, III, Richard D. Law

48 Titanite geochronology from the mid to lower crust of the Pamir plateau, eastern Tajikistan
Pages 80
Michael A. Stearns, Bradley H. Hacker, Andrew Kylander-Clark

49 Himachal Himalaya: shallowest and oldest exposure of the orogenic metamorphic core
Pages 81
Konstanze Stübner, Djordje Grujic, Keno Lünsdorf, Randall Parrish, and Talat Ahmad

50 Miocene gneiss domes in the Pamir: extension in a convergent setting
Pages 82
Konstanze Stübner, Lothar Ratschbacher, Raymond Jonckheere, Jörg Pfänder, Bradley Hacker, István Dunkl, Klaus Stanek, Vladislav Minaev, and the TIPAGE Team

51 Tectonic attribute about Mesozoic-Cenozoic Basement of South Qiangtang Basin in Tibet, China
Pages 83
Genhou Wang, Guo-Li Yuan, and Xiao Liang

52 Heating the Over-Thickened Lithosphere, downward from Crust or upward from Mantle?
Pages 84
Yang Wang, Suhua Cheng

53 Constraining the cooling history of the Greater Himalayan Sequence in NW Bhutan
Pages 85
Clare J. Warren, Djordje Grujic, John M. Cottle, N.W. Rogers

54 Structural, metamorphic and magmatic evolution of the SE Tibetan crust
Pages 86
Owen Weller, Mike Searle, Marc St-Onge, Dave Waters, Nicole Rayner, Jingsui Yang, Sun-Lin Chung

55 Coeval extrusion and lateral flow of the Greater Himalaya: New insights from structural and geochronological data in southern Tibet
Pages 87
Zhiqin Xu, Qin Wang, Fenghua Liang, Xuexiang Qi, Huaqi Li, Zhihui Cai, Zeng lingsen

56 Third Pole Environment (TPE) program: a new base for the study of “water–ice–air–ecosystem-human” interactions on the Tibetan Plateau and surrounding areas
Pages 88
Tandong Yao, Lonnie G. Thompson, Volker Mosbrugger, Xiaohan Liu, Yaoming Ma, Fan Zhang, Xiaxin Yang, Daniel R. Joswiak

57 Cenozoic Bimodal Volcanic Rocks of the Northeast boundary of Tibet Plateau: implication for the collision-deduced mantle flow in Tibetan Plateau and the rifting genesis of North-south tectonic belt
Pages 89
Xuehui Yu, Xuanxue Mo, Zhida Zhao, Guochen Dong, Su  Zhou

58 Characteristics and Transformation of Polybrominated Bipenyl Ethers in Tibetan Plateau Soil Contrasting to the East Area in China
Pages 90
Guo-Li Yuan and Genhou Wang

59 Crustal structure of the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau from magnetotelluric data
Pages 91-92
Yan Zhan, Guoze Zhao, Martyn J. Unsworth, Lifeng Wang, Jijun Wang, Xiaobin Chen, Ji Tang

60 A Magnetotelluric Study of the Altyn-Tagh Fault in the North Margin of the Tibetan Plateau
Pages 93-94
Letian Zhang, Matthew J. Comeau, Martyn Unsworth, Wenbo Wei, Sheng Jin, Gaofeng Ye, Jianen Jing, Florian Le Pape, Alan G. Jones, Jan Voza

61 The initial India-Asia continental collision and foreland basin evolution in the Tethyan Himalaya of Tibet: Evidences from stratigraphy and palaeontology
Pages 95
Qinghai Zhang, Helmut Willems, Lin Ding , Kai-Uwe Gräfe, Erwin Appe