Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Online ISSN:2305-6959
Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences
(Formerly Geological Bulletin University of Peshawar)
Volume 39, 2006

Table of Contents

1 Petrography of Sandstones from the Kamlial and Chinji Formations, Southwestern Kohat Plateau, NW Pakistan: Implications for Sourse Lithology and Paleoclimate Kifayat Ullah, Mohammad Arif and M. Tahir Shah
2 Deep depositional slope and absence of back barrier: The controlling factors of complex lithofacies association in a foreshore beach environment (Southern Balochistan)
Khawar Sohail Sheikh, Abdul Salam Khan and Muhammad Ahmad Farooqui
3 Paleogene biostratigraphy of Tattpani, Kotli Azad Kashmir, Northwest sub-Himalayas, Pakistan
Munir-ul-Hassan Munir and Mirza Shahid Baig
4 Excel Based finite Difference modeling of ground water flow
M. Gulraiz Akhter, Zulfiqar Ahmad and Khalid Amin Khan
5 Occurrence of a melange along the Malakand pass north of Dargai, Northern Pakistan
Irshad Ahmad and Noor Jehan
6 Near-orthogonal deformation sequence along the Malakand transect, NWFP, Northern Pakistan
Mohammad Sayab, Sayed A. H. Sherazi, Syed S. Guloon and Ghazanfar A. Khattan
7 Ptrochemistry of asbestos bearing sorck from Sakhakot-Qila Ultrmafic Complex, northern Pakistan
Noor Jehan
8 Short Communication
Reporting of gold anomaly and showings of lapis-lazuli from chakdara granite gnesis and its environs, district Dir, northern Pakistan
Abdul Khaliq, Jamil Ahmad and Abid Ahmad