Journal Of Himalayan Earth Sciences (JHES)

Geological Bulletin
(University of Peshawar)
Volume 22, 1989

Table of Contents

1 Thermal Model For The Baltoro-Muztagh Karakoram

M. P. Searle

2 Synchronous Sediment Acculmulation, Decompaction And Subsedence In The Miocene Forland Basin Of Northern Pakistan

Douglas W. Burbank & Richard A. Beck

3 Imbrication And Unroofing Of The Himalyan Thrust Stake Iof North Indian Plate, Northern Pakistan

Peter J. Treloar

4 Stratography And Structural Events Aroud The Southern Margin Of Peshawar Basin, Pakistan
Ahmad Hussain, Robert S. Yeats & Kevin Pogue
5 Crustal Shortening In The West Himalaya
Lawrance L. Malinconico Jr.
6 The Geology Of Besham Area, Noth Pakistan Drformation Anf Imbrication In The Footwall Of The Main Mantle Thrust

Mathew P. Williams

7 Rock Magnetism Of The Kohistan Island Arc, Pakistan
Charles M. Schlinger, M. Javed Khan & Peter Wasilewski
8 Breakup Of Gondwanaland And Emplacement Of The Ophiolitic Complex In Muslim Bagh Area Of Baluchistan

Kenshiro Otsukf, Muhammad Anwar, Jan M. Mengal, Imdad A. Brohi, Ken’ichi Hohino, Ali N. Fatmi & Yuji Okimura

9 Geomorphic Development Of The Western Himalayas
John. S. Shorder, Jr.
10 Empplacement Of The Bibai And Gogai Nappes, Northeast Of Quetta

M. Niamatullah, K. H. Durrani, A. R. Qureshi, Z. Khan, D. M. Kakar, M. R. Jan, M. Den & A. Ghazanfar

11 Geochemistry And Petrogenisis Of The Ambela Granitic Complex, Nw Pakistan

M. Rafiq & M. Qasim Jan

12 Petrology Of A Part Of Western Limb Of The Nangaparbat-Haramosh Loop, Northern Pakistan

Syed Shafiqur Rehman & M. Majid

13 Chsmistry And Petrography Of The Sillai Patti  Corbonate Complex, Northern Pakistan

K. A. But, Amir Zarin Arif, Jamil Ahmed, Abid Ahmed & Ahmed Qadir

14 Mineral Chemistry Of Chillas Mafic-Ultramafic Complex, Kohistan Island Arc. N. Pakistan- Oxide Phases

M. Qasim Jan, M. Asif Khan & Brian F. Windley