Dr. Rubina Bilqees

Professor Economic Geology



Academic Career

Ph.D. Geology, University of Peshawar (2006)
Research: Geochemistry of principal silicate phases of the Chilas Mafic-ultramafic complex, Kohistan Island Arc, Northern Pakistan. This work is focused on petrological processes of the island arc systems--using Kohistan island arc as case study. This research comprises petrography and mineral chemistry of the main silicate phases of the gabbronorites and mafic-ultramafic rocks of the Chilas complex, with emphasis on petrography and mineral chemistry of olivine, plagioclase, orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene and amphibole.

M.Phil Geology, University of Peshawar (1996)
Research: Petrography, major element chemistry, and XRD analyses of Hazara Phospherite to model ore genesis.

M.Sc Geology, University of Peshawar (1984)

B.Sc Geology, University of Peshawar (1983)

Research Interests

Economic Geology / Industrial Minerals and Rocks, Geological Waste management


Key ResearchPublications

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