Research Papers (Internationational)
2016 - 2015



Abir, I. A., Khan, S. D., Ghulam, A., Tariq, S. and Shah, M. T. 2015. Active Tectonics of Western Potwar Plateau-Salt Range, Northern Pakistan from InSAR Observations and Seismic Imaging. Remote Sensing of Environment, 168, 265-275.

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Ali, L., Williamson, B.J., Moon, C.J., Shah, M.T. and Khattak, S.A. 2015. Distribution of gold in different size fractions of stream sediments as a guide to bedrock gold mineralization along the shyok suture Zone and adjacent areas of the Kohistan Islnad Arc, Pakistan. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 8 (4), 2227-2235.

Ali, M., Montzka, C., Stadler, A., Menz, G., Thonfeld, F., Vereecken, H., 2015. Estimation and Validation of Rapid Eye-Based Time-Series of Leaf Area Index for Winter Wheat in the Rur Catchment (Germany). Remote Sensing, 7(3), 2808-2831.

Ali, N., Muhammad, W., Khattak, N.U., Khan, E.U., Rajput, M.U., Akram, M., Hussain.S. and Mujahid, S.A. 2015. Radon doses in the indoor environments of Murree and Islamabad, Pakistan: A comparison of active and passive techniques. Accepted for publication in Indoor and Built Environment, Published online before print June 4, 2015, Doi: 10.1177/1420326X15588567.

Begum, S., Shah, M.T., Muhammad, S. and Khan, S., 2015 (online). Role of mafic and ultramafic rocks in drinking water quality and its potential health risk assessment, Northern Pakistan. Journal of Water and Health.  Doi:10.2166/wh.2015.066.

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Biber, K., Khan S.D. and Shah, M.T., 2015.  The source and fate of sediment and mercury in Hunza River basin, Northern Areas, Pakistan Investigation of the source, fate, and transport of mercury in Hunza River, Northern Areas, Pakistan, Hydrological Processes, 29(4), 579-587. 

Bilqees, R., Jan, M. Q., Windley, B. F. and Khan, M. A. 2015 (Accepted). Silicate-oxide mineral chemistry of mafic-ultramafic rocks as an indicator of the roots of an island arc: the Chilas Complex, Kohistan (Pakistan). Island Arc.

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Hussain, R., Khattak, S., Shah, M.T., and Ali, L. (2015) Multistatistical approaches for environmental geochemical assessment of pollutants in soils of Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate, Pakistan. Journal of Soils and Sediments. 15(5), 1119-1129.

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Nawab, J., Khan, S., Shah, M.T., Gul, N., Ali, A., Khan, K. and Huang Q. 2015 (Accepted). Heavy metal bioaccumulation in native plants in chromite impacted sites: A search for effective remediating plant species. CLEAN-Soil, Air and water. In press

Nawab, J., Khan, S., Shah, M.T., Khan, K., Huang, Q. and Ali., R. 2015 (Accepted). Quantification of heavy metals in mining affected soil and their bioaccumulation in native plant species. International Journal of Phytoremediation. 17, 801-813.

Özcan, E., Hanif, M., Ali, N. and Yücel, A.O., 2015. Early Eocene Orthophragminids (Foraminifera) from the type-locality of Discocyclina ranikotensis Davies, 1927, Thal, NW Himalayas, Pakistan: insights into the orthophragminid paleobiogeography. Geodinamica Acta, 10.1080/09853111.2015.1026795 (In Press).

Qadri, S.M.T., Sajjad, S.H., Sheikh, R.A., Rehman, K.,   Rafi, Z., Nawaz, B., and Haider, W., 2015. Ambient noise measurements in Rawalpindi–Islamabad, twin cities of Pakistan: a step towards site response analysis to mitigate impact of natural hazard, Natural Hazards. 78 (2), 1111-1123.

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