Research Papers (International)
2004 - 2003

Year Contribution


Sayab, M., Khan, M. A. Kinematic significance of deformation bands during regional folding: an example from sandstones of the Siwalik Group of Surghar-Shinghar Anticline, Trans-Indus Himalayan Ranges, Pakistan. 17th Australian Geological Convention, 8-13February (Dynamic Earth: Past, Present and Future), p 184.

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Jan, M. Q., & Khan, M. A. Petrological evolution of Kohistan magmatic arc in the Himalaya of Pakistan. Abstract Volume, International Conference on the Role of Natural Resources and Environment in Sustainable Development in South and Southeast Asia (NESDA), Dhaka, Bangladesh (January 17-21, 2003), 83.81- Khan, F.R., Afridi, I. and Afzal Jawad. Gas seaps in Zakhel Marani area. Petroleum Syposium II, Peshawar, Pakistan, (May24-25, 2003) Abstratct Book, p. 9.

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