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Session 1

Welcome & Overview By Dr. M. Asif Khan

Workshop Objectives by Dr. David Dichter

Session 2

Invited Talk: Developmental possibilities in Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering, Southern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP), Pakistan by Hassam Ud-Din Bangash

Foreland Mountain Fronts, Pakistan: Tectonic Origin & Sedimentation by Isthiaq Jadoon

Mountain Front Alluvial Fans: Origin and dynamics by Mr. M. Haneef

Invited Talk: Flood Control Measures on Alluvial Fans by Mr. Jerry Bernard

Assessment of hill torrent (Rod-Kohi) cultivation in Pakistan by Mr. Arshad Ashraf

Invited Talk: Geoenvironmental Issues and Research in Land Reclamation: A case history from Alberta by Mr. Tariq Cheema

Invited Talk: Using Remote Sensing Data in Assessing Past Productivity & Future Resource Availability in the NWF Region of Pakistan by Mr. Grant Casady


Session 3

Invited Talk: Participatory watershed management: an experience of Nepal by Arjun Kumar Thapa

Cost effective management of water eroded areas on sustainable basis and insitu rainwater conservation by Muhammad Rashid

Invited Talk: Water Management & Agriculture Development in Dry-Land Areas by Galal Hussein

Invited Talk: Prospects and problems of Rud Kohi Irrigation System by Muhammad Jamal Khan

Session 4

Invited Talk: Water Harvesting & Agricultural Land Development Options in the NWFR of Pakistan by Mr. Roland Oosterbaan

Rod Kohi Irrigation System in Southern Punjab, Pakistan by Mr. Allah Bakhsh

Spate irrigation & land degradation in Pakistan by Mr. Allah-Nawaz Qaisrani

Irrigation System, Arid Piedmont Plains of Southern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP), Pakistan; Issues & Solutions by Mr. M. Naseem Golra

A brief review of Watershed and hill torrent management in DG Khan region, Sulaiman Range: Water-use efficiency of local tree species in arid climate by Mr. Din Muhammad Zahid Khan

FATA Rural Development Project: Water Shed Management from Rural Development perspective-A case Study by Mr. Mian Zakiullah

Session 5

Invited Talk: Efficient Management of Arid Land by Riaz A Khattak

Soil Resources of KPK: problems and Rehabilitation strategies for the degraded land by Mr. M. Jamal Khan

Soil erosion in Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber-Paktunkhwa (NWFP): Problems and Potential Solutions by Ms. Samina Siddiqui

Potential, constraints and recommendations for crops and orchard cultivation in arid mountains by Mr. Mohammad Saleem Akhtar

Management of wild onion in the dry areas (rainfed) of KP Province, Pakistan by Mr. Mohamamd Ishfaq Khan

Dryland Farming Techniques Under Multiple Cropping Conditions by Mr. Hafiz Farhad Ali

Reclamation and Utilization of the arid land for medicinal herbs and spices as crops by Mr. Bashir Ahmed

Session 6

Invited Talk: ICARDA experience in managing degraded landscape in dry areas by Mr. Abdul Majid

Invited Talk: Improving Agro-Environmental Resource Conditions in the Northwest Frontier Region of Pakistan Using Native and New Drought-Resistant Grasses by Mr. Jack R. Carlson

Impact assessment of check damming on floral bio-diversity & soil properties in Tehsil Talagang, District Chakwal, Pakistan by Mr. Taymoor Arif

Investigating Aquifer Storage and Recovery Technology to Recharge Saline Groundwater at Farmer's Workshop by Mr. Allah Bakhsh

Enhancing soil productivity through biological amendments by Mr. Ghulam Jilani

Session 7

Invited Talk: Proposed Plan for Land Rehabilitation and Agriculture Development NWFR, Pakistan by Mr. David Dichter

Working Group I: Identifying measures for Watershed Rehabilitation, Water Harvesting, and Flood Mitigation in the Northwest Frontier Region.

Working Group II: Improving Agricultural Development and Range Management Practices In Order to Increase Income  and Food Security in the Northwest Frontier

Working Group III: Involving the Tribal People in the Rehabilitation and Development of their Agricultural Land Resources

Session 8

Working Group Discussion Continued

Session 9

Working Group I: Group Leader Presentation and Discussions

Working Group II: Group Leader Presentation and Discussions

Working Group III: Group Leader Presentation and Discussions

Session 10

Working Group I: Finalization of Recommendations/Work Plan

Working Group II: Finalization of Recommendations/Work Plan

Working Group III: Finalization of Recommendations/Work Plan

Session 11

David Dichter, Workshop Co-Convener: Watershed Management & Land Rehabilitation, NW Frontier Region: Overview
M. Asif Khan: Workshop Proceedings and Recommendations

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