The contents of the workshop will help to build the fundamental concept of the geoscience information system among the participants majorly from the Afghanistan. The current workshop is part of series of the earlier conducted workshops majorly in the UK via the funds acquired through the British Council’s DelPHE. The participants include the faculty members from the University of Kabul, Kabul Polytechnic institute, ministries of education, and mines and minerals. The resource persons are from the NCEG, University of Peshawar, University of Leicester and ministry of general education, Afghanistan.

The NCEG, (University of Peshawar), Universities of Leicester, Prague, Keele and Kabul are tied through an international project titled “The Institutional Strengthening of Universities at Kabul and Peshawar (Afghanistan and Pakistan) through support to Earth and Environmental Sciences”. This project aims to strengthen geosciences skills at the universities of Kabul and Peshawar. The core of the work concentrates on improving skills and helping to generate new, peace-oriented jobs and improve the quality of life of ordinary Afghans/Pakistanis through the sustainable development of mineral, water and energy resources as well as understanding natural hazards and climate change impacts.  The research are directed towards the identification of wealth generating natural-resource entrepreneurial activities such as small-medium scale mining and quarrying (of e.g. gold, copper, gemstones) adding value to locally extracted products such as building stones, and seeking links with local communities to further develop cottage industries such as jewellery making that employs a large proportion of females as its workers. The project team meets annually in south Asia to strategically plan and prioritise activities for the following year, review results from the previous year and disseminate key findings to as wide an appropriate audience as possible. Reciprocal visits have occurred between Asian and European scientists.

Participant’s background

Participants/academics from the department of geology and other geoscience-related department of the Kabul University and Kabul Polytechnic University, Afghanistan. Geoscientist from the Afghan Geological Survey and related organizations, Students from NCEG enrolled in the PhD.




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