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On the request of Health Sector Reforms Unit (HSRU), Health Department, Govt of KPK, The National Centre of Excellence in Geology, University of Peshawar was agreed upon to design and organize two weeks (10 days) GIS training course to develop the capacity of the Health Department, to use Geo-informatics as a tool for planning and management.
In this context the NCEG, University of Peshawar, designed a two weeks long training for the employees of Health Department, Govt of KPK, from 20th to 31st December 2010,to achieve the objective.

In this regard the NCEG, University of Peshawar is considering the following contents of

- Introduction to geo-spatial technologies (GIS, GPS, RS)
- Role of geo-spatial technolgies in addressing health related issues
- Mapping concepts (Basic Cartography, Coordinate systens, Map Projections)
- Introduction to GIS software
- Database/geodatabase creation
- Spatial Analysis & geoprocessing in GIS
- Digital Image processing
- Introduction to GPS and Integration of GPS with GIS
- Hand-on exercises in GIS development for solving health issues
- Hand-on exercises in Digital Image Analysis
- Hand-on exercises GPS data Collection related to health issues
- Out put communication skills to support decision making system & to aware general public

Dr. M. Asif Khan (Professor & Director)

Assistant Coordinator:
Muhammad Ali (Research Associate)

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National Centre of Excellence in Geology,
University of Peshawar, Peshawar-25120
Khyber Pakhtunkhawa., Pakistan.
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